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May 192013

UPDATE 7/9/2013:

Lauri Waring Peterson was Andy Cohen’s guest on “Watch What Happens,Live”. At the end of the telecast Andy rather delicately says to Lauri “so you’re a grandmother too, now”. Lauri gives one of her fake answers, saying Josh is fine and everything is fine.  Right, Lauri.  We believe you.


Original Article:

So, Peterson makes an appearance on the Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 8.

Vicki Gunvalson isn’t the only grandmother in the Orange Bubble.

How will she spin the true backstory on the “Brady Bunch”

An original Orange County housewife, Lauri Waring was raising three children, Ashley Xarlin, Josh Waring and Sophie Waring as a recently divorced single mother living “outside the gates’ of Coto de Caza in Ladera Ranch. To add insult to injury, she was working for co-star Vicki Gunvalson as a fledgling insurance agent. Her son, Josh, went into a juvenile detention center for drugs, on television, and Ashley Zarlin, 19 at the time, moved back in with Lauri.

During the hiatus between Season 1 and 2, which was more than a year (Season 1 was filmed in 2005) Lauri dated the infamous Housewife Hunter , during one of his break-ups from . About this time, it became known that Slade was broke and in foreclosure on his Coto de Caa home, and Lauri moved on, finding a wallet named , just in time for Season 2.

Lauri and George spent Season 2 putting together what they call the “Brady Bunch”; her 3 children and his four, Mackenzie, Slayte, Danyka and Bria. Not without controversy……especially from those who knew George best; the Orange County Register, a reporter named Frank Mickadeit and various relatives and friends.

By the third season we were no longer able to see the Peterson children; their mother, , withdrew permission for them to be seen, with the exception of MacKenzie, 18. As a result, George very publicly kicked Gina out of her Dana Point house. threw George and Lauri an extravagant wedding.

Lauri withdrew at the beginning of season 4, the court dates, and the problems Josh was having, the anger of the public over her parenting became too much.

Fast forward a few years to Season 8, Lauri returns as a “Friend of the Show”

Lauri, in the “First Look”, states Josh is married and expecting a baby. Last December, the baby girl was born, and a few hours later went into heroin withdrawal. Mother of the Year Lauri did not care to foster her sick grand child, so she is a ward of the state. Josh and has wife cannot attempt to have her in their custody until they submit to a rehabilitation program.

Whatever happened to the missing Bria Peterson? She was out of boarding school for a while, but George recently had her sent back until she’s 18…… year.

Ashley “works” for George. The other members of the Brady Bunch have survived.

Living in a glass house…throwing stones.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights on Bravo TV.

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    Can’t wait until Bria is free. She will have a lot to say about George and Lauri. I bet they are dreading her turning 18.


      You’re right, Hill4990, but for now, silencing Bria for the second time in her young life is the only reason George sent her away again. Instead of parenting her, and just like two other Peterson kids, he tosses them out like yesterday’s trash in exchange for, and just in time for their return to trashy TV.

      It’s no surprise, in fact it was expected that Lauri would choose to keep filming for the show instead of ensuring her drug addicted granddaughter was placed in her care, a place that is far from what they try so hard to dangle in the public eye.

      Lauri turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, and allowed her granddaughter to be placed in foster care – WHY, because the Lauri, George, and Ashley show must go on at the kids, and now the grandchild’s expense. That said, the baby is better off, she escaped the dysfunction, abuse, and neglect that is prevalent under the Peterson’s roof, and yes, it will eventually come out loud and clear.

      What is spewed on the three oldest adults on their Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler accounts sadly reveals exactly what is most important to these people – It’s so obvious.


        Blitzer44 — the things that you’re saying do not add up. If Bria went to the police and reported that her dad physically abused her, the police would report that to CPS and CPS would investigate. You said the police believed that Bria was being abused–CPS would not ignore that police report! They would take Bria out of her father’s custody and would place her in her mother’s custody or another family member. Why doesn’t her mother have joint custody? Yes there seems like there’s more to the story, but I don’t trust what her mother says because that doesn’t make sense either.


    now, if lauri had taken in the grandchild, everyone would be up in arms over that fact bc they would say look how she raised the others…like she would take care of a baby! as for george “kicking his girls out and sending them to boarding schools” i would like to know what abuse they are reporting? how do we not know his kids are assholes? again, if he had let them run wild everyone would be wondering why isn’t he disciplining his children? you just can’t please you people.


    This story is truly sickening. So the show made it seem like Josh had cleaned up his act, found a nice girl, and started a family.

    But the truth is that he up and married a fellow addict who used while pregnant? And to top it all off, no one will come forward and take care of that poor baby?

    Always knew Lauri was selfish; this shows she is truly a narcissistic sociopath.

    This may the worst story to come out of any HW franchise. Slade must be overjoyed; he nearly looks saintly compared to this.


    That woman is so sicking and phiony. I notice how vague she was on the subject of her 2 oldest and dotes on the youngest. I was not buying her lady da Brady Bunch story. That poor little bay being born to such losers. The tax payers will support that baby while she goes on with her self abosrbed indulgent lifestyle. I hope there is a specila place in heel for her and her baaabbbe,. Tamra you sunk to a new low befriending her!


    Lauri was too busy to fit into her schedule the time it would take away from her filming for the show than care for her new granddaughter since filming starting back in Nov or Dec. She was with the other Housewives at Whistler, and helping Tamra gown shop and her “guest footage” To “Stir S*** Up” hoping to get back in the Housewive’s limelight! No time or interest in caring for a drug addicted infant for Lauri or George even if it is Laur’s first and only granddaughter.

    More trouble that never lets up, atleast in the public arena for the Peterson’s…..May 13th, and the second time George’s youngest daughter went to the police to reporting abuse! The police believed Bria, and so did her Principal and school counselor Bria had been confiding in. Bria is almost 17, the police wanted to let Bria go back with her sister, Danyka, who took her to the school and was trying to help her sister since Danyka was also abused by her father and kicked out of the house when she was 17, but George reported Danyka as a run-away and took off for Cabo with Lauri! Danyka was NOT a run- away!

    CPS was called to Bria’s school, and George showed up. Just like last time when the “Missing Bria” story hit the Internet, and we learned George had sent Bria to a therapeutic boarding school, he did it again – Bria is in Utah for another year after Bria sought help for protection, yet, she was gone the next day! Let’s not forget how George sent Slayte away at 16 y/o too for 14 mo’s and after he was released and later ran from his dads house hiding from him waiting to turn 18, Slayte was outside the Orange County courthouse holding signs picketing against Family Court, citing “Corruptness and Injustice”.

    As hard as the Peterson parents try to portray their bruised Brady family image, with Ashley (the appointed damage control spawn) it could not be further from the truth! The only Brady’s left in the mix is Laur’s kids and George’s son that enjoys the perks! George’s three daughters have flown the coop – two willingly, one sent away to silence her just in time for the grand entrance of the Peterson’s on Bravo TV starting tonight! Enjoy the show!


      if she went to the police alleging abuse and the police believed her, why would she still be in her dad’s custody (and therefor forced to attend boarding school)? Why wouldn’t CPS intervene if there’s abuse?


      in regards to your comment about CPS vs police, I’m sorry but that makes no sense. if CPS is told that there is physical abuse and a report filed with the police, they would put Bria with her mom or another guardian.


        Not so. In my state, the juvenile court judge and prosecutors (the state) take the police reports and CPS investigation into consideration but can, and often do rule to the contrary of their recommendations. Again, removals are based upon what can be PROVEN.

        Emotional abuse is the hardest to prove, as it is often ‘he said vs. she said’. If there are no physical bruises, marks etc and no corroborating witnesses then physical abuse often cannot be PROVEN. Often parents will say that their child self-injured (and some do), so that’s why witnesses to the abuse are crucial.

        The courts aren’t going to remove children, especially wealthy children whose parents have attorneys (lawsuits) without unimpeachable evidence.


      In reply to SSS….No it doesn’t make sense, but it will. Trust me, it definitely will.


    That is a horrible story! I cant believe she won’t take care of her own grandchild.


    So Lauri’s granddaughter is in foster care??


    That truly is awful. You would think Lauri had better things to do with her time and money than waste time on a reality TV show she used to be on. I guess some people never do learn what is important in life. My prayers to this poor little baby that she is placed in a more healthy environment than the one she was born into.



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