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May 022013


vicki with son michael

The winner this episode?  Michael Wolfsmith, Vicki Gunvalson son, for breaking out of the Orange Bubble. Won’t give Vicki his address?  Too funny!

In the meantime, Ryan Culberson, Briana Wolfsmith‘s husband, is turning Vicki’s McMansion into a fortress, making sure non Orange Bubble people do not come on the property. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his tours of duty in Afghanistan, or just an asshole? I’d guess the latter, but that’s just me.  Timing is everything. This is soon after ABC’s 20/20 put Vicki’s boyfriend business on front street:

20/20 Expose of Brooks Ayers

Poor Vicki! She creates her own illusions and then has to live with them. In her Bravo blog:

I misspoke when I said Ryan is “watching me all the time” or that I feel like I have lost control of my home. The fact is, I feel safer than I ever have, because of the security cameras. I thank Ryan for thinking so much of us, that our protection while he is gone was his priority. I agreed for him to research and find the right company, and paid I for it so I obviously agreed to it. Fortunately, the cameras give Briana and I peace of mind knowing that we have them in place especially now that Ryan no longer lives there.

Please. Making excuses as usual. The bogey-man can’t find Coto de Caza, he can’t get through the gates. Finding this little desert community out in the middle of Trabuco Canyon may be a problem.

has turned into the Queen of Mean. She thinks her behavior will elevate her to or even status. What Tamra doesn’t realize is these ladies are fun to watch, especially Nene (take a bite out of Hello Kitty? Too funny!) She certainly showed us the level of her mentality with her “inner beaner” comment about her fiancé .  She tried to soften it on Facebook last week, even before the episode aired, but to no avail.  Does he call her “trailer trash”?

Great foundation for a marriage. She tweeted yesterday that the wedding is 8 weeks from now….we’ll see.` If they do marry, how long do you want to give it?

So takes off for New York after Grayson Smiley’s surgery to comfort Slade. I wonder how many clubs and premieres these fake wannabes attended or tried to attend while they were in NYC?  They are really running out of storyline, these two, so they are attempting to whore out Grayson, but , his mother, revoked permission for Grayson to appear on RHOC before the beginning of Season 2, back in 2007. That was when his inoperable brain tumor was discovered, Slade’s home went into foreclosure, and he was living with Jo de la Rosa, claimed he was broke, and stopped paying child support.

Grayson Smiley’s Surgery

Not easy to whore out someone we can’t see. Perhaps this pair will stay out of our line of vision for awhile?  We should be so lucky.

is upset because she is being chastised for her behavior on the show…in the Orange Bubble, everything she does and says it correct, right? The comments on her Bravo blog are interesting…to say the least.

Too bad all these women are forcing me to like . (sigh)

Waiting for the return of Peterson, an oldie but goodie.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights on .

  3 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Gretchen Rossi Escapes the Orange Bubble, Vicki Gunvalson’s Fortress”


    Ryan Culberson has some serious anger problems. He needs to be on meds. He is showing classic symptoms of bipolar disorder. He has anger issues and paranoia going on. He sees anybody as a potential threat that must be removed. When a marine goes after a 64 year old lady you know that something is not right in his head. Get help Ryan before you end up locked up from your anger problems. Women are to respected not abused. I don’t think Ryan and Brianna will last. I think they will divorce within 3 to 4 years or at least end up separated. You can’t stay married to a hot head. Eventually all that anger will turn on you. I say get help before you lose your family. I am scared for your son after hearing you be verbally abusive to Lydia’s mother. She is the sweetest person. She even tried to calm the situation but you just kept up your verbal Fbombs.


    I was stunned by Tamara’s racial slur. I am sure when she says that among the OC people, it is laughed at. Everywhere else, it is completely distasteful, to say the least.

    And absolutely SICKENED by the whole Grayson stoyline. And Gretchen going to NYC to support Slade? I wanted to reach through my tv and punch her. Especially the crocodile tears when describing G going through this surgery. Why does Bravo think this will endear Gretchen to viewers? I cannot see how anyone who claims to be a fan of her can still be. She and Slade are absolute scum of the earth. PAY SOME OF GRAYSON’S MEDICAL BILLS, you mediawhore!

    I liked Ryan before, especially voicing his opinion about Brooks. Now he is coming off as scary and controlling. Not liking him at all right now. I hope this is just a bad edit.

    Soooooooo sick of Alexis and her whining about be bullied. Cry me a freakin river. First, as Lydia tried to point out, she shouldnt be using that word for her rich girl problems when there are serious cases. Second, you think she would be used to it, being married to Jim and all. Third, LEAVE the show then!!!! oh wait, she needs the paycheck.

    Speaking of edits, I feel like the producers seem to be giving EVERYONE a bad edit this season. Even nice guy Eddie seems to be looking like a bad guy now. I wonder why they are making everyone out to be evil?


    i agree, I am liking Alexis a bit more because she does have a point. they all did come at her…even if it is or is not bullying, when EVERYONE at the table is coming at you it is hard to sit there and take it. However, I think Alexis needs to stop playing the victim and let them have it back

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