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Apr 182013

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Update May 27, 2014.

Here we are with on her third season as a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member. Has she become less obnoxious than she was last season?  That would be a definite no.

Why is she so threatened by newcomer ?  Shannon is too absurd to be much of an adversary.  Shannon and her husband David are as wealthy as Heather, but so was .  Is Heather afraid Shannon will take Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney from her?  They seem gone anyway, as they claim to be tired of Heather’s condescension.

This is not new behavior from Heather.

Remember this?

Is this yet another case of the Second Season Syndrome?

The Real Housewives of Orange County franchise is supposed to be a superficial bunch of light, bubbly, overly botoxed fake boobed fake tanned money obsessed wannabe morons who live in an Orange Bubble  That’s how we like them. Perhaps this is why didn’t cast when she first tried?

Heather Dubrow Previously Rejected From #RHOC

Perhaps the  former D-list actress who has lived on her husbands’ dime (Plastic surgeon Dr.Terry Dubrow) until her first RHOC check last year should have done her homework on and Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine before mouthing off and showing her jealousy of ‘s cover shoot for the magazine.

From her Bravo blog:

I had never heard of Lydia’s magazine, however I didn’t look down my nose at it. My friend Kacey told me that the McLaughlin’s were good people. That’s why I took the meeting. Terry and I had no interest in having our house photographed for a magazine.

Yeah, we believe you Heather. She goes on to say:

We asked for the cover because we decided that it would help our local advertising. An inside story would just be a vanity piece that we didn’t need at the time. Also, Lisa Vanderpump from RHOBH had recently been on the cover. Sorry, Doug, I love Lisa, but she doesn’t match with your explanation of the cover being an international superstar.

It turns out Lydia is an heir to the Stirling publishing fortune, and Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine is sponsored by:

Lydia M Jewelry

Christina Makowsky

Lisa Vanderpump

The Agency  (‘s Real Estate firm)

The Purse Blog

Villa Blanca (owned by, guess who?)

Euro Car

Two Rodeo

Not to mention the fact that the home the Dubrows wanted to grace the cover of the magazine was sold in December.

Heather Dubrow Sells Home

Oh by the way, Heather, David and , and are in the magazine also.

Old saying: Get in where you fit in.

Serve up the onion rings Heather. You’re in Orange County!  And please, no more mechanical bulls!

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights on Bravo TV.

  23 Responses to “Heather Dubrow, Get Over Yourself!”


    Ditto. She’s so full of herself. But what amazes me is the dorky guys! Alexis’ Jim? Please. Terry Dubrow is so nerdy it’s sad. Brooks? GAG ME. Slade? Ugh. Eddie is the only one worth looking at.


    She really does need to get over herself!


    Everyone does realize that Heather and Terry did do a story for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine and no, they were not featured on the cover.
    See it here:


    Can someone explain why if Lydia Stirling Mclaughlin is related to the Sterling Publishing fortune she spells her name with an i and the publishing house spells it with an e?
    Possibly because she is not at all related to them? I’ve read elsewhere that she is the granddaughter of the founder of Stirling Communications International (SCI) a Canadian company.


    Heather is “The mean girl” and clearly needs attention, possible her father didnt spend enough time with her?


    Heather was annoying during the first season. This is nothing new.


    If Heather hadn’t heard of the magazine how did she know that Lisa had done a cover for them? I expect at some point this woman’s ego will so hyper-inflate that she will just float away into the ozone…. or at least we can hope so. Jeez, she’s a bore.


    I really liked Heather on the first season but I fear that the ” season two blues” are going to take her to a whole new level.. The way she speaks to Terry is so Jon and Khate circa 2009. Its painful to watch. If I was married to Terry and he was supporting me in that fashion you bet your ass he could have onion rings. My god she isnt the only cooking so what was the big freakin deal? I sure hope what we saw thus far is not whats going to happen all season.


      LOL! I agree, she should have let him have the onion rings. Although that whole part of that ep, all I could think was, “Dammit, I really want some onion rings!”


        I actually went out after the show and bought some damn onion rings, ate them all and proceeded to get a stomach ache. But, it was worth it! Yum!


    Heather is so full of it. “That’s why I took the meeting.” Business people “take meetings.” Gossipy bullies on cheesy reality TV shows fulfill their contractual obligations to meet new cast members for coffee or whatever and whip up conflict. Bless her heart, I think Heather really does believe she’s a “classy” (business) woman. However, “classy” women do not roll their eyes faux comically at their dolt husband who want onion rings at a stupid clambake. (They also don’t hold clambakes at awkwardly positioned fancy-schmancy dining room tables that are meant to stay indoors. A truly tony woman knows clambakes happen on the beach. Any copy of “Kennedy Wannabe Snobbery for Dummies” will tell you that– think effortless elegance a la Jackie O.) They do not meet someone for the first time and announce that that person’s friend wears a fake diamond. They do not team up with the likes of Trashy Tamra and Goofy Gretchen to interrupt and insult a dinner guest– how “gracious,” by the way, of Tamra to allow Alexis to join the elite group at her party. Heather, you are a former crappy actress married to a boring guy with a lot of money. You can’t figure out whether you’re East coast chic or one of the gals. Newsflash: you’re neither. Worse, for you, someone who clearly wants a recurring role on a drama-driven reality show, you are exquisitely bo-ring. Oh, so boring. Get over yourself, indeed. Or, as you’re so fond of saying, “Shut it down.”


      Amen, Ms. Thang. You are spot on on every front.


        oh, well put! But I thought she was only on the show because she happened to hire real estate mogul to the rich, Tamara Barney to show her lots to build a house on, lol.


    I’m so sick of Heather and how she thinks it’s adorable to act exasperated over every thing her husband says or does. It’s just annoying. Cute kids though.

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