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Feb 072013

Here we go again.

apparently doesn’t know that the male gene determines the sex of the baby.

You’re a female-maker, Joe! Getting a surrogate to carry it probably means a 5th girl-baby!

What a mess for and her old school Italian traditions. While she’s busy supporting 4 children and a deadbeat husband who may be going to prison  for 10 years, he is pressuring her for another child, trying to get a boy.

Quote from “The Godfather”: “And may that child be a masculine child”

This isn’t the first time one of these tabloids ran a Joe Giudice wants a boy story:   Teresa’s Pregnancy Hoax, and it doesn’t help Joe’s poor little psyche that brother-in-law Joe Gorga has not one but two boys :About A Boy

Here’s the latest story from In Touch:

Although ’s Teresa Giudice has publicly declared she is “done” having kids after raising four daughters with husband Joe Giudice, In Touch can exclusively reveal that she and Joe are seriously considering trying for another baby in hopes of adding a boy to their brood.

“Joe really wants a boy,” Teresa, 40, confides in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “And he said we should get a surrogate to carry it!”

Teresa refuses to get pregnant again, a show insider tells In Touch, but she is considering Joe’s demand for surrogacy: “He is really pressuring her,” the source explains. “If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.”

Teresa has been eager for a son in the past— especially after her rival and sister-in-law, ,  gave birth to her first son. “After her brother’s wife had Gino (now 5), Teresa was dying for a boy, too,” a second insider tells In Touch.

In their final attempt to conceive a boy, Teresa even underwent in vitro fertilization in 2009, but she gave birth to their fourth daughter, Audriana, 3, instead.

A Teresa pal tells In Touch, “Teresa’s happy with her family the way it is; she loves her four girls.” But if they decide to go through with the surrogacy plan, Teresa already has her boy’s name picked out: “Franco,” Teresa says, “after my father-in-law.”

What a selfish douchebag Joe Giudice is!  Would he sit in prison and brag about the baby boy he can’t support?

Watch What Happens

The Real(toxic) Housewives of New Jersey will return for Season 5 this Spring.

  7 Responses to “Joe Giudice: "And May That Child Be A Masculine Child"”


    These two make my teeth hurt. I have never heard people speak like that which is interesting ‘cuz I’m from NY!


    Theresa and Joe are as stupid as they come. Neither one of them can spell or hold an intelligent conversation. Bringing another child into a mess they call a family is absolutely disgusting–then again we’re not dealing with intelligent entities here now are we? He can’t stand being around the kids he has now. Greasy Joe rolling around the house without a shirt on–he is quite simply—a savage.


    If they are going to go ahead with the stupid idea, perhaps they should seek out a doctor who will help them with gender selection. There is a doctor that was in an article in the Wash Post Magazine several years ago. He will only do it for people who have had a lot of children of one sex and really want one of the other. Sounds like they are candidates. Although I think that doc also screens for psychological issues, so not sure either one of these crazy famewhores would past the muster.

    In any event, I am sure they could find other doctors who would make sure they got a boy. Look at the Octomom – clearly there are doctors for fertility that have no limits or morals about what they do. That guy may have lost his license, but I am sure there are more.


    he probably suggests the surrogate so he can have sex with her…..ewwww, he is dumber than a box of rocks!


    Why on Earth would Joe and Teresa consider having another child?? Perhaps it is to stay relevant on their main source of income, which is RHONJ. Sad and pathetic, of course, but I wouldn’t put it past them, or any other reality TV star really. Can you imagine, being born because your mom and dad needed to stay on TV? What is the world coming to?


    These people will do anything for publicity. Since their only means for making a living resides with Bravo contracts they are more than willing to cast aside commonsense for the sake of ratings.

    This guy is perhaps going to jail, he has no job to speak of, he treats his wife on camera with disrespect, he has purported to have “girlfriends”, he drinks like a fish and ignores the 4 kids he now has, and they are “considering” bringing another child into this mess?

    Teresa is not about to lose her figure in the process so this “possible pregnancy” is nothing more than Ramona’s attempt to remain relevant at the age of 55 when she “hinted” at the same thing.


    Speaking of Joe sitting in jail, whatever happened to his court case? Didn’t he have a court date near the time the hurricane went through?

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