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Dec 102012


According to many sources, the big secret is the fact that Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif had their three sons using surrogates.

It does make sense. When Adrienne was shown with her boys in Season 1, did it or did it not seem more like she was with her grandchildren?  Can you see the Adrienne we know going through three pregnancies very close together in her forties?

I have always wondered……

There are two types of surrogacy. One involves using the egg and sperm of the mother and father, the other involves using the father’s sperm and donor eggs. The children were the main point of contention in their recent divorce.

Also making an appearance in this episode: Darin Harvey, the guy Brandi married for about 20 minutes in Las Vegas last summer. Remember him?

Brandi Marries and Repents in 24 Hours

Why was Brandi wearing a dead dog on her back…..someone call PETA!

Original Article

Color me puzzled!

Unless sister is putting sister on front street about her sobriety issues, Kim is seldom in the foreground of the drama on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But on the next episode, Kim tells that is sharing some deep dark family secret.

Of all the Beverly Hills housewives, Adrienne and ex-husband  Dr. Paul Nassif are the only ones who have been nice to Kim. Despite her recent détente moments with Brandi, she probably feels more loyalty to Adrienne and Paul.

In a quote from RadarOnline, Kim states:

“Here’s the bombshell, here’s the big one,” Kim says. “I need Adrienne to know that Brandi had released something that was very private and deep about Adrienne’s family.”

What could that be?  Will we learn what it is in upcoming episodes?  Here’s what we know:

The Video

None of these things qualify as “bombshells”.

In the meantime, Brandi Glanville is getting more than her share of publicity, between the constant wars with . Leann and Eddie Cibrian did an interview on E! last night, Brandi was infuriated when her boys were shown:

Brandi Glanville@BrandiGlanville

My kids can be on a E news special apparently but not in the back ground of the show I am on? Amazing!                      retweeted 189 times.

Brandi has a loyal fan base, no doubt. It doesn’t help that the more Leann talks the more crazy she seems.

So, will we learn the deep, dark secret?

Watch What Happens

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Monday nights on .

  15 Responses to “Adrienne Maloof and the Family Secret (UPDATE)”


    I too believe kyle and Mauricio’s stole Kim’s house from her and kyle probably doesn’t get along with her other family members as well as Kim does. I also believe that Adrienne used a surrogate. I like brandi because she keeps it real. That bitch kyle is a piece of fake/phony work


    I find Adrienne boring, prestentious and phony. She totally tried to shine a lighgt on Kim crying at the table and I don’t blame Brandi for being upset. I also think Lisa is wise to lose the friendship with Adrienne. I hope she is dropped form the series. Nothing interesting about her as a person.
    I wonder is Brandi can ecen be sued. If it is the truth, then it isn’t slander. Adrienne is the one who lid about her children’s delivery and she is a public person. She’s on a reality show! How can she now cry “Foul”? She just needs to own up to it and move on.


    Looks like Adrienne is learning the hard way that if you have lies out there, you need to watch who you tick off.


    The point is Adrienne said last week that she had a C-section last week! And what was that whole bs story about how paul the surgeon was so nervous hovering over her. That was the reason Brandi told everyone the big secret. She was giving an example of the many lies & how blatant they are.


    If the rumors are true then I think it’s sad that Adrienne is acting like surrogacy is something to be ashamed of. And I’d be annoyed if I were Camille because she has been forthright about using a surrogate due to her own health problems, and here’s her friend acting like that’s something to be ashamed of.


    I love Brandi.


    To be honest with you, I think Kyle must have known about this happening since she is part of the production of this show. Have any of you wondered how did Brandi find out about Adriennes surrogacy in the first place? Since she said that everybody knew about this I wonder if Lisa knew and told Kyle and then it started years ago. And then Kyle acting like she didn’t know, I don’t buy this one bit. I don’t buy that Kim did this on her own because Bravo told her too. Kim would have told her sister and her sister was cool with it, but I don’t think that Kyle knew it would get this big. And your correct about Kim and her passive aggressiveness, But I think Mauricio and Kyle deserves it anyway. I totally believe that Mauricio took her house and that is why Mauricio didn’t like that coming out along with Kyle. Because it would show that he’s a bottom feeder and that he’s not to be trusted.

    I would love to know what type of Surrogacy she had, was it a Traditional or a Gestational Surrogacy. A Traditional would use the Surrogates eggs and the husbands sperm. A Gestational uses the wife’s eggs and the husband’s sperm and put the fertilized egg into the surrogate. Maybe the big big reason that they are wanting to sue Brandi and Bravo and anybody who makes comment about this may be the fact that Adrianne being as old as she was had issues with her eggs. And so they may have used the Surrogate womans eggs and Paul’s sperm. If so then even though they have legally took the children the children are really Paul and the Surrogates. So Adrienne don’t want the kids to know that she may truly not be the biological mother.

    Oh that was so funny seeing Bravo advertising the SUR and even the people. I felt like we where watching the Sur show. But I think they filmed SUR at the same time they where filming RHOBH.


      I put money on it that she had a gestational surrogate – given how common surrogacy is (and even on the show with Camille) there is NO way she would be ashamed of that. But since it’s possible that these aren’t her bio kids – that is the issue. And it makes me sad for them if she never told the kids that secret – it is a big deal and would be something of a revelation to know that your mom is not really your mom. That is private business. So even if Adrienne lied about her delivery, it is NO ONE’S business to bring that stuff up. I don’t love Adrienne, but Brandi’s actions were reprehensible.


    Blowhard Brandi is a piece of garbage. She is a nobody riding on everyone’s coattails.


    I love Brandi and like that she keeps it real!


    I, for one, can’t stand Brandi Glanville, and I really hope she gets her comeuppance sometime soon.

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