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Oct 172012


Children have been born and learned to walk. Leaves on deciduous trees have changed and fallen…twice.

was officially fired, along with , , and the largely forgettable Cindy Barshop, from the Real Housewives of New York on September 15, 2011, after months of rumors.

The Firings

With Jill Zarin, all that can be done in terms of her delusional thinking is to fact check her.

  • Blaming her facial problem, so obvious that Andy Cohen had to ask her in a WTF kind of way?  Omega 3 supplements was her answer. Bitch please.

The fish oil supplements, with the fatty acids, are good for complexions.

  • Fans boycotted because she was fired.

Andy Cohen got her on this one, by showing the scene between her and Alex McCord at the Season 4 reunion, when she calls alex an “effin’ bitch”.  I met Alex and Simon 3 days after the Season 3 reunion, they were so raw and hurt from those episodes, many of the things that happened during Season 4 behind the scenes were a product of what Jill did to them.

An Evening With Alex and Simon

  • Heather Thomson was picked to be her, because she was the voice of reason

Real Housewives of New York: Real Friends, Fake Friends

A good one, since she’s more , who, by the way, is in her back pocket, than she could ever be Heather. To make it even worse, she snarks on Heather for not converting to Judaism.

Aviva Ignored Warnings About Jill Zarin

  • has forgiven her, but Mario attacked her last summer.

This is twisted Jill Zarin history at best, or just a lie, at worst. Mario and Jill did have a confrontation in the Hamptons, but that was between seasons 4 and 5, 2011, not this past summer, as Jill claims.

She blames for the rift between her and , totally ignoring all the things she did before and during season 3 to make the fans take sides….against her.  This part of the interview is so delusional, a total rewrite of what actually happened, that Andy Cohen could not keep the WTF? look off his face. Again, it all comes down to Bethenny getting her own spin-off show, Bethenny Ever After. Again, she brings up all the things (counting) that Andy, who does clearly have his favorites, does with Bethenny. True Jill, no D or F listers were invited.

The ambush she tried with Bethenny on “Scary Island”?  Total rewrite, of course. She likens it to Ramona throwing Aviva’s father, , out of the party, then waxes indignant at the “audacity” of Ramona throwing him out.

She thought Aviva calling Ramona and S “white trash” was funny..she would.

Her paid for followers:

596,000, many eggs, paid for followers who have never tweeted.

Jill’s Deleted Blog

Bethenny and Jill, According to Jill

Think how many times she begged Andy Cohen for this opportunity. He was finally worn down, and gave up.

Perhaps she’ll go away for good now?

Never……so sad.

  6 Responses to “Jill Zarin Rewrites History-Again”


    I’m willing to try!


    She wants to be relevant. She needs validation. She can’t deal with reality. Her own stupidity is at the bottom of her firing. She is jealous of Bethany and a tool of Luman.


    Wow… just watched the show a la DVR. Poor Jill… she really has no self awareness. She is so delusional that if it weren’t so sad, it would be funny. She has no idea that Bravo is laughing at her. I should thank Bravo for allowing such a spectacle… but, it isn’t entertaining at all… only sad.


    Jill should try to get a show with Kate Gosselin. They both seem to suffer from the same delusions of grandeur. neither is as popular as they have told themselves they are.


    I know that I’m in the minority here, but I still like Jill. Yes, even after all of the jerky things she has done, and she has done many. And no, I certainly don’t believe everything she said on WWHL either about her rift with Bethenny or her version of events about some things. That said, I think Jill’s personality fit in better on these types of Houswive shows better than a Carole Radziwill type, who seems out of place in such an absurd forum. I won’t go so far as to say I miss her, but I never hated her like so many of the viewers seemed to. I don’t think Andy Cohen accepts everything she said either, but I didn’t get the feeling from him that he dislikes Jill. If anything, just sitting there and listening to her spin her yarns is an amusing way to spend half an hour if nothing else.


    I liked how she presented that her fight with Bethenny was just something she made up for the viewers to enjoy. And that Bethenny screwed it all up by actually getting upset by it. Later in the show, she explained another of her great “ideas”: showing up unannounced in St. Bart’s. I guess she isn’t as good as constructing plot points as she thinks.

    And acting as if her family is missed by viewers is delusional.

    I do feel bad for Bobby. His life must be a living hell.

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