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Oct 142012

Jacqueline Laurita


Once upon a time, , a New Jersey businessman, brings Jacqueline, a Las Vegas stripper, home with her young daughter Ashley Holmes, and eventually marries her.

Some of Chris Laurita’s 10 brothers and sisters, like Dina Manzo and Jaime Laurita, accepted Chris’ surprising choice. He was, after all, engaged to someone else. Other family members, like older sister , did not. gives birth to CJ.

Jacqueline Laurita

Caroline Manzo , who can never mind her own business, gets involved when Jacqueline needs a little “me” time shortly after the baby’s birth, and leaves the child with his father to go off by herself for a while. Chris Laurita is overwhelmed and calls Caroline. Caroline attacks Jacqueline so viciously that Jacqueline slaps the shit out of her, and Caroline presses charges.  This incident is discussed on the Season 1 reunion episode.

RHONJ Skeletons in the Closet

A few years later, comes calling, seeking cast members for a new RH series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dina Manzo, friend , sister in law Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and a virtual stranger, , are recruited.

Fast forward to Season 4. Jacqueline Laurita learns her youngest child, Nicholas, born during Season 2, has autism. But, in the midst of this discovery Jacqueline was not able to cope with the stress of celebrity and other family problems, and takes to with a vengeance:

Jacqueline Explodes on Twitter

This is only the beginning of an apparent breakdown. Keep in mind these tweets were sent out last year, October 1, 2011, three days after the explosive Posche Fashion Show.

Notice Jac in the finale episode: the camera pans to her often, she is staring ahead, ignoring the arguments all around her, in an apparent drug and alcohol daze.

This was posted two days ago on a blog:

In the wake of mounting allegations against the Laurita family and the manner in which the Laurita Family raided the corporate assets of Signature Apparel to the tune of $55 million, it appears that the Laurita Family are attempting to limit Jacqueline’s liability by showing “diminished capacity”

This is an excerpt from the original story:

Chris and his brother Joseph Laurita founded Signature Apparel together in 2005, and according to court documents, drained the company and improperly used funds and assets to support their luxurious lifestyle — to the tune of $7,804,227.

But in November of 2009 the company filed bankruptcy prompting the debtor to come forward with the complaint and here are some examples of how they claim monies were misused:

* Nearly $2 million in credit card payments for the Laurita Family, including payments to more than 40 bank accounts.
* At least $331,637 for payments on no less than eleven leased cars, including a Bentley and a Maserati.
* At least $284,793 in airline travel expenses for the Laurita Family.
* At least $145,894 for private airplane rentals for the Laurita Family.
* At least $7,280 for travel agent expenses for the Laurita Family.
* At least $755,184 to defendant Christopher Laurita for undocumented or insufficiently documented reasons.
* At least $784,160 of disbursements directed by the Laurita Director Defendants (Chris and Joseph) to unknown recipients, without any documentation whatsoever.

“Jacqueline and Anthony Laurita each knew of the Laurita Director Defendant’s wrongful conduct, and each substantially assisted the Laurita Director Defendants in breaching their fiduciary duties by, among other conduct, accepting funds they each knew belonged to Signature and for which they each knew they had performed no services and/or provided no value,” the claim continued.

“Funds that should have been used to grow Signature’s business and to pay Signature’s vendors and creditors, instead were diverted to the Laurita Family Defendants.”

On March 14, 2011 Jacqueline and her husband Chris filed an amended answer to the complaint, wherein Jacqueline states she “lacks knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegations of the First Amended Complaint.”

Jacqueline’s husband denied nearly all of the 155 allegations made in the claim and states that the complaint should be dismissed “because of a failure to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action and a failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.”

Jacqueline Laurita Named in Lawsuit

Does Chris Laurita plan to declare Jacqueline incompetent in order to relieve some of their debt?

It’s a slippery slope for Jacqueline, to say the least. Perhaps this is why Chris, who joined twitter only about a month ago, hasn’t stopped Jacqueline, with her insane tweets and messages.

Caroline would love to raise two boys again………just saying.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 3 airs Sunday, October 14, on Bravo TV.

Deconstructing Jacqueline Laurita

  14 Responses to “Will Chris Laurita Have Jacqueline Declared Mentally Incompetent?”


    It makes me sad how everyone wants to be the victim,and then bullies the mess out of Teresa! If u don’t like someone,cool,your entitled.but this constant back lashing and blaming and gossiping and deliberately trying to destroy someone with children is very unhealthy evil and vicious.yes it’s obvious that Teresa’s family wanted to show her up come on the show get famous and make her look bad.its obvious bravo needed a fall guy this time up.its obvious cat Rodriguez was friends with everyone on the show Except Teresa,is this the reason the constant badgering? In a world where we are trying to stop bullying because of race,and because of homophobia it is now ok to come on these reality shows and break someone apart an be a bully??? Melissa and Kathy and their men knew what they were doing by coming on the show.also melissa sisters also bullying begin scenes.jax(wow)also teaming up with Caroline and the rest of the vultures to bully Teresa.its sick and sad and not only that after they do it they want a reason to look like they are doing the right thing.trying to excuse what they are doing so that they do t look bad in front if the whole world.,but u do.its ok though because the underdog always comes out winning and I know they all see that in their hearts that the more harm they try to inflict upon Teresa the more blessed she is.


    I quit watching New Jersey a couple seasons ago because it wasn’t fun anymore. I missed the whole special needs son story line but it feels “icky” (for lack of a better word) to film this traumatic family drama on a Bravo reality show. This combined with Kelly in New York literally having a mental breakdown and Beverly Hills Taylor’s husband’s suicide have made it impossible for me to enjoy watching. I feel like I had a fun relationship with Bravo and I watched their silly shows. Then things got ugly and abusive….so I broke it off with Bravo. Taking a little look-see on this site makes me realize I made the right choice. The constant need for the “ladies” to one up each other in the shock department is getting out of hand. I am amazed that there has only been one suicide or similar tragedy.


    whoever posted this is one mean-assed person. just sayin’


    Jax is nuts and it is obvious. She is obsessed with Teresa and twitter.


      When I went to Fauxreality I saw that the amount was 55 million instead of the 8 million. I think when the story broke the discovery was still ongoing and what was put forward or found was sthe 8 million. But what wasn’t written down was that the judge denied his petition to get rid of the 155 allegations because in the words of the judge what he saw showed that there where issues with where the money went and responsibility. Also Chris and jax lawyer over a month ago had to go to court and essentially say to the judge that their clients lied about who owned roca wear at a certain time.

      If Chris is doing this my wife is crazy aka diminished capacity, here is something she should consider. If she is found or is saying that this is the case, she won’t be able to take care of her kids or be around them alone ever. I hope Jax is reading this because she has alot to lose.


    I think Jac is crazy. I have an autistic son as well and font go around acting cra cra like her. Everyone on this season freaking out over Teresa is ridiculous. These people are acting like she has murdered a small child. I agree with the other post as well, whoever writes these stories seems to hate all the Housewives and nothing but mean and vicious thing to say about them and Andy. People have to remember that this “reality” show is For Entertainment Purposes and I’d have to guess that 75% of it is made up for the show. This isn’t a guide to live life by, but a show to help you realize that your own life just might not be that bad after all. People need to sit back and enjoy the entertainment or stop watching. The writer of this site seems to hate everyone on Bravo so I don’t understand why she continues to watch snc blog if she can only find mean and nasty things to say about everyone. You all take this stuff way too seriously.


      I agree. This site isn’t as obsessive and vitriolic as Fame Whorgas, though. That one is just plain freaky in how stalkerish fans of RHONJ are.


    Selling autism storyline?? Excuse me, Sharon, but your words have become irritatingly vicious when it comes to anyone on RHONJ except Theresa. This has been going on for sometime now, and I have since limited my trips to your site from every day to once a month – maybe longer.

    As a mother of a severely autistic daughter, I can tell you that losing your mind is definitely a side effect from diagnosis to about four years later. I still don’t know if I’m totally out of my devastation and it’s been 7 years since diagnosis. Jacqueline is in a unique position where she can spread awareness and collect donations for autism charities. “Selling the autism storyline” offends me as a special needs mother.

    Your once amusing site with gossip and backstories now puts you in a unique position to be Theresa Guidice’s tool. Good luck with that. I won’t be back to read any more of your viciousness.


      I totally agree with you, RHOLI…especially the last paragraph.


      I stand by what I said. Jacqueline never really had a storyline other than her relationship with Ashley.
      The Laurita’s need the money and want to be hired for season 5. Yes, she is whoring her autistic child out, and so is Chris.
      As for Teresa, I do not love or hate her. I absolutely hate seeing someone so inarticulate ganged upon by jealous greedy cast members.

      I am so burned out on RHONJ that I will limit writing about them in the future.

      I am, however, sorry you feel that way.


    I think there were two separate punches: one to Caroline, which was discussed on the S1 reunion
    (around the 33 min mark, I think, Part I). The second was the one that Jax described on her bravo blog
    which has since vanished, but it was posted on stoopidhousewives later. This second one got Jax a night in jail. I think she’s def unstable and has a violent streak. Mental incompetence…very interesting theory,
    but won’t they be taking a huge risk? I’m intrigued…let’s see how it pans out!


    Why can’t they just leave Jac alone. I hope she leaves the show and never looks back. She needs to focus on her family now.

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