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Oct 022012


carole radziwill

After a 23 episode season of the really broke Real Housewives of New Jersey ,it has been refreshing to watch The Real Housewives of New York. Quite frankly, the constant product-shilling is both boring and insane. Generally, we don’t want a cannoli kit, we’d rather drink muddy water than , nor do we want to be Caffaced by .

49, worth a reported $50M, doesn’t need the Bravo check, neither does (she married up when she hooked , net worth $20M, up from ‘s paltry $2M net worth.) didn’t shill that Pinot Grigio too often this season, Heather Thomson’s Yummie Tummies was mostly part of the storyline, and doesn’t shill at all. ‘s non-existent toaster oven took up too much screen drama, but, ironically, Sonja is the only one needing that Bravo paycheck.  That and the fun factor make this a great season of RHONY, after the exorcism of the dark and twisted characters.

A personal friend of Andy Cohen‘s, it will be interesting to see if she returns. During her appearance on , something in her demeanor said she may not.

In the meantime, former RH’s who did need the paycheck, and will debut this week on this season of Couples Therapy on VH1. Go figure.

The Real Housewives of New York Season 5 Reunion Part 1 airs Monday, October 8, 2012, on .

Couples Therapy will premiere October 3, 2012, on VH1.

  3 Responses to “Will Carole Radziwill Return for Another Season of The New York Housewives?”


    I loved Carole. This was one of the better RHONY in a long time. Didn’t miss the old whack jobs. Carole helped to keep Luann in line. Crazy Aviva, Ramona, Sonya. Didn’t care one way or another about Heather.
    You need the mix to make it interesting. Not all crazy for God’s sake.


    Lol. I agree with Lucy. I thought Carole took herself too seriously many times. I would often ask myself why she did the show if she thinks she’s above it all. Maybe she just wanted publicity for her stupid book. Overall she is an elitist bore.


    I hope she doesn’t come back. Truth be told, I never cared for Carole. It’s obvious she doesn’t really fit in on a show like this, and Lord only knows what attracted her to doing such a thing. It seems like she has quite the New York cool girl life going already, with money to boot. I wonder why she felt the need to get more attention for herself. As for her personality, I found it elitist, snippy, and too normal overall to make an impact. Heather Thomsen, though I like her better, same thing. She’s too normal and well adjusted to be a “Real Housewife” type. At first I thought this about Aviva, but then her personality just imploded into the lunatic she became. Now SHE”S a real housewife. They need to bring the crazy ladies like Kelly and Jill back again, even though nobody liked them. I loathed Alex and Simon, but after this dippy season, even I would welcome their weirdness back again.

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