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Sep 292012

 Posche Fashion Show, Sept.2011

Well dear reader, things have reached a crescendo of crazy as last night during one of their wars, Kim DePaola posted a photo of   sitting on a toilet, from her Posche Boutique account.

UPDATE:  KIM D HAS SINCE REMOVED THE PIC, reposted it on her personal

The Offensive Photo

I don’t know how Kim or the blogger got the photo, I just know that ,   and will blame   for it!

The only hope for next season of the New Jersey franchise is if this gossip is true, posted by Perez Hilton:


from Perez Hilton:

Season four of Real Housewives of New Jersey was by faaaar thecat-fightiest, back stabbiest, friendship-endingest season yet.

Clearly these ladies can’t work together (or legally be in the same room) — so producers have been forced to let some of the gals go!

Who is getting the boot?? According to a RHONJ insider:

"Jacqueline [Laurita] and Kathy [Wakile‎] were not made offers, so Jacqueline won’t be back but look for Kathy to return in a limited capacity. Currently three [new] women are under consideration to join the cast. Caroline Manzo was made an offer to return and declined — it is possible she is waiting for a bigger offer or has something up the pipelines. She had only participated in season 4 so that her children would get exposure for their business ventures.”

Note:  I don’t believe for one minute does not want to return, and her "children" depend on Bravo for income, since they do not have successful businesses. She’s probably holding out for more money.

violated her contract when she failed to show up at the Season 3 reunion.

Perez goes on to write:

The WHOLE friggn Laurita/Manzo family is out of the picture??

The show is NEVER gonna be the same! But, at least there will still be one original cast member… Despite rumors that Teresa Giudice andJuicy Joe are getting a spin-off series, the insider assures us:

“Teresa is 100% safe on Housewives. I think you will find next season the format of the show will change dramatically.”

Our source tells us that Teresa’s seksi singing sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, will also be returning — but rest assured her fame hungry sisters are not being considered as cast members! (Thank Gawd!)

We’re thrilled that the crazy table thrower and "pop star" are sticking around the cameras, but we are REALLY gonna miss the other ladies!

None of this is confirmed, but if anyone survives, it will be Teresa. Hope it’s not true about returning…. the family drama needs to end.

photo: Martha Byrne

  10 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Full Moon, Twitter Wars and Gossip UPDATE”


    In the picture of Melissa on the toilet lol, what is that thing circled in the backround? I cant make it out!


    I love your blog but respectfully disagree! =) I think Theresa is a liar and a con. She may work her ass off to earn her monies, but usually it is at others expense. That is not honorable, especially when she complains if others do the exact same thing, or act the exact same way she does. She thinks this is HER show, when it is an ensamble cast. I think she is a bit delusional towards he own behavior and that bothers the heck out of me. I also think there is a reason that the whole cast has issues with her. If everyone in the room thinks you are worng or behaving badly…time to check yourself.

    PS I know I misspelled two words wrong, but it wouldn’t let me go back and fix it. Whooopsie! =)


    This is strictly a question of real curiousity…I’ve been reading this blog for the better part of two years and I’m wondering why you have so much empathy and support for Teresa? I understand that the other ladies are no angels and their behavior is appalling but Teresa is no better and does not come across as any kind of victim. At least I don’t see it. What am I missing?


      I respect her hustle.. the others do nothing except talk about her. I once thought she was as lazy and gossipy as the others are, but over the past year, as I saw Caroline’s game, I became more sympathetic to her.


    @sam: Just because it was on that other blog doesn’t mean Perez stole it from there. Despite the way that author presents his/her site, it is not the center of the “insider” universe.

    Anyway, as I wrote on another entry, I do feel bad for Jacqueline for no other reason than the fact that she’s mentally sick. But I think the show does need a shake-up in the cast, so if this is true I hope it works out.


    jacqueline is claiming she received an offer that she hasn’t accepted yet. I think she’s delusional. Can you confirm that with anyone?


    fame whorgas had that exclusive and perez basically poached it. sad he thinks he can steal things from smaller blogs without properly citing the source

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