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Sep 272012

In that strange world known as the Real Housewives of New Jersey, just when you think there can be no more drama, that everyone should be burnt out, including the fans, something always happens. Yesterday, was a guest on “Anderson”. The Fox Network show hosted by Upper East Side Socialite (son of Gloria Vanderbilt) Anderson Cooper. Nothing against Cooper, but I never paid much attention to his show. Until Yesterday. He starts out the show by saying “Teresa has a lot to answer for” so I knew it would be rough, especially with Teresa’s inadequate command of the English language, and her inability to express herself clearly. Here’s the video: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player That’s when what can only be described as a shitstorm hailed down upon Anderson   went wild!  Some even sent him articles from the summer and his “tragic” romance that ended before he vacationed with Andy Cohen. Team Teresa was up in arms, it was all day long…never seen anything like it! Which brings us to the extraordinary thing that happened today.  Anderson invited Teresa to return, this time treating her with some decency. Here’s a sample of some of today’s comments

  AndyCohensFanPage@weloveandycohen AC said he “doesn’t have a dog in this fight” and thought he was aggressive and rude. Wants T back to apologise after watching it back. AndyCohensFanPage@weloveandycohen @JessieSpano1 @andersoncooper @BravoAndy I guess people felt AC was rude to T yesterday on his show (AC included) so he brought her back


Heather Robinson@MrsPinkychichi

@sweeetbea I wonder if bravo Andy called Anderson & said what did u do!? These women are all over my case! Grace@GraceIn2013 The change in tone from @andersoncooper to @Teresa_Giudicefrom yesterday to today gave me whiplash. #ouchmyneck

Grace@GraceIn2013 Yeah this doesn’t erase yesterday. But I’m still glad she got to go on again. She did a great job. @rrteri @andersoncooper@Teresa_Giudice

The power of a fanbase…..Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper..take note. The long national nightmare’s reunion part 1 airs Sunday night on Bravo. We’ll all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder…..where’s my meds?

  6 Responses to “Anderson Cooper Bullies Teresa Giudice, Gets Blasted On Twitter”


    That is what you get from a real Journalist. Real questions.


    How is telling the truth being a bully? Because the truth hurts sometimes? He asked for explainations from an adult acting like a 12yo and got a 12yo AnSwer.


    personally what I saw was someone who was desperately trying to get Teresa to own up to her own bad behavior…..she won’t own it….too bad really…


    Oh, please… he did not bully her. Wonder what she is paying her PR team? I bet they are having a grad ole’ time chasing that pig around and reapplying its lipstick.


    I only watched the first minute of the video, and he basically did what he accused Teresa of doing on the show…He was very CONDESCENDING. Also people should know that Anderson and Andy vacationed together in Croatia less than three weeks ago…in the words of Joe Gorga they are #buttbuddies. I mean i hate the bullying but that first interview was one sided. He said oh i don’t watch the show, then said something specific that only a person who watches the show would know. Teresa has a freaking army on twitter, and they DON’T PLAY…LOL


    he straight up attacked her like a BULLY!…shame on you Anderson, shame on YOU!…I hope she doesnt return to his show, I wouldnt give him the time of day. I used to like Anderson Cooper a lot actually, but he has become such a puppet lately

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