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Sep 252012

Warning: All Black Women in their 20’s with “patrician” features: If you see this man…. run in the opposite direction!!!

 George Drescher, Aviva Drescher

As always, as the characters on these shows reveal more and more information, they make clear what the dysfunction is….and why.

And we thought the families on the Real Housewives of New Jersey were crazy.  Nothing compares to the relationship between George Teichner  and his daughter   of the Real Housewives of New York.

Incest is Best? This is how a father talks to a daughter? Why was Aviva’s mother an alcoholic, if indeed that is the truth?

Anyway, Aviva was out of her league arguing with .  The real problem, Ramona calling , Aviva’s ex-husband, to talk about her phobias was just wrong. But Aviva chose to bring up St. Barth’s yet again, so Ramona exploded. So the reason for the confrontation was lost.

In the world according to the Teichners and Dreschers everyone owes them an apology for their own bad behavior. And you’re a trailer turd if you don’t agree.

The New York franchise always had a subtle hint of classism and racism as an undercurrent, but the addition of Aviva brought it to the forefront. and let’s add homophobia to the list ….Andy Cohen will love that!

Speaking of classism, one can’t help but wonder why can’t move on. has been there and done that, she was wonderful in her scenes with Sonja.

Without going into Sonja’s financial troubles, wrote this on her Bravo blog, summing up my feelings about the Robber Baron Morgan and his ancestor, JP Morgan:

Sonja has turned a corner on friends and husbands. She’s taking down the portraits that the Queen Mother’s painter painted. Oh boy. Nothing sincere can come after that statement. Here it comes: The Morgans are American royalty. Yes, royalty who charge us $3 to use their ATMs. There’s an Aristocrat for you. (Cheap!) No wonder he hasn’t kept to his pre-conception agreement.

Right on Carole. By the way, I bank at JP Morgan Chase.

Such is America.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Monday nights on .

  4 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York: White Trash Don’t Apologize!”


    I meant that I agree with you, the incest comment was sick.


    I totally agree with the incest comment. His joke was about a father and a daughter. How sick is it to joke about the seduction of your own child? Zero, really. This Father and daughter are clasist, racist, elitist and so self righteous it makes me want to stop watching the show. How can Bravo allow comments and a behaviour that belittle women? And what about all those victims of molestation? I totally agree with WhiteTrashGal. We see Carole and Heather be all kissy kissy and cool about this guy, they accept him and that makes them enablers. There is nothing more uncool than accepting diascrimination and doing nothing about it. Nobody says fight and attack the bag of bones, but it is our responsability to SAY SOMETHING. Bravo should really push these two to apologize to the audience, because I am a woman, I am of mixed race, I come basically from a middle class working family and yes, I have experienced molestation and hearing jokes about all that makes my skin crawl. When it was about the “f….t” word, Andy Cohen jumped as he did when it was about Jews, so, it is expected to act about the garbage we heard.


    I agree with you. I can’t imagine why Bravo allowed that to air. If George Teichner would say something like that on television, what would he actually do behind closed doors?


    At last, someone addresses the real scandal of this episode: “Incest is best.”

    I don’t know what Aviva’s dad was thinking. I’m shocked Bravo even aired it. There are millions of people who are victims/survivors of incest; many don’t even live to tell the tale because it’s so taboo. They are silenced like JonBenet Ramsey was.

    Yet this is a joke on an entertainment show? NOT FUNNY.

    I can go on about the inappropriateness of George’s behavior with his daughter, but I want to stay on point here.

    I can’t imagine how UNFUNNY his remark about incest was to any victims who heard it. It’s no joke. And it’s not cool to give the impression it is.

    If George had made a sick joke involving priests molesting children, how would that have been handled?

    I’m very disgusted over this. I can’t begin to tell you. I know victims of incest, and there’s nothing funny about it.

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