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Sep 182012


What warnings, you ask?

Before Season 5 of the Real Housewives of New York began, was active on twitter, interacting with us “commoners”, you know, the white trash, the black garbage and the pick-your-choice bottom-feeders.

During that time (May, 2012), was befriending her. As many of us saw this on twitter, we warned Aviva about Jill.

Here’s one of the interactions ( Jill was still speaking to at the time.)

LuAnn de Lesseps@CountessLuAnn

Congratulations @MiracleHouseNY on fabulous evening. Great success! Wonderful spending time with @ThomasARoberts@AvivaDrescher @jillzarin.

Jill Zarin at Aviva Drescher’s Premiere Party

We don’t know what Jill has said about her former cast mates, or if Aviva listened to her. How do two self-absorbed narcissists interact?  One thing about it, if she thought Sonja Morgan and would be easy targets of her wrath….ask the people commenting on twitter and her blog how well it’s working for her.

Now Aviva thinks the fans have made her into a human Pinata.  Boo-Hoo. Next she’ll be calling it “systemic bullying” a la .

Can’t wait to see throw Aviva’s father (speaking of trash!) out of the party next week!

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  6 Responses to “Aviva Drescher Ignored Warnings: Stay Away From Jill Zarin!”


    What everyone is forgetting is that Aviva was just fine until she got in Ramona’s crosshairs. A bit Quirky she was, but sweet and lovely. Remember when Heather was Ramona’s target and everyone ‘hated’ Heather? These poor girls are in Season ONE Of Ramona-the-Drunk, so of COURSE mistakes will be made! Give Aviva a break….How would YOU act if accosted by an insane drunk woman on National TV? As soon as Ramona moves onto someone else we will see the old Aviva back. Give her a break, man!


    Unbelievable! These morons still like Aviva after she ruined what had turned out to be a fun, and relaxing trip (a true first on any HW series) where the rest of the ladies were actually getting along, and enjoying themselves. Personally, I find nothing wrong with drinking too much, skinny dipping (with only women present) , and kicking up ones heels on a girls trip. Her narcissistic, selfish, pyscho, and insulting behavior was inexcusable! She acted as if everyone involved had begged and pleaded for her to come, when in reality, no one really cared. She arrived ready to fight; she was already talking trash to her security blanket husband en route to the house on St Barths. She mentioned “how hard” the flight was about 5 times as soon as she arrived, and would not stop telling everyone to thank her husband over and over for bringing her. Her name calling of Ramona and Sonja was completely juvenile,and revealed to everyone watching exactly who the “white trash” in the room was. The she told all the ladies they should have had a banner, rolled out the red carpet, and thrown a party when she arrived??? She’s crazier than Kelly! Also, do your homework before deciding you “like” someone. Aviva NEVER participated in, nor donated to any charitable organizations before appearing on RHONY; in fact, her charity for CHILDREN amputees was started after the show began. Previous to the show, she has been selling fake designer handbags. This information is widely available on the Internet. Aviva’s “wonderful” husband, Reid, is being sued by the US Securities Commission for fraud – he and his partner bilked an 80 year old North Carolina man out of millions- fraudulently! Aviva and her husband do not own their Miami condo. It belongs to none other than her “sex addict” father, George, who agreed to let them pretend it was theirs in exchange for screen time. Aviva claims she left her first fiancé at the altar, and was a runaway bride. Another lie – actually, he never showed up for the wedding, and left her standing alone at the altar. Lastly, her husband Reid, also showed his true colors in St Barths when he commented on the couples date about the “fat, over the hill women” meaning Ramona, LuAnne, Sonja and Heather. Obviously, he must like skeletal women ( for pretty suspect reasons) but I don’t think many people would call the other women on the show, besides Aviva and Carole, fat! Aviva is a psycho mess, she freaks out for no reason, and she judges everyone else. She needs to look at herself, her fraud husband, and her pig of a father before she calls anyone else names.


    I still like Aviva and Ramona and Sonja do act trashy. It may be cute and funny for 20 yr olds to act like them. But for two middle aged women their is nothing cute or funny about either of them


    I still like Aviva, I just think a woman with as many phobias as she has, is going to have a tough time on a HW show.. When your phobic, your constantly trying to control your environment and often that includes people.. which is the very prescription for getting into trouble on these shows… Bravo delights in messing with peoples environments and has been known to stir the pot with castmates… Instant meltdowns for a phobic…


    I liked Aviva until she went all koo-koo for cocoa puffs…..for someone who SAYS, “I wanted to be treated the same” in regards to her leg and anxiety…..SHE CAN’T SHUT UP ABOUT EITHER! Jill probably set her up too….nice…ugh


      Right. Jill has a case of sour grapes and a distinct inability to move on…she wants back on the show, she probably sabotaged Aviva by telling her to go after Ramona….bad move!

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