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Sep 172012

At the Posche Fashion Show, September 29, 2011

photo by Martha Byrne

So we finally see last years’ Posche Fashion Show, which sparked so much controversy that found it impossible to keep the episode under wraps.

From what we’ve seen so far, it appears that Kim DePaola, owner of Posche, set up, but inevitably, everything is blamed on .

Kim and mean sister Lysa Simpson had a twitter war last night about the episode:


Kim DePaola@KimDPosche

@melissagorga hey baby doll, why didn’t u say all the shit you’re running out of your mouth 2 weeks ago? stick to your night job hot shot

Lysa Simpson ‏@LysaSimpson

I hope I run into you Hot shot @KimDPosche


Kim DePaola‏@KimDPosche

@LysaSimpson you know where to find me. lets see some bite with all that barking

The threat of physical violence?  Real smart, Lysa.

This episode told us nothing different than what we already know, Bravo found this guy  Melissa once worked for, and added him for the drama.

Puppets on a string.

Speaking of puppets, ‘s husband Rich blamed editing for that disgusting “fish” comment.  Ha ha Rich, you thought you were immune to Bravo editing?



In the meantime, one of the backstories is the whereabouts of Joe Giudice during the fashion show. RadarOnline captured a photo of him out with another woman, who may or may not be the elusive Tara, a story I broke two years ago.

We still don’t know why didn’t show up for the Season 3 reunion, taped the next day, nor do we know why Jacqueline Laurita explodes on twitter the following Saturday morning.

Isn’t it interesting Bravo recorded reunions 3 and 4 before these episodes aired?  Just saying

Part 2 of the Posche Fashion Show debacle airs Sunday on Bravo TV.

  5 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Long Nightmare”


    COMPLETE SET-UP!!! By the producers, Kim D and the sleazy, disgusting “PR Manager”. I am not fan of Teresa, but I actually did beleive that they blindsided her with that, and that her trying to walk away from it at the salon was genuine. She was in a good place at that time with her brother and SIL. She seemed genuinely uncomfortable; and I think you can usually tell when she is lying (such as when she talks about her husband being a good guy, faithful, etc).

    I dont care whether Melissa was actually a stripper. That guy is sleazy, sordid, and full on disreputable. And to borrow a line from 16 Candles, straight looks like an “oily bo-hunk”. He took great pleasure in that at the salon, as did Kim D; each of them trying to get face time on tv. We have never even heard of that salon, but all of a sudden Kim D wants to go there AND drag Teresa along?

    Why would anyone go to a salon run by a guy like that and his sidekick asst manager? Not exactly Frederic Fekkai. it made me feel like it was a front for laundering ill gotten proceeds.

    I also think Melissa knew exactly who he was the second she laid eyes on him. That frozen face said it all. Again, I don’t think this was a Teresa set up; it was Kim D, oily bo-hunk and the producers.

    I hope all the ladies were careful in their sky high heels at the fashion show. I am sure that guy left an oil slick a mile wide and long in his wake.

    And Ashley still proving what a moron she is.


    From WillLove:

    Andy Cohen does play a role in the editing process. He has said so directly in interviews. With that said, overall @yourfriendkitty and @carolineself have the most editing power. They are the executive producers of Season 3 and Season 4 of #RHONJ. They work on location and off location. They send the editors what footage to use as well as tell them what to keep in and what to cut out. @carolineself is tight with the Manzos while @yourfriendkitty is tight with the Gorgas and Wakiles. Cat edited @PDKhair as well as multiple ex-coworkers of Melissa’s, who were present at the salon and fashion show, completely out of the two-part finale. Their interactions made the Angelo incident look g-rated.

    Obviously that move was deliberate. Furthermore, Cat held Penny back from defending Kim when Joe Gorga called Kim a drug addict, a c and went to punch her. Even worse, as you will see in the finale, Cat completely butchered the conversation Angelo had with a friend at the bar to make it appear as though Teresa masterminded everything. The unprofessionalism of Cat Rodriguez and Caroline Self is disgusting. In this economy, why are these the type of people who have employment? Only a network like @BravoTV would believe that their viewers are so incompetent that they wouldn’t see past the blatant bias.

    NOTE: Andy has also said that he is not as involved with the Housewives franchises as he one was. Andy is directing more of his time and energy to his talk show.


    Kat aka the executive producer for the show and her crew manipulated everything. And may have cut stuff that was said during the fight between Teresa and Jax at the Posch fashion show. I bet anything that Teresa let slip that Jax was a stripper and that was left on the cutting room floor because it would show that it was that not Melissa being outed that made her afraid. Especially since from sources I’ve read Teresa said that Chuckie aka Caroline was the one that told her that Jax was a stripper and wasn’t good enough for Chris (this was during the reunion).

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