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Aug 262012

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UPDATE:  This WWHL episode is pre-recorded.  Caroline Manzo wore that dress seen in the preview on Bravo at her July 24 appearance.

Andy Cohen is apparently still smoozin’ and cruisin’

Original Article:

Pimp Daddy knows when to make an appearance on his masturbatory talk show, Watch What Happens, Live.  Like any good pimp, Andy knows when to get his ho’s in line.

He came back from hanging with Anderson Cooper and hobnobbing with Kelly Ripa (Mark Consuelos) to host a special showdown in the hoedown between and of the .

Why?  One word.  Ratings.  Fans are getting tired of watching Caroline  and her dysfunctional family vilify Teresa and her dysfunctional family. Not to mention the Wakile and Gorga side orders.  A showdown between Teresa and Caroline immediately after yet another ugly, twisted episode will be a ratings bonanza.

Also, there are a couple of ex- RH’s that won’t go away. and his Bravoratings  website (though he won’t admit it’s his) is constantly harping on the low ratings of the New York franchise, always implying it’s got something to do with his absence from the show. There is no love lost between Andy and Simon.

Andy Cohen to Simon van Kempen: "Your Spies Don’t Know Shit"

Additionally, the powers that be at Bravo are upset with Alex McCord and her commentary on RumorFix:

Bullied by Bravo: Alex McCord

So, Andy has them chasing him.

Too bad Teresa is so inarticulate. Andy will make it look like Caroline won this round. He’s also tired of Teresa’s fans harassing him on twitter.

However, Andy knows which side his bread is buttered on. Teresa, like it or not, is the star of this show.

What will Bravo do about Season 5?  No word yet, we can only..

Watch What Happens

The of New Jersey airs on Sunday night, immediately followed by the special Watch What Happens, Live.

  9 Responses to “Showdown In The Hoedown Between Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo UPDATE”


    Gosh I bet Don Caro will be back for S5 why else would she promote that book that’s coming in March. Let’s come back to this comment and see these things happen.


    after watching Caroline’s rage, the only conclusion is that her menapausal hormones are taking over. i remember that kind of rage when I went through menapause. Either that or she is crazy. BTW in my worse time ever I never spoke to anyone like she spoke to T


    I keep seeing all the comments about Teresa being a liar because she won’t admit if she gets paid for the magazine articles. We all know she does not write the stories herself (and in no case would have editorial control), and that she does a photo shoot and is interviewed. How she is specifically paid, honestly who cares? Tabloids are tabloids. And if we really take a step back, on what basis is Teresa accountable to explain her finances and business dealings to the Manzos and Lauritas? With her and Joe’s legal troubles I wouldn’t go there either if I were her. And bottom line, she owes them no explanation about if she does or does not get paid and for what. I don’t see them explaining to Teresa their business model or income from the Brownstone (I hear it is in financial terouble) and let’s not talk about Albert using a fake address to sit on the water commission was it? Or how the Lauritas bilked millions from folks in their business ventures. Get real here! The best defense is a good offense and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, Caroline is hoping anyway. Teresa should just refuse to talk about her finances and business deals and Caroline needs to come clean about her real reasons behind her venom toward Teresa or just give it a rest already.


    I have to disagree…….I really think Teresa is delusional. Now do I think that Caroline needs to let it go….yup….but truthfully Teresa is a liar……..she gets paid for all her magazine covers/stories……….and she won’t admit it. Teresa also purposely left out Kathy at that toast……..come on, it is obvious. I really liked Teresa until I started seeing how conniving she is…….if others can’t see it, so be it. but it is obvious to me how she likes to play that she is innocent when she really isn’t.


    LOL! I thought it was a major something that AC would come back from vacation to film this. I guess he didnt. Although it begs the question why this wasn’t on Bravo’s set schedule before. My tv guide still as of yesterday said tbd for that slot. Given that it was recorded – maybe quite awhile ago, why wasn’t it already scheduled?


    To be fair, Teresa’s fans DO harass Andy on Twitter. Some are only protesting, others are outright nasty. As for Andy’s treatment of Teresa. Come on! The chick physically attacked her boss on national television. Being scolded and talked down to should be the least of her concerns. In any other situation she would have been promptly fired and charges would have been pressed.


    I think your prediction is spot on. “Too bad Teresa is so inarticulate. Andy will
    make it look like Caroline won this round.” I wish he would rein in the
    ugliness. I didn’t know Teresa fans were harrassing him on twitter; if they are,
    he might want to make Teresa pay for it even more.


      He perceives it as harassment, mostly it’s just protest about the way he treats Teresa.


        you’re so right!! i saw a bit of this interview and he just can’t stop being a douche to Teresa! he acts like he is Teresa’s teacher who hates her! the tone of his voice with her says it all to me. the way he talks to her all scolding and ‘i told you so-ish’ is the reason i can’t stand andy at all anymore!

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