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Aug 212012
  • Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice

What a year of the had in 2011.  The current season was in production as the previous season was airing. Teresa learned what her cast mates were saying about her, as the family betrayal by Melissa and played out, with a side order by Kathy Wakile, the snarky comments of the Manzo “children”, and finally ’s maniacal hatred after the Punta Cana incident.

Add to that the public bankruptcy, the charges, and the fact that husband Joe Giudice will probably go to prison.  How would you like a year like that?  On television.

So, Bravo chooses to put Joe’s well known and highly publicized infidelity on front street.  Whether or not he knew he was on  microphone we will never know. I doubt Joe cares.

How does Teresa respond to all this on her Bravo blog?



A magazine called me two weeks ago to ask me about my reaction to the episode they just received. I hadn’t seen it, so I had no idea what they were talking about. Once I got a copy and watched it, I was sick. I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. It has not been a good couple of weeks.
Of course I begged Bravo not to air it, but when you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything, warts and all. The good and the bad. Kind of like that other promise: for better or for worse. Welcome to the “worse.”

She doesn’t try to excuse Joe, which is a surprise, Teresa defends him no matter what he does. Her pathetic attempt to get him to have sex with her in the vineyard spoke volumes; it shows a true naiveté about the nature of men: It’s not about the sex, it’s about the way the other woman makes him feel.

My husband disrespecting me on camera happened a year ago, but I just found out about it, and I’m trying to process it. I seem to always be the last to find out things, huh? People’s pasts keep coming out and they admit their dirty deeds to me, like my own family contacting Danielle to try and “take me down,” but I only find out about it months or years later. They say they’re sorry, they’re not that person now, and what can I do? I forgive them. I forgave my brother and Melissa, and I can forgive Joe. But I’m not stupid. It does make me wary, it does make it hard to trust the people I love.

She gets a few more digs in at her cast mates, ’s boyfriend Vito and the rumor that Al Manzo lives at and has a girlfriend.

They’re different animals.( men) They are animals. They think it’s funny to show everyone their buttholes. Women aren’t like this. We have our own kind of ugly that men don’t understand. But we have to work it out and live together, don’t we? I don’t really want a guy that acts like a woman. I’d rather not have Joe talk to me like a perfect gentlemen and go to his mistress’ apartment every night either.

None of her digs are nearly as awful as what her cast mates say about her on air.

On a lighter note, I found this on a message board, thought I’d share:

Damn! You can diss the Brownstone sauce, call his wife an “Olive Garden Italian”, even call his daughter an asshole, but by God DO NOT try to tell Fat Albert where the fuck KFC is!

The “Teresa Giudice Show”   The of New Jersey airs Sunday night on Bravo.

  21 Responses to “Teresa Giudice: Welcome to the Worst”


    Is Teresa’s PR team getting paid extra to write things like, “Teresa is incredibly strong” on this and other blogs? Does the cookbook money go that far?
    Then again, I have seen the Manzo team’s handiwork in trying to bully bloggers into line, so they are just as bad (is that possible?).
    Here is my opinion: every Real Housewife is a terrible, terrible person. They are delusional, self centered, mean spirited, foul mouthed, trashy, unattractive and hard to bear. I never watch but I do see promos and read entertainment blogs, so that is well enough. Their families are infantile and the NJers are particularly stupid. I mean real life, needs a little extra help from the teachers/gets extra time to take a test/speak very slowly so that they understand multi syllable words stupid. the plastic surgery and plastic personae are just too much.
    Real Jersey women these ain’t. I grew up in Jersey and these people are the trash we would talk about during lunch.


    DENIAL!!!!! Teresa still claiming he doesnt talk to her like that at home…except every single time we have seen him do it and she says the same thing. Denial!!!!

    She ran over there to where he was on the phone b/c she knows he was on the phone with a side piece. She can try to justify everything to herself and deny to everyone else, but she knows.

    He husband is a pig and the most base of animals. He cannot behave like a normal, decent human – regardless of alcohol consumption. The alcohol only makes him get to that level twice as fast. There is nothing redeeming about him in the least.

    That whole fight was Albert was so clearly not about KFC; it is about his disgust with Joe’s behavior and just being plain fed up with him. I was completely with Manzo on this one. He finally pooped his cork, it just happened to be about KFC.

    The whole scene in the vineyard was soooooo awful and cringe inducing. I felt some pity for teresa that she is so pathetic and depserate to keep trying to climb all over Joe, every though he was rejecting her AND had done so all day. But I also wanted to slap her upside the head for that exact desperate and pathetic behavior. All in all, it made me want to throw up and it was like watching a car wreck.

    Joe is disgusting and despicable in all his behavior, and Teresa is beyond pathetic for not only putting up with it but also trying to defend it. Those kids are going to end up so messed up.


      I forgot to say what the whole atempt at sex in the vines scene (and even the earlier where she keeps offering back door action for a smile) reminded me of was that scene in “Saturday Night Fever” where Donna Pescow’s Annette is desperate to get Tony (travolta) to like and pay attention to her, she shows him the handful of condoms and he still refuses her. Yeah, it gets worse with poor Annette in that movie, but that one scene just really, really encapsulated all of it. And the scene with T and Joe in the vineyard gave me the same sick, icky feeling that the SHF scene did.


        Teresa is a lot of things, stupid isnt really one of them. When he was on the phone she was mouthing words at him (like Hey dickhead your mic is on and the cameras are on you!), thats why he called her a retard.. they go off to the vines to pretend to make out, while she turns off his and her mic and rips him a new one.. then turning them back on to give Bravo their sex stuff…


        I never thought of that. I know that she knew he wasn’t talking about work on the phone, because the was looking over at him and made a bee line straight toward him and ask who are you talking too (he told her it was for work but she didn’t buy it). She kept staring at him and at him and finally gets him to go to the vineyards. Whats funny about that is why did the cameras only show there legs when they really didn’t do any hanky panky until he threw her up onto his hips (and even then he didn’t will explain). I think as you said those come on baby lets do it and all that was said before she turned off the mics. And with them tussling was her getting close to him telling him off about this and that and be careful with the mic etc. etc..

        She knows he’s not to smart.


      Well, at least Teresa doesn’t understand that Joe was cheating. She only understands that he called her names.

      The sad part is, that no matter WHAT words are said to her daughters; the way Teresa is treated within her marriage, infidelity included, is what her daughters will accept as normal when they are grown. Statistics show that it is very likely that her daughters will find themselves in her exact position.

      Very sad.


    Grammy, I also find Teresa to be an incredibly strong woman. IMO it’s to be expected that she goes off on occasion. Every cast mate she has treats her like dirt. Anonymous is right – Teresa didn’t make the Manzo boys throw punches. I’ve long thought Teresa would be better off without Juicy. He’s a downer and those girls don’t need to see the way he treats their mother. I’m no fan of Teresa – she makes some very poor decisions but the other cast members SHAME ON THEM. They act the way bullies act.


      Teresa is a very strong business woman but she could uses a few classes on how to be a totally strong woman. A strong woman would not allow a man to speak to her like that…but then again…maybe she is setting her own husband up by letting him treat her like that??? My husband and I may do that naming calling stuff behind closed doors but in the public eye..he would never DARE to speak to me or about me like that. With everyone calling him out for the ass that he was may make her decision to move on from him easier because I am somehow getting the idea that she was raised to believe that divorce is not the answer.


    I totally agree with you, Grammy8….. I have to admire Teresa’s tenacity; she holds her head up and keeps going, no matter what happens.


    For all Caroline’s hate of Theresa for the Punta Cana incident… She’s missing one very big point. Theresa may have made someone mad by the spraying champagne, but she CAN”T MAKE THE MANZO BOYS GET IN A FIST FIGHT. Their actions are their own. As Caroline
    likes to say…”OWN IT”


      That’s Caroline’s problem, when it comes to her boys, there is no ownership of behavior. She reserves that for Lauren.


      While two wrongs don’t make a right, Teresa has not owned a thing she’s done wrong. She certainly showed no regret for egging on the horrible events with Danielle at the posh fashion show.

      She also could not have been dumb about Joe’s underhanded dealings.
      Three years to build the granite palace? The only way it takes a builder three years to build his own home is when the granite is falling off the truck of orders he is padding for the customers he was supplying stone to.

      If it legitimately took Joe three years to build a house? Then he wouldn’t be a builder competent enough to earn enough money to build that house in the first place.

      Also, Teresa STILL is wearing the newest Louboutin’s, etc…..those suede fringed ankle numbers are from the new fall line and cost thousands.

      What about all of the small business owners trying to make an honest living who were stiffed by the Giudices? The Infertility Treatment Center, the florists, the caterers….simply despicable. Paying back some of those hard working people should be her number one priority rather than having make up artists, in -home hair stylists, home additions, and spending thousands on designer fashions. This behavior is simply despicable. Joe cannot be blamed for all of it.


        You are so right. These people are just glorified grifters. When you are $12 million in debt, how about just live with the extravagant stuff you already STOLE? You already have a housefull of tacky shoes, jewelry, bedazzled bathing suits and ill-advised clothing. How about you wear that stuff more than once and pay off, IN FULL, the money you and your husband conned other people and businesses? Because when you pay off your creditors in bankruptcy court, I believe you are just paying a portion to settle things. Something is better than nothing. The Guidices still come out way ahead in their end of the deal. IMO, they are the epitome of what is wrong with America today.
        And while I sympathize with her over the way her husband treated her, she married him, she lets him treat her that way, she makes excuses for him and she continues to stay with him, even after that. It is right there on film for her to see how her husband really feels about her. There are women out there that can’t leave, that have no where else to go. She is not one of those women. Leave him – he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Your daughters aspire to be just like you – (FABULOUS!) Do you want this type of relationship for them, too?

        The KFC stuff – Al Manzo could just no longer suffer this fool gladly. Can’t really blame him.


        First off, DOH really?? Teresa only did the *egging* after the text from Bravo to do so…*LOL* I guess some still do not get the idea that Bravo calls all the shots when it comes to these fights. The fight over the KFC was staged also because there is nothing that these guys could have to fight about!!! Reality TV that is not REAL at it’s finest! AND as far as her financial status..they are the ones that have to live with the decisions they make and it surely does not affect my life as a viewer. Her marriage will be how she was raised to believe it should be until she has had enough!


      HA!!! Caroline only says OWN IT to everyone but her kids…can’t wait to see her new book in the Dollar Tree! LMAO


    I’ll be honest, if I was going thru what Teresa has been thru, I would be in a fetal position sucking my thumb in a corner. Plus, I would have done thrown a few tantrums at the Forgetful Four (Caroline, Jackie, Melissa and Kathy).
    I am amazed at how well she has held it together.


      So would I, Grammy…Teresa is incredibly strong


      Totally agree!! But eventually everyone reaches a breaking point. What will that be for Teresa?


      At the end of the day, not incredibly strong – INCREDIBLY STUPID! Sadly, she will have to give her devil his due. It is unavoidable.


        Well said!


        Theresa G is hardly a “strong woman,” nor is she solely responsible for her business successes. A strong woman would never put up with the treatment she gets from the big-breasted baboon she married–a lying, cheating, dishonest, low-class drunken thug and criminal. Theresa, when non-scripted or unable to use prepared notes can barely compete with an average 4th-grader. Any successes in business? Sure, and those who are getting a piece of the pie as they advise her, write her blogs, edit her cookbooks, etc. Theresa comes off as someone who will stop at nothing–yes, that’s true. But hardly admirable well her actions are those of mal-intent. Look at those poor girls of hers, tooo! What a pity that is–little girls full of sass and anger, vulgar language and sporting the same anger-management and nasty dispositions of their parents–Joe & Theresa. those of you would believe Theresa writes–without any assistance–her own blogs? Please…. Watch for the linguistic clues in her spoken English–words like “hurted” and “ingredientsez”–LOL! Rather than worrying about teaching her girls Italian–first, Theresa needs to take some middle-school (if not primary school) classes in English. Caroline may well be right–one day, Theresa may fin herself raising those girls alone… Although at this point, perhaps it’s best that the other women on the show keep a safe distance from Theresa. Nothing could possibly be gained by an alliance with Theresa–regardless of whether or not her stupidity is intentional or not.

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