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Aug 152012

albie manzo

Perhaps Bravo thinks we need three hours of the RH’s most dysfunctional family in our little lives on a Saturday night.

Perhaps thinks this a clever way of saying goodbye to ’s less than Brady Bunch plus .

Either way, Bravo is airing three new episodes on Saturday, August 18, 2012, entitled “Manzo_thon”.

No, you didn’t read incorrectly.

Would you rather watch paint dry, or see and Gregg get drunk, hear Caroline pontificate her wisdom, see look uncomfortable, or hear need to get a life whine?  Sounds so entertaining. Perhaps we’ll get another glimpse of Vito dropping trou’ to show his bear tattoo.  I tell you, the entertainment possibilities of this are endless.

Or will it be just another bash fest?

Either way, while Andy is busy putting the moves on recently single Anderson Cooper this weekend, we get to see Caroline’s dour face.

Do they get paid for this?

The airs Sundays on Bravo TV.

  18 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Manzothon? Really?”


    I’m do sick of the Manzo. I made sure to cancel TRHONJ on Saturday on my DVR just not to give them ratings. I’m sure it will be another way for them to keep on trash talking Teresa. Nothing positive will probably come out of their mouth in regard to anything that has to do with Teresa. Why are they forcing the Manzo kids and Gregory on the viewers??????? Why????


    Wait, is Greggy leaving the show?


    I’m so sick of the Manzo clan and Greg. Who is he, anyway and how did he manage to weasel his way into this family? I’m sick of Lauren’s whining and Jacqueline seems to be coming unglued. I wish they would go away.


    The more I read, the more convinced I am that the Manzos must be mobbed up. Is Andy Cohen afraid if them or something? Seriously, who finds them to be entertaining? I live un NJ, too! These ppl are so boring and irrelevant.


    I’m not watching the Manzoids. I hope this is a good bye send off present to them. Probably not, the Don is getting a lot of azz kissing from Bravo.


    i certainly will NOT be watching. that whole family- room-mate guggly greg included- is gross, not even close to entertaining. thank you for the heads up!


    personally I like seeing the Manzo Laurita clan without crazy TG and Joe G. The Guidices depress the hell out of me.


    Meg, Lucy… I couldn’t agree more



    RHONJ is getting so boring with the invasion of the husbands on this show and the Manzo “kids” that I barely want to watch it anymore. It used to be must see TV for me, but all of the stupid antics are annoying the heck out of me and I just don’t care to watch it. I also don’t plan to watch the “Manzo thon” either. Whoever thought that would bring in the ratings is a huge moron. Earth to Bravo: The Manzo kids are boring and Caroline’s son-in-law Greggy Bennett are BORING. Nobody cares about them or wants to watch them. Return this show to what it was, a show about WIVES, and stop ruining it. I have always been a die hard Housewives fan of pretty much any city, but I’m really getting fed up with this season. And now Bravo is making it more dumb by adding more of the Manzo clan? Less would be better. I say NO more would be the best.


    There are no words. 3 NEW episodes? Featuring the Manzos??? WHO at Bravo are they #*@(!)& to be on tv in this capacity??? Greg Bennet is neither charismatic nor entertaining, and hes really not attractive either. The Manzo boys…seriously NOT funny. They’ve clearly grown up with their parents laughing at all their stupid non-jokes and shtick and telling them every idea theyve ever had is good, when its not.

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