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Jun 232012

Simon van Kempen

simon van kempen


It seems is not too happy with the van Kempens, since they have burned the bridge, so to speak. Not only is Alex McCord giving us a behind the scenes recap on RumorFix each week after the airs, but Simon is suspected of owning the website Bravo Ratings, an excellent resource for those of us interested in the ratings of Bravo shows.

In a segment earlier this week, , who, along with many of us bloggers, was sent a link, suspected him of being the owner as she called him “creepy”. In the world of famewhoredom, you never know if she was “leaked” the information directly.

In any case, the website is excellent, though it does focus heavily on the New York ratings, in an “see, you made a mistake getting rid of the old cast” sort of way.

Andy finally lost his temper, as you can see by the following exchange on twitter:







@IvyMSage @bravoandy I’ve heard fm my #BravoSpies that they now regret not making 100% change but this season’s in the can so will play out

Andy Cohen@BravoAndy

@SimonvanKempen with all due respect Simon your “spies” don’t know s—!

Simon van Kempen@SimonvanKempen

@BravoAndy Respect back atcha! But u know as well as I do that Bravo’s been holding post mortems on #RHoNY S5 The same spies say Epi4 is gr8

Read into Simon’s answer what you will.

One thing about it, it’s a hell of a lot better than  crashing premiere parties and generally making a fool of herself.  At least Alex and Simon can make some money as they “move on”.

The of New York airs Monday nights on Bravo.

  5 Responses to “Andy Cohen to Simon Van Kempen: “Your Spies Don’t Know Sh**””


    I do know how to spell magic. lol Good grief!


    Andy does not make these decisions singlehandedly. It is not as if he waves a majic wand and everyone at Bravo and NBC bows to his wishes. I feel for the guy since he is the face of the network and all the vitriol and very little of the praise is heaped on him. Believe me, every decision is a group decision and he has bosses to report to.


    It is not Alex, although I don’t want to see her ingratiating herself with the new ladies, it is Simon. He is a PIA.


    Wow, Andy’s panties are really in a bunch!


    Personally, I think Andy Cohen better watch out because apparently not everyone on his staff or the Bravo staff are happy with their stupid decisions. I was never a fan of Jill, however, Ramona is way more of an ignorant asshole than Jill. I want to say that Jill is on the stuck up side but Ramona is way out there and the menopause is not helping *LOL* plus Jill has a bigger fan base and for that matter so does Alex and Simon! Like it or not, Andy, that’s why RHONY is tanking. Should have maybe ditched Ramona and Jill and added the other 3 and kept Alex. And if BravoRatings is Simon’s site then good for him for outting Bravo who we all know rigs everything to Andy Cohen’s preferences! Andy Cohen really needs to buy a clue, not matter how he rigs things, no one is ever going to like Ramona, or Caroline, or Melissa, or Kathy or Jacqueline. Just like that video of the woman on the school bus, the viewers cannot stand bullies. Teresa may not be perfect but one thing she does not do is bully others. Maybe she was hurt that her family joined the show behind her back and maybe she was feeling insecure that they might take some of the spotlight from her, however, not once did she ever bully anyone.

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