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Jun 192012

The more the cast and come after , the more books she sells and the more followers she gains. That’s the bottom line from “The Teresa Show”.

Andy Cohen didn’t dare get out of line with Juicy Joe Giudice sitting there looking like he was ready to pounce!  Yes, Andy we know Teresa and Joe can’t read, neither can , for that matter.  He didn’t have to prove it with his “Teresasaurous” on the After Show.

On the After Show, Andy also addressed those of us who aren’t on board with the edit Teresa is receiving this season, by saying he “encouraged Teresa to go on Celebrity Apprentice.”  Weak and lame, Andy.

Teresa, who has shown remarkable restraint given all the attacks, took off the gloves on her Bravo blog. She’s had enough

On Joe Gorga’s lie about their parents:

I have to address what my brother said about my parents: it’s not true. I knew Joey could be petty, like his comment about our carport (which he knew we were always going to do), but I didn’t know he could be so disrespectful or hurtful to our parents. My parents are very private people, and I’m not going to compromise their privacy by saying anything else, but shame on him!

The truth is Teresa’s parents have been living with Joe and Teresa for years.  The documented proof is in the original bankruptcy documents, where it is stated that Joe and Teresa receive $10,000 a month from them.


From Teresa’s blog:

Before I get into the actual “discussion,” I have to address a few things of the things they were saying behind my back before I got there. My mother taught me to never point out, question, or judge people for what they eat or how they spend their money. Until you walk in their shoes, you don’t know, and it’s not your place to know. Apparently the Manzo and Laurita family didn’t get that same lesson. I’m only glad I don’t have an eating problem too…



On Jacqueline’s ex-husband:

I do believe that Jacqueline was upset and slowly breaking down, but it was not because of an obviously fake story that obviously didn’t bother me. So what was it? Maybe it was upsetting her that at the exact same time her ex-husband, John Madison “Matt” Holmes, Ashley’s father, who we saw on this episode, was arrested with his wife for a long list of things. Funny that Jacqueline — great friend who tells her friends everything — never said a word about it. She tweeted about Matt being investigated by the FBI, but didn’t say one word to her friends. What? Matt was actually arrested and that doesn’t need a conversation, but me not telling her about one of the million fake stories about me in a tabloid, that’s a huge breach of our friendship?


On the tabloid stories:

This whole thing is insane, because Jacqueline knows exactly which stories about me are true and which aren’t. In the same way, I know which stories about Jacqueline are true. For her to be pretending confusion and calling me out when she has her own tabloid mess… But that’s on her… and Caroline and Melissa and Kathy and Joey (and apparently even Melissa’s sisters! Wow, love getting critiqued by Heckle and Jeckle!). They all know how interviews work because they’ve either been involved with it for the past 3 years like me, or watched their family member (me) go through it. To suddenly try and twist those tabloid rumors around to something I do on purpose to make money is not only sick, but a sick lie.

For more on Heckle and Jeckle, otherwise known as Melissa Gorga’s toxic sisters Kim Pirella and Lysa Simpson:


BTW, Lysa Simpson is in foreclosure.

More on the tabloids, including ’s lapand surgery:

Caroline and Jacqueline know full well that when magazines are publishing tons of stories about me and my marriage, eventually you’re going to want to put out your own actual interview where you clear things up for your fans. Like Lauren Manzo talked to US Weekly about her lap band surgery this week. That is not “putting out stories.” I explained that all in last week’s blog. And they know it. But to call doing an interview or photo shoot every so often the same as “putting out stories to the tabloids” about myself is twisted and untrue. I have never, Heaven as my witness, put out a single rumor story to any tabloid or blog about myself or anyone else. I know for a fact they can’t say the same thing… Some of them have Radar Online on speed dial!

Tom Murro of Celebrity Magnet works for the Manzo/Laurita clan. He sold the story about Dina and Teresa to Radar:


But the lunacy! Here’s a great example: last week when Jacqueline was all shocked about my vow renewal story, and then wrote that I stole it from her to “outshine her.” Um, what? Jacqueline wasn’t asked to renew her vows for a magazine: she was going to renew them on her own, because she and Chris never had a real wedding (no comment as to why). She even went wedding dress shopping – you see her trying on veils in the opening credits! And I totally supported her doing it – I thought it would be so cute! Then she backed out and changed her mind. I was actually disappointed, because I thought it was a really exciting thing for her to do, that her kids would love being in the wedding, she didn’t have any wedding photos with a wedding dress on!

Please, Teresa, tell us why Jacqueline and Chris didn’t have a real wedding!  Is the word “stripper” involved?


On tweeting with :

From Danielle:
– “@bravoandy @bravotv is this true? Maybe I should show everyone what
@melissagorga wrote my fb inbox about Teresa?”
– “Wow careful now bc ive got emails from her own sisterinlaw w so
much Teresa dirt.”
– “@melissagorga Melissa Did you ever tell Teresa you were contacting
me constantly?”
– “@melissagorga did you tell tre you wanted to come on w me last
season To get back at her”
– “@melissagorga and everytime you & Tre’s brother begged me to come
on w me – I said no!”


On Jacqueline’s instability:

As far as Jacqueline goes, she is a really hard person to be good friends with because she is so unstable and moody. But I never thought her moods would turn crazy against me. She was screaming at me to “move on” and forgive Melissa for something evil that Melissa did two years ago, but guess what? I just found out about it a week earlier! Give me some time to process it! And I had already decided to and did publicly defend Melissa. How is it holding an old grudge when you just found out?


The table -flipper has taken off the gloves…..what’s next?

The airs Sunday night’s on Bravo TV.

  26 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Can You Spell E-n-o-u-g-h?”


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    Sue’s comments on Melissa calling out Tre with regard to her parents living with her, shows how some people make absurd comments that have no base of fact. Melissa lied and unfortunately for her, a couple of episodes ago, her husband contradicted her. He said they had been living in a house he owned for 10 years and recently sold. Then he said he was paying rent on another house for them. So, those of you who believe Melissa’s lies have been sorely misled.


    I think that Teresa is getting a good edit so far this season. She has been shown in a much more sympathetic light when compared to last year. The situation that is playing out is what it is but it’s not that way due to editing.

    The lawsuits and legal issues of the other cast members has been reported on, albeit with less coverage than Teresa’s issues. However, I think that Teresa contributes to that by agreeing to cooperate with the tabloids. Here me out on this… If someone comes up that you don’t want a big deal to be made about it will die down quicker and be reported on less if you refuse to give interviews and stage covers and instead make the reporters really have to dig and work. In the world of celebrity gossip another juicy story will come along and the story they have to research and dig for will be old news in a matter of days. Tabloids grab the low hanging fruit. While Teresa’s strategy of giving interviews in an effort to limit the lies they’d otherwise report makes sense, it also backfires by keeping the negative issues in her life in public view.

    By doing a vow renewal cover – which seems positive on the surface – all it does is offer the tabloid a chance to recap past rumors and bring them front and center. Same thing with all of the covers about being broke, etc. The reason that the other cast members get by relatively unscathed is because they don’t play that game. The covers do help with name recognition and that helps sell books. Without keeping all of her issues in the headlines it would be harder for her to get people’s sympathy.


      For some odd reason (maybe stupidity? “stupid is as stupid does”) Tre has fans. I despise any woman that is that stupid, greedy and false. She is a horrible mother – she changes her tactics with the kids ONLY when the cameras are on her. You live what you see – and the way that the girls behave tells us that Tre is a loud mouthed idiot who rules by screaming and threats – just like her husband. They’re old school, that’s for sure! Too bad the entire Giudice family is too STUPID to realize that “old school” is NOT the way to live. What a bunch of morons they are.

      The editing has changed to put Tre in a better light so that she wouldn’t have a mental breakdown. If the cameras showed us MORE, then surely Joe and/or Tre could go off the rails… we’ve seen the news at 6pm with suicide/murder scenarios. god forbid, but I’m sure Bravo learned a lesson with Russell Armstrong.

      Bravo picks wackos to be on the show, and after those castmates feel the pressure to produce ‘storylines’ that are valid enough for the final cut of the show and then to have to flaunt their wealth non-existent wealth – it’s too much pressure for most castmates.

      Bravo realized this after the Russell Armstrong suicide and THAT is why they are editing Tre in a better light so that she can still be on the show without having a truly mental breakdown. It’s so unfortunate to reward such a dumb idiot with money from tabloids and the TV show. American society is a disgrace and people overseas are laughing at us. The Kardashians and Giudices are such poor examples of American society, but it’s all over the media.

      I’ve stopped using the Bravo forums because every HIT that website gets, the more “numbers” it gets and subsequently the more money the advertisers have to pay to to advertise on that website. Bravo and Andy Cohen are disgusting.


        who the hell are you to judge someone as a mother??!!…do you have children?…I have 3 and happen to think that Teresa is a great mother!…I don’t think it is fair to judge someone based on the 3 min. of air time she gets with her kids…kids are kids! they fight, they yell, they scream, they cry. my kids are no different. I have 2 boys and a girl. girls tend to be more dramatic and with that much estrogen in the house your going to have lots of drama PERIOD!…before judging someone on their parenting skills take a look in the mirror…truly!…I think people who talk about other peoples parenting have crossed the line and the claws will come out if I read/see it!


    I think that this is why I have stopped watching most of the RH series except the OC. Each one has become ALL about fighting, and it has just gotten tiresome. The OC still details enough of the inane and often stupid things that the women do in their lives that they don’t need to constantly be screeching at each other for it to be entertaining. For example, we didn’t really need to see everyone gang up on Alexis–it was entertaining enough watching her tell a group of four year olds how much blood she lost during her delivery. While Vicki hatin’ on someone happens every season, watching her daughter call her out on camera was great. Plus, the Brooks tooth-job story was priceless.

    By comparison, I think the other franchises have lost the humor and turned into screech fests.


    @Lala, darling, you are spewing NONSENSE…RHONJ have been on the air for four years, were you aware of Teresa’s parents housing placements/financial needs? NO, all we saw was Teresa with her parents, their personal information was never publicized. Also THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TERESA’S PARENTS BECOMING HER NANNY OR WATCHING HER KIDS OR LIVING WITH HER…NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. If they agree on it, then there shouldn’t be a problem. What Joe Gorga Marco did was DISGUSTING….Where i come from Grandparents ARE the NANNY…LOL




      I have no idea what it is you are tryig to say, as it doesnt really specifically address the comments I made. I said NOTHING about the parents taking care of the kids. Make your comments about whatever, but dont try to attach to me things I did not say.

      Are you actually Teresa? B/c your lack of coherence is right up her alley.


        @LALA “Are you actually Teresa? B/c your lack of coherence is right up her alley”…WOW…It would quite hard for me to be Teresa, since, I AM A 27 YEAR OLD BLACK WOMAN. Lala ” you ignorant s–t” LOL, thank you for commenting on my lack of coherence, BUT you are my dear are quite the smart one, since you’ve used BIG words in a simple blog…#hoesitdown.


      JD, while I welcome your comments, please do not attack other commenters here.

      Thank you,


        I think Sue starting off with Tre has fans, stupid is as stupid does, started the tone of the comments.


      Teresa LIED about her nanny/granny situation. Tre claimed she was a supermom that did it all. Melissa called her out and told us how Tre’s grandparents do all the babysitting and cooking and they live with Tre; they even pay expenses.

      So, the Tre facade fell apart again. I believe that Melissa did contact danielle, but I would have done the same for Tre is a nasty piece of work.

      Tre ADMITTED on camera that she put her BROTHER first before her husband. Who does that? Tre expected loyalty in return but when Joey married, he put Melissa on a pedestal. As Tre bragged and adored her husband, Joe grew jealous and eventually Tsunami Tre grew more jealous of Melissa too.

      So in the end, all the family fighting stems from TERESA. She admitted that she put her brother first, Kathy and Rich confirmed this fact last season as well. Tre has ruined her marriage and is acting for the cameras. There is NO love between Joe and Tre; there is ONLY love between Joey and Melissa. Tre’s kids are rabid animals; Melissa’s kids are super sweet.

      In this economy, especially in the construction industry, everyone is struggling. I feel badly for Joey that after he got his construction loan in 2007, the Great Global Recession hit one year later. At least he works hard. Joe, on the other hand, ripped people off left, right and center. He never paid for heating and water bills at his apartment rentals, he even robbed his business partner!!!!!! Joey will bounce back. But greedy Tre will ride the wave and buy needless bags, shoes, and clothing to impress people that KNOW she’s in debt 11 million. What a joke.

      I mean, the highest rate of homeless kids in America is in Florida. I would love for Tre’s kids to have to live out of a car in Florida and try to find a place to wash before school. So many people are struggling in this economic climate and Tre’s worried about putting 2 pounds of makeup on that ugly mug. LOOK at her pictures on google search from season one compared to season four…she’s a joke.


        you truly are twisted for wishing ill will on someone else and their children…SHAME ON YOU!


        No see, Melissa’s “calling out” T on her parents living with them/cooking/etc was her FIRST version of the story. I guess you missed this last episode where Joe claims the parents live in a home owned by him and Melissa’s blog where she repeated that? The senior Gorga’s can’t live w/ T AND live in a home owned by the junior Gorga’s. Yet another tale that Melissa spins to suit her needs at the time. It’s very hard to believe anything that comes out of Melissa’s mouth when everytime she tells a “story” the story changes!


        SPOT ON!


    Lucky for Teresa that she has your site to support her!


      “support” her? No matter how you spin it, Tre is probably, easily, the DUMBEST woman ever on TV. No one could even ACT that well. No matter how any site spins it, Tre is garbage.


    ENOUGH WITH THE PARENTS!!!!!!! You CLEARLY dont care about their privacy. You were the one on this show first! Your parents appeared on the show with YOU. If you were oh-so-concerned with their privacy, you would have never, ever had them on the show. And really, YOU would have never been on the show either. You are selfish, and worse, stupid on top of it.

    10K a month!?!?! If that is true (BIG if), clearly this is where they were getting their income. But i think this was easily made up for the bankruptcy and potentially part of the fraud. methinks this calim was made to hide income sources that were of, um, a more “nefarious” nature. You know, dealings with the good guys. I find it incredibly hard to believe that they would live with T and J and give them that kind of money. Where did the parents get all that money?

    Seriously, Teresa is so delusional at this point, the only way to maybe fix it is to Clockwork Orange her using all her footage until she realizes where she is at fault. But like in the movie, maybe it wouldn’t really work on her either.


      “Nefarious Nature”? Why yes, I do suspect there is a nefarious connection somewhere along the line as well which is why I hope they do not scratch anyone from the “cast” just yet. I would like to see where it all ends up. There are currently law suits all around. Why o why does Bravo brush the interesting stuff under the rug?
      With respect to Teresa specifically – the bankruptcy debt did not go away even though they stopped the process. There are still people out there that want their part of the 11 Million.


        NOT to forget that the 11 million they ripped off is gaining interest and fees. Think about the small companies who did “business” with the Giudices and never got paid by them. Those businesses that didn’t claim bankruptcy are having to cover the loss, pay interest on loans and fees ON TOP of the loss.
        God I hate the Giudices but thank god for the websites outside of Bravo for keeping us up-to-date because I stopped watching the Housewives after the Kelly meltdown. It’s too much lying, fake lifestyles and bitchiness.

        Housewives USED to be funny and fun to watch.


    I am so over ALL of the New Jersey Cast. Caroline is a know-it-all beotch, and Teresa wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and slapped her in the face!


    Your parents serve as your live-in nannies 24/7 and they pay you $10,000? No wonder they have so many legal problems, they obviously fudge the truth in ever facet of their lives.

    This is all becoming a yawn fest. Danielle just filed for bankruptcy, so she is looking for any opportunity to get back on the show and make some cash.

    We can’t recast another group of women who live in the same North Jersey neighborhood? They are all replaceable.

    And I would have zero interest in some sort of spin off with Teresa finding her way in the world while her meatball husband is in the slammer. She isn’t very likeable.


      Wrong Kate….Joe Gorga admitted last week they have lived in one of his houses for the last 10 years that he sold and he was currently paying the rent on a rental house they were in. So make sure you have your facts straight, Melissa also confirmed it in her blog.

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