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Jun 102012

LuAnn de Lesseps

luann de lesseps

UPDATE: 6/11/2012

Last Monday, when LuAnn de Lesseps had her Season 5 premiere party, was an invited guest. If you’re an RH, and you are in New York City, you don’t have a party without inviting Rob.

Bur Rob brought Jill Zarin to the party as his plus 1.  Jill insisted all last week that she was invited. Well, after I posted this article on twitter yesterday, I received the following tweets:

Melinda Moldyhole@caronbrady

@Absurd2Sublime did you see @NaughtyNiceRob tweet 2day? Luann invited him and was clear he is not to bring his “plus one” lol

Naughty But Nice Rob@NaughtyNiceRob

@caronbrady @Absurd2Sublime it was made super clear in CAPS! Ouch

Naughty But Nice Rob@NaughtyNiceRob

@Quintessentia10 @CountessLuAnn it was event manager who made it clear I had ONE seat! I’m the King of plus 1,2,3…travel in a pack

This last exchange refers to another event LuAnn is hosting tonight, at Sotheby’s.   Too funny!!

Original Article:

Perhaps did not approve of ex-RH  crashing her premiere party last Monday?

Zarin blocked me on twitter 2 years ago ( what did I do?) so I can’t confirm this message I found.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it were anyone except Jill Zarin. Dear Jill cares about twitter more than any other RH. She has reportedly bought followers, pretty much proven by some of the people who watch her every move.

Speaking of Luann, I noticed that Jill Zarin is no longer following her on Twitter… yet she is still following Kelly, Cindy, and Aviva. (Why ??)
I wonder if something happened between Jill and Luann?

Hmmmm……Perhaps Luann told Jill something Jill didn’t want to hear.

In the meantime, many fans of the show have been advising ,  warning her about Jill, who seems to be trying to stalk befriend her. Aviva does respond to real people and is getting some good advice about handling herself on twitter.


She doesn’t want to give the impressions with her drunken rants, or Richard Wakile attacking readers, then deleting the tweets, or getting into trouble because of twitter.

Speaking of Simon, that crap out of Jill’s mouth last week about being friends with Alex and Simon was BS.  I doubt they will ever forgive her for the things she has said and done. Can’t blame them.

Expect to see and hear more nonsense from Jill, since she can’t move on and is determined to get back on the show.  Pathetic

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Monday nights on Bravo.

  3 Responses to “Jill Zarin No Longer Follows LuAnn de Lesseps on Twitter?” UPDATE”


    Jill is still following LuAnn.


    My guess is that those not “invited back” are not invited because they are royal pain in the a$$es to deal with. It seems as if cast members who are willing to “go there” always get to come back regardless of the blog fan base or blog dislike.

    A good book to read someday would be the “truth” behind the RHW series… but, only if it is the truth.


    I couldn’t stand Jillz after last season, but I gotta say (im sure I will be eating my words for this) I miss me some Jillz!..the other woman are frankly a little boring from what I have seen so far and a little stuck up…I still thought Jill kept it down to earth and funny…nothing will ever be better than the original casts from seasons 1 & 2 NO JOKE!

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