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Jun 082012



One good thing about refusing to film The View with and Melissa Gorga……she got a chance to talk! She even got a chance to plug her charity.

Teresa, stunning in a red dress, talked about watching the episodes of the and hearing the hurtful things everyone on the cast is saying about her. Season 4 began filming in June, 2011, so Teresa did not know this was going on. The cast sees the shows 3 days before they air, so they can write their Bravo blogs.  She hasn’t spoken to them since last September, at the Season 3 , and she didn’t think this was the time or place to do it.

No one has been asked back for Season 5, yet.

Barbara Walters, who usually isn’t there unless there’s an A-lister to talk to, knew nothing about the show, but of course continued to talk. And talk.

When pressed by Barbara, Teresa admitted she does not want to quit the show. then said,”why should she quit?”

Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile came on after the commercial break, and Melissa was blazing angry. They could not say that Teresa was lying about not knowing they were coming on the show, only saying they were “interviewed”.  So, the christening episode, the first episode in Season 3, when we met Kathy and Melissa, was an “interview’?

Joy Behar asked them about professional jealousy, since Teresa is clearly the star. They denied that, of course. They were asked about the kids never interacting with each other, no answer, after that, everyone was talking over everyone else. Typical segment on “the View”.

Disappointing, to say the least. Wonder what thinks about the separate interviews?

In the meantime, here’s a link to the ladies before the segment aired.

Link here

An interview with Teresa after The View taping

A statement from Teresa’s rep:

“To be clear, Teresa Giudice was never informed at any time by her sister-in-law, cousin or brother that they were taking meetings to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey until after they signed their deals. In fact, Teresa’s family members went through the quite lengthy process of joining the cast which included meeting with the producers, network and negotiating their contracts, all without Teresa’s knowledge. Teresa finally received a phone call from her family after all of their contracts were finalized a mere two days before filming was set to commence with the surprising news that they joined the cast.” ]

  31 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Did Not Sign On To Be With Family-UPDATE”


    I became Team Teresa after the last reunion show. Yes she was bullied, everyone on that show attacked her including Miss Andy. I hate bullies. Teresa is the SHOW. I cant stand Nene but I must admit Nene is the SHOW in Atlanta. I admire how hard Teresa is working to pay off her bills.DonCaro and her baby boys – BORING. Kathy and her husband – BORING. Jacki – without her daughter – BORING and her 7 page blogs trashing Teresa have gotten old. Jaki put down the wine and write a blog about what is going on in your life. If I want to read about Teresa I read her blogs. Last but not least the FAMEWHORGAS – phoney as hell and both are liars. As I said before TERESA IS THE SHOW. The rest are bullies riding her coat tails.


    Teresa has told the EXACT same story since day one while the Lookers Dancer changes her story every week.

    By the way it is nice to see the Lookers Dancer posting on this site. Next time change your initials from MG if you want us to even explore that it is someone else posting. The writing is the same as your usual Bravo blogs with the passive aggressive digs at Teresa.


    Oh Wow a lot of strong opinions here. I cut my ex-brother out of my life and it’s no one’s bees wax why.


    the INTERVIEW part that Melissa and Kathy are talking about is prior to going on the show. I don’t believe for one moment that Teresa didn’t know they were going to be on the show. Now what she may not have known was that her sister-in-law and cousin were being interviewed……they probably didn’t tell her that until they were done. So that is what is being blown out of proportion.

    I read this blog because you have the good scoop however it feels that lately you are pro Teresa and con anyone else. I believe Teresa has a HUGE part in how things are going down in her life. She is delusional when it comes to her culpability in all this drama.

    Yes it SEEMS as if she is being ganged up on but really the common denominator is Teresa can’t play nice in the sandbox. Her kids are running amok…..her husband is RUDE to her on camera (imagine how he is off camera) and she is not very self-aware at all. Do I think that people need to hate her? NO…..but this is EVERYONE’S fault…………

    and I can tell that Teresa cannot stand that she isn’t center stage in her brother’s life. That was obvious from day one. Melissa sure seems like she would be happy to be friendly and not be backstabbing. Teresa just has no clue how immature, selfish, and delusional she looks from the outside.

    and I like Teresa………..a lot………..but I am all about accountability and honesty. 😉


      Love all your comments. I run hot and cold on these reality tv famewhores, I’ve been accused of being the president of the bethenny Frankel fanclub also, but, as you can see, my feelings have changed toward her.
      Keep expressing yourselves, all opinions are welcome here.

      xoxo Sharon


      funny that some moron believes that because you use MG that it would mean that you ARE Melissa Gorga.

      at any rate, I can’t stand Teresa and can’t WAIT for her to fall even harder. The liar and user has driven the gravy train for TOO long.

      Hard work? No one deserves to have all that she has WITHOUT ever working for it all.
      I can’t WAIT for them to lose their house.

      Too bad that her parents are paying her bills to help her salvage what she has stolen. I wish they’d stop enabling her.


        “Hard work? No one deserves to have all that she has WITHOUT ever working for it all. I can’t WAIT for them to lose their house.” UM…I think you missed the party…LOL


    1. Kathy can zip it. She rode T’s coat tails into the RH franchise. She’s so boring that nobody would care if she wasn’t related.

    2. Melissa can zip it too. She’s just as big a liar as Teresa. Nobody would have given her a second glance for RH if she wasn’t T’s sister in law. It’s obvious Teresa & Joe’s parents don’t like her, and that’s most of what bothers her. She has said she feels like T’s kids get better treatment/more attention from Joe’s parents than her kids. She wants her & Joe to get top billing in his parents’ minds, and it drives her nuts that they don’t.

    3. T needs to get the heck away from Joe. He treats her & his kids awfully. She would be way better off without him dragging her down. That’s my big gripe with her. And she also needs to stay away from her ‘roid rage brother. He’s the one who started the christening fight, then tried to blame it on the Guidices. He’s got a major inferiority complex, as we saw during the christening episode.


    Dear A2S,

    Disappointed in this post and some of the comments. It really seems like both the post and some follow up comments are from the Guidice PR Camp. I like to read your blog because you usually have the “facts” or are sharing some obscure and interesting background information.

    Dear Guidice PR Camp,

    If you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. She is not Bethenny and there will be no 110 Million to tap into.


      Sorry you don’t like the post, SW. i just can’t stand to see anyone ganged up on. If you have been reading my blog over the years, you know I have been extremely critical of Teresa, but not now. Yes, she is not the brightest, but she is a survivor, and I admire that. The others are either hating on her or leaching off her. There would be no show without Teresa.


        Do you seriously think Teresa is getting ganged up on? Teresa is an Alpha Female. She is not a victim of her situation, she is the creator of it.

        Just because she argues the loudest and refuses to listen to what anyone else has to say does not mean she is right.

        Let’s not forget her giant debt and attempts to hide money. She withdrew her bankruptcy because there would be legal consequences if she did not.

        At the end of the day, Joe will be in jail (or “away” as not to offend anyone) and she will be responsible for her four daughters. Unfortunately, she will have spent all of her money on faux purple furs and tacky clothing.

        Props to BRAVO though, they sure can find the most interesting people to put on their shows.


        Sharon – I have read your blog for a while and have always enjoyed it being relatively unbiased. However, this post could have been written by the Teresa PR team.

        As to the statement that there would be no show without Teresa, I remember in seasons 1 & 2 hearing Danielle fans say the same thing. Without Teresa the show would go on. Someone new would join and a new storyline would form. Teresa does nothing to fix the situation and thus remove herself from the center of the drama. Instead she refuses to acknowledge that she has any role in getting things to where they are which is key to moving forward. The others aren’t innocent either, don’t get me wrong!


        I think that you are also biased toward Teresa. HOWEVER, this is not 60 Minutes, it is a blog – YOUR blog. You can be as biased as you want to be.

        I completely disagree with you about Teresa, and other things, while I agree on others. I always come back b/c I like the information (sadly, and ashamed I care about the idiots at all).

        Regardless of any bias, the blog always allows everyone to air their views on the topic at hand.

        I dont know why people who are *so* upset with your viewpoints dont just stop coming here. In any event, you get to voice your displeasure with the viewpoints, so what more do you really want?


        Teresa’s a “survivor”???
        what a joke! are you as blind as her dumb fans????
        she and JoeGi got their ignorant, criminal butts into their mess.

        Teresa is a LIAR, a USER, a THIEF, a BULLY, a CROOK, and an anchor to society.

        bankrupt? Sure, let the small businesses and creditors and taxpayers pick up her pieces. What a joke she is.


      I agree!!! If anyone was caught in a lie on the show yesterday it was Teresa and her PR team regarding the story they clearly put out about Melissa being overheard telling someone (in studio) that they were going to film 2 segments so the plan to take Teresa down was ruined. On air she mentioned finding out about the separate segments on Tuesday, not on Wednesday when they were in the studio taping. None of the hosts corrected her, and had they knew it to be a lie they would, so I believe her. Also, the crapola about Whoopi refusing to tape with Melissa and Kathy is laughable. That is 100% not Whoopi’s style. If she was so pro-Teresa then she’d relish giving them a hard interview. Fact is, Whoopi hates reality TV and the couches would have been too crowded and awkward.

      Teresa proclaims that she’ll do anything to fix her family… Except leave the show (which would be healthiest for her kids), therapy, or stop selling/leaking negative stories. And she did lie about feeling that Melissa should come first, she either lied on the View or on the RHONJ for the past 1+ season.

      For the record, I don’t believe that Teresa is solely responsible for the situation. Melissa and Joey seem to have done their fair share. Teresa just plays the role of the martyr and victim which is a personality trait for which I have little patience.

      In order to fix any situation in life you have to acknowledge the reality of the situation and recognize/own your responsibility in the situation. Teresa spent the entire Season 3 living in a lala land and doing neither which is what Jac/Caro were trying to help her with. I don’t think the problems (with Melissa & Joey, I don’t know about Kathy) started with the show but rather when she married Joe and still put her bro first. That said, I don’t think it was right for her family to just sign onto the show. I do think things could have been resolved if T would have listened to Jac/Caro’s advice last year (and that was when they were believing the bad things T was telling them).


        Teresa does always say she will do anything to fix her family.

        She has such an odd relationship with her brother regardless of what she says, she does want to be number one in his life. I don’t think it is Melissa that she doesn’t like, I think she doesn’t like the idea that anyone is more important to her brother than she is. My assumption that his other engagements did not end in marriage is that Teresa always caused trouble and the women opted out to avoid marrying into the family


        she never said her brother’s wife should not come first.


        she never said her brother’s wife should not come first. never


        MV, I agree with everything you said.

        Steven, you are either not watching the same show or you are a shill for Teresa. She has said that she should come first and Melissa second on multiple occasions.


        no, she never said it – but Tre LIVES that statement, if you know what I mean.

        At Kathy’s pool party, Tre TOLD Joey that she put HIM before her husband and she expected the same from Joey after he married Melissa. But Joey isn’t married to Tre; he’s married to Melissa!

        Everyone with a bit of common sense and their eyes open can see that Tre and JoeGi are crooks and a sham. They are totally different from season one. Fame has gone into a very empty head and Tre can’t keep her jealous rage in check.

        she’s so transparent, it’s funny.


      very biased post, i totally agree. teresa is not as stupid as she looks and acts and she hides what a manipulative bitch she is by spinning everything around and playing the victim. she wanted to appear ALONE so she could have the floor. she doesn’t like to share and is obviously the jealous one.


      btw…those dumb bitches on the view are hardly the litmus test for who is right or wrong in a situation. just look at their political stances. they’re idiots given a forum to spout bull.


    It seems Teresa, Joe, and Melissa’s problems started long before Melissa and Kathy came on the show. Who knows what happened to cause them or whose fault it was. It’s clear to me that Melissa seethes with jealousy toward Teresa. Her singing career has done anything but take off (perhaps because she can’t sing) and she pushes someone elses vodka. Teresa’s career, on the other hand, has become very successful. Any of her fans who have met her rave about her genuinelybeing a nice, sweet person. I follow Teresa on Twitter and she is a very smart business woman. She knows when to keep her mouth shut unlike her immature sister in law.

    I watched the segments on The View yesterday and am convinced more than ever that Melissa and Kathy went behind Teresa’s back to get on the show. When asked about it all Kathy could say over and over was they were only interviewing and were under a confidentiality contract. In other words, no she did not tell Teresa until she was hired. Melissa said she was hired on Friday and called Teresa on Sunday to tell her which according to Teresa is true but they were to begin shooting Season 3 on Monday. So Kathy and Melissa went through the entire process of sending audition tapes and interviewing without telling Teresa a word. That, in my definition, is going behind her back.

    On the first show of Season 3 Joe calls his sister garbage on national TV. It was obvious there were problems between the 3 of them before the show started but now they were being aired for the country to watch. Who does that to their family and especially their parents? Italian Catholic families are known to be a very close-knit, proud group of people. I honestly believe Teresa would have never signed up for the show had she known her family’s dirty laundry was going to be exposed. She worries about what this has done to her parents. Her brother doesn’t seem to care abgout his parents feelings and pride. He waits 3 months until the show starts to bring up what Teresa said about Melissa on camera. Teresa obviously asked them not to bring up her husbands trial and him possibly going to jail but both Melissa and Joe did anyway. I’m sure Joe’s lawyer asked that this be kept off the show. Joe Gorga has shamed his parents and his name all in the name of giving his fame hungry wife what she wants. I don’t care what any of them have done to each other otherwise but to me, Joe and Melissa coming on the show and doing this to his parents and family is the lowest of the low. They are both scum in my book and nothing anyone says otherwise will convince me differently.

    Karma is beginning to strike already. Joe and Melissa were obviously living above their means. Melissa even admitted on the reunion show money was becoming an issue when asked about her singing career. The focus now is completely on their relationship with Teresa, not on Melissa’s singing career. Every show and every single interview I have seen Melissa give is about Teresa. On The View she got one teeny, tiny plug in about her new song coming out. I have never seen her asked to sing on any show she has been on. She and Joe are their own worst enemies and it is finally coming back to bite them in her short, shorts a$$. They are getting everything they deserve while Teresa calmly sits back and rakes in the money.


      well said


      A sincere question:

      Why would Melissa seethe with jealousy over Teresa? Regardless of how she appears to be having success financially because of her endorsements and writing efforts, she has a giant debt. Joe isn’t working so the debt is entirely on Teresa’s shoulders. Joe treats his family terribly. He called Teresa a whore 2 times in the last episode. It is clear that his behavior towards Teresa is more than bad “Italian” behaviors and tacky humor. Joe is most likely going to jail. He has done several things that are illegal. There are rumors of infidelity. Regardless of what she says, that picture of Joe with a woman was in poor taste. Teresa’s world is imploding. Why would anyone be jealous of that?

      It seems like Caroline may have made a very good point when she stated that Joe would be happy living in a box if he had his homemade wine, cigars and friends. I can’t quote her exactly but she went on to say something about how Joe tried to give Teresa everything. Teresa does behave like a spoiled child who has a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her way or scream louder than the people she disagrees with. Her PR team has an uphill climb.


    Teresa gave them all JOBS,
    NOT problems…der


    oh melissa could NOT hide her fury at being ‘last picked’!! and she was caught big-time lying!! that reptile kathy is no better.
    so funny how melissa’s face almost exploded when joy looked at her and asked her if she was just jealous!! i am, as rob shuter might say, HOWLING!!
    ps, have i mentioned that good golly I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!


    You continue to be blind when it comes to Teresa. No one is jealous of her. She is twisted and needs serious therapy. She actually asked her brother to put herself before his wife. It’s on tape, so there is no arguing. Teresa asked why Joe did not tell his wife that he had only one sister so Melissa had better step lightly and never cross Teresa. Really?! Teresa is insane, so there is no telling what would set her off. The only way Melissa could be entirely safe under those conditions is to stay completely away. On The View, it was easy to see that Teresa was uncomfortable when this was brought up. She ADMITTED that her brother needs to put Melissa first.

    BTW, when does unfounded suspicion become “rumor.” As usual, Teresa doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “rumor.” It’s a wonder that she even knows how to pronounce it correctly.

    Put some glasses on so that you can see things clearly. Teresa is causing a lot of the problems. Put some glasses on or change the name of this blog to “Teresa’s biggest fan in the world.”


      Yes really, I do so thank you for your comments.


        great post…i totally agree. it seems like i’m watching a different show than everyone else sometimes when it comes to teresa. wake up people it’s all there to see and here and comes from the horse’s mouth…TERESA.

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