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Jun 052012

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We got a glimpse on the last episode of the   of how dull the show would be without .

Give me a break, and company.  The kids knew Tia Rosie was gay all along. This whole love fest with Rosie is an concoction, designed to look like the Wakile’s have a storyline.

The pool party?  There are no words.  Is straight or confused? No, Melissa Gorga, your acting is as good as your singing.

On to the main event. I find it so fascinating that the perennial Manzo sidekick can dish it out but cannot take it.

Granted, Joe Giudice’s “joke” about his butthole was rude, crude and not exactly PC, but Juicy Joe is rude, crude and over it all. As he awaits his jail sentence.

But why is even there? If is so upset about people saying Prince is gay, wouldn’t she get rid of the gay roommate? Granted, the Manzo “kids” are as dull as old dishwater, but you’d think she’d want the gay rumors to go away.

Here’s what she said a while back…MANZO; MY CHILDREN DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS



Yes, they did, Caroline, and cashed the Bravo TV check.

Lest we forget, Greggy Bennett got on the show by kissing Teresa’s ass at the Season 2 Posche Fashion Show (the Danielle Staub weave-pulling incident)

(read the comments)

Since the demise of Danielle, he became a regular sidekick on the show last season, dumped Teresa, and became an unofficial “Manzo”.

To see him get a little bit of his back from Juicy Joe was PRICELESS. And yes, though denies it, did laugh, and , who always suffers at Greggy’s hand, laughed too.

In other news on the Dina Manzo/Caroline Manzo feud, rumor has it Dina was supposed to feature Jaime Laurita’s wedding on her HGTV show .  When Caroline got wind of it, she quickly shopped it to Andy Cohen and Bravo.  Jaime consented, since Bravo is a bigger venue.

Sounds like Caroline, doesn’t it?  So, from 10 siblings, only the two on the of New Jersey could attend?

Something rotten in North New Jersey, not just the BlkWater.

  25 Responses to “On The “Teresa Giudice Show”..Greggy Bennett is the Elephant in the Room, Did Caroline Steal the Wedding From Dina?”


    I love Rosie too. There are many young people in this world who struggle with their sexual identity. Bravo brought this issue to light, and no doubt helped many.

    The Wakile’s seem like awesome people. They are the voice of reason.

    It’s the personality differences in these people that make the show spark and keep it entertaining, although there are times when real frustrations manifest, keeping it real; hence, “reality tv.”


    I love Andy Cohen. In defense of the Real Houswives of New Jersey cast, we have to remember that these are people, with people issues and problems in every day life, just like the rest of the world. Give them a break. I admire them. They worked hard and kept good family values. I am happy for their successes in life. I love the show. Keep the episodes coming, Bravo!


    The whole storyline on the HWONJ doesn’t make sense if you don’t know what happened behind the scenes in Punta Cana. Until I learned about that, it seems like everyone is being very upset over stupid stuff. Even the stuff that happened in Punta Cana would be something they could all work out if Bravo wasn’t involved. Why on earth do people get so caught up in fame/money to the point that they’ll lose close relationships as a result? All of these people need a “Come to Jesus” Meeting. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!


    Its not Tia Rosie…it’s Zia Rosie. Tia is Spanish. They are Italian.


    What does Greggy actually do for a living? He said in an interview he works AT HOME for an “affiliate marketing” company. What the hell does that mean? Does anyone know if he works for Bravo? Something is VERY fishy about him.

    Also, he is supposedly the person behind the Faux Melania account.

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