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Jun 052012

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We got a glimpse on the last episode of the   of how dull the show would be without .

Give me a break, and company.  The kids knew Tia Rosie was gay all along. This whole love fest with Rosie is an concoction, designed to look like the Wakile’s have a storyline.

The pool party?  There are no words.  Is straight or confused? No, Melissa Gorga, your acting is as good as your singing.

On to the main event. I find it so fascinating that the perennial Manzo sidekick can dish it out but cannot take it.

Granted, Joe Giudice’s “joke” about his butthole was rude, crude and not exactly PC, but Juicy Joe is rude, crude and over it all. As he awaits his jail sentence.

But why is even there? If is so upset about people saying Prince is gay, wouldn’t she get rid of the gay roommate? Granted, the Manzo “kids” are as dull as old dishwater, but you’d think she’d want the gay rumors to go away.

Here’s what she said a while back…MANZO; MY CHILDREN DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS



Yes, they did, Caroline, and cashed the Bravo TV check.

Lest we forget, Greggy Bennett got on the show by kissing Teresa’s ass at the Season 2 Posche Fashion Show (the Danielle Staub weave-pulling incident)

(read the comments)

Since the demise of Danielle, he became a regular sidekick on the show last season, dumped Teresa, and became an unofficial “Manzo”.

To see him get a little bit of his back from Juicy Joe was PRICELESS. And yes, though denies it, did laugh, and , who always suffers at Greggy’s hand, laughed too.

In other news on the Dina Manzo/Caroline Manzo feud, rumor has it Dina was supposed to feature Jaime Laurita’s wedding on her HGTV show .  When Caroline got wind of it, she quickly shopped it to Andy Cohen and Bravo.  Jaime consented, since Bravo is a bigger venue.

Sounds like Caroline, doesn’t it?  So, from 10 siblings, only the two on the of New Jersey could attend?

Something rotten in North New Jersey, not just the BlkWater.

  25 Responses to “On The “Teresa Giudice Show”..Greggy Bennett is the Elephant in the Room, Did Caroline Steal the Wedding From Dina?”


    Approximately one in ten people are gay, so there are MANY heterosexual males who have gay roommates, whether they know it or not. Perhaps Albie’s mother is like mine, and feels there are more important criteria than a persons sexuality to evaluate whether someone makes a good friend or not. Gays, and all minorities, should be visible in literature, politics, tv and in media. THAT is what equality looks like. I am glad Bravo tries to embrace diversity.


      One in ten people are not gay; your figures are incorrect. About 1.5% of women are gay and about 3% of men are gay.


    Greg is mad about the Punta Cana trip. Teresa started a fight, and all the men jumped on the guy who told her to F off and don’t do it. That fight in Punta Cana put the nail in Caroline kids ever even getting a show for themselves, and that is why she is mad. And that is another reason why you won’t hear them talk about it because Bravo has put a gag on everyone in the show ever referencing what happened down there. They should show it, but they won’t. Because it would show that they all and their security beat up two guys that Teresa assaulted pure and simple. They would be able to sue Bravo for whatever they want.


      You are correct, buck, including the fact that Albie, Chris, Greg and Joe Giudice were held by the Punta Cana police and not allowed to fly home with the others.

      I have pics of the men in question, and their injuries.


    jealous because he’s not a real girl?

    what the fuck kind of comment is that? deeply offensive comment…newsflash not every gay guy longs to be a ‘real girl’


      if you don’t like what she wrote, DON’T READ IT DOUCHE!!!…. and if you watched the show “douche” you would clearly see that Greggy wants to be a girl! so suck it!


      I did not mean to make any statement that implied all gays… I was speaking of one specific gay.


      Yeah, but SOME do…not ALL. She didn’t say “all,” just Greg. Take a chill pill.


    good golly I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!


    I also think Caroline’s gay brother wants his own show on bravo and that is a big reason he went with bravo for the wedding. (tweets to Andy – should give him his own show) Frankly I am sick of Teresa in denial of basic facts, GAY ALBIE, and hateful Caroline. Boring Jack, liars Lauren and Caroline=Lapband surgery, NO DIET!! Melissa is fake-no talent. Most are broke with threats of forclosure/jail time! The gay theme was way too much in one episode! Gheeze Andy….really!! Hw shows should be of different women that aren’t related – NOT 2 families!!! The producers/Andy are ruining these hw shows! And don’t get me started on Taylor on BH!




      Also agree maybe Jamie should get their own show. Except if they are going to make it as boring as Brad, Brad World (love him and his boyfriend, but that show was zzzzzzzzzz).

      Also Melissa – STOP dressing like a slutty 17 year old! The last several eps, I feel like Bravo is trying to tell her that also. All the emphasis on how small her shorts were for Field Day? And Bravo has been going out of its way to show how bad her legs actually look (I would NOT be wearing short shorts with that much cellulite). The direct sunlight lighting is NOT her friend!


    I SOOO feel like the wedding, well, the wedding date actually, was concocted for Bravo’s filming. I have a very hard time believing that only 2 siblings could make it and that they just happened to be the ones on RHNJ. I mean, they’d been together for 13 years so…why rush, rush, rush the date and make it when so many others couldn’t be there. Were the Laurita parents there? Maybe they were, I just didn’t watch closely enough. I just feel like maybe this was a “fake” wedding for the show to have a backdrop for all the drama with Caroline and Teresa and that their real, actual wedding happened another time or will happen.
    I thought the scenes with Rosie (well, the ones with the kids and Kathy, not the hot tub one) were touching, but the whole episode felt like some sort of after-school special to me after a while.
    They all need to realize that they know Joe Giudice is like that and why they feign shock when he says something inappropriate is beyond me. He’s not changed in that regard over 4 seasons, so either be around him or don’t. This is nothing new. I agree, Greg can’t take what he dishes out.


    You were spot on about everything, I use to love Caroline but something about her last season and this one that have just rubbed me the wrong way with her and those disrespectful kids she have also.


    If that all is true about Dina and her show and the wedding, I also think that Dina is being incredibly petty and awful. ok, she is ticked about that. But she is supposedly sooooo close to Jaime, yet she can’t spare one day to come to his wedding? Say what you will about Caroline, but that is awful behavior on dina’s part.

    Everyone also stated many times that the wedding was very short notice. So what is up with that? Was that the case, or ws it hurried up to fit a Bravo filming timeline? B/c I found it strange that everyone kept stating it was so short notice over and over.

    Also, is it possible that many of the other Manzo siblings wouldnt come b/c of how they may feel about being gay, or about gay marriage? I have no idea, but it is possible.

    All through the day at Jaime’s Greggy looked none too happy to be around Teresa. He looked like he wanted her jsut jump up or really let her have it when she inserted herself on that swing. Teresa is truly clueless.

    Clearly it isnt just about his allegiance to the Manzos. I am sure he is still completely ticked about the Punta Cana incident. Really, I feel like RWNJ should just stop fliming until all that can be aired and everyone can have it out about that. Greg and the Manzo boys are all grown men, and didnt have to get involved, but the Guidices dragged them into yet another mess, and I too would be angry.

    joe and teresa start a fight – again – and then act like they have nothing to do with anything. Look at the fight at the christening. They are not the only ones to blame, but Joe and Teresa are savages. After what happened in the DR (what you have told us anyway), I would want nothing to do with Teresa and her husband ever again.

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.


    Ohhhhh PUHLEASE!!!!!! if any other cast member had said what Juicy did, they would have all be rolling all over the bus laughing! I’ll even go as far to say that Greggy can take what is dished to him UNLESS Caroline tells him otherwise. He needs to stop following others and learn how to be his own man!!! SHEESH!!

    AND, now the comment Teresa made to Caroline at the Season 3 reunion *you stabbed her in the back* about Dina, finally makes sense. Dina wanted to *style* his wedding for HGTV and Caroline went to Andy with the idea. There is way more *viewers* of the RHONJ than HGTV so I am sure that Jaime went with Bravo because that way they could put their *story* out to way more people! Hopefully, Dina will do a *first anniversay* party for them on HGTV!!! Her show is the BESTEST on HGTV!!!


    Geez, Bravo needs to STOP shoving these GAYS story line down my damn throat. Can a bitch just watch bitches on tv anymore…sheesh. Andy Cohen needs to GO…

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