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Jun 032012

dina, caroline and teresa, back in the day

In my original article, I stated that Kim Granatell was the culprit in the most recent (pitiful) attempt by Tom Murro, the self appointed Celebrity Magnet, to smear and Dina Manzo.

Tom, who has worked for Kim G. for years, now also works for the Manzos, as he stated in this tweet to me.

@Absurd2Sublime Friend to Kim + the Manzo camp. I don’t pick sides. Both charities are getting attention from!

I was wrong. It wasn’t Kim G, it was none other than take-no-prisoners and her mob.

my response:


@celebritymagnet Ah, Manzo camp. So going after @Teresa_Giudice& @dinamanzo at the same time was kinda like buy one, get one free? #rhonj


Though I seldom go to the Bravo TV website, I did see the preview for Episode 6, with Teresa greeting Jaime Laurita (Caroline and Dina’s brother) on his wedding day fondly, and Caroline looking on with that now familiar ugly look on her face. Someone comments that Dina can’t make it because of prior commitments, and Caroline implies once again that Teresa is the source of the distance between her and Dina, just as she did at the season 3 , even though Dina has stated time and again that the feud has nothing to do with Teresa.

So, it looks as though Caroline used the “celebrity magnet” to pre-publicize tonight’s episode.

Unfortunately, many others picked up the story on Radar and ran with it, and Tom made a video about it here

Tom is clearly looking for his own 15 minutes, which means he can turn on the Manzos at any time. Wonder what they pay him?

Dina tweeted this to him:

Dina Manzo@dinamanzo

@celebritymagnet I’d be happy to answer any questions you ever have, sometimes "sources" are full of shizzle ; )

Of course, Tom’s not exactly interested in the truth.

Dina Manzo’s charity is

Teresa Giudice’s charity is Nephcure

The airs Sunday nights’ on Bravo.

  13 Responses to “No Feud Between Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice: Backstory Follow Up”


    I’ve stopped watching the Housewives shows on Bravo TV BECAUSE of Teresa Guidice. The devoted fans of the Housewives are just as nasty as Teresa is, too. I quit the message boards BECAUSE of Teresa, too.


      I thought the Bravo message board was full of Trolling bullies – mainly, Still Astounded and her many sock puppet IDs. But I am now finding this website is full of biased and slanted bloggers, too.

      I’m out. this website is soooo pro-Tre, the world’s biggest fraud, that I’d rather look for a better website.


    Im not sure I’m watching the same housewife show as everyone else? Teresa is awful awful awful! Caroline has my vote!


    It’s weird looking at that pic of Caroline. Why does she keep saying “I’ve always been tiny” when she talks about Lauren being fat? Caroline was NEVER tiny. And still isn’t.


    Most links you reference in articles are broken. Can you please do something about this as its very frustrating.


    Yes, I want to see Teresa in her own show with more Melania!


    None of these people would be relevant if it was not for Teresa. Give Teresa her own show and dump these loosers.


    Seriously, You can feel the jealousy of Caroline oooze from the television over Teresa! It’s getting quite boring. Caroline and her crew are so irrelevant and add nothing to the show. If Bravo doesn’t axe them then I doubt many will return to the show in season 5, I now I won’t.
    ENOUGH of the I hate Teresa show.
    Bravo, Give Teresa her own show and get rid of those 4 boring other housewives.
    The People have spoken!! Listen up or lose your viewers!


    caroline looks kind of chubby in that pic. i thought she was “always tiny”? lol…i think she believes her own bull now.


    All I can say is wow. No shocker that Don Caro is behind all this. How I wish that Dina would make a surpise appearance at the reunion and reveal all. Knock Caro’s fat ass off her chair.

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