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Jun 022012

kendra davis

UPDATE: TMZ has the documents that prove Kim has been lying.

See Kim’s Side of the Story

Original Article

Many of us who have watched Kim Zolciak in action since the   Season One knew this story would not end well.

I’m sure many people in Atlanta tried to warn Kendra and Antonio Davis not to trust Kim Zolciak in any business dealings, but probably the original rent and security deposit were substantial amounts, and, as retired ballers, they needed the money.

So they struck a deal with the wig-wearing devil, a deal that didn’t last on good terms even six months.

When we first met Kendra, she was “acting” as Kim’s decorator at the new house. Word spread quickly in the small town known as Atlanta that Kendra and husband Antonio were renting the house to Kim. That’s why Kim didn’t try to say at the that she owned that house, word was already out.


Anyway, after Thursday nights’ episode, Kendra has responded on….where else?  twitter.





kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis
@Kimzolciak Someone just told me you said I should be thankful for YOU becuz my house looks so much better with YOUR stuff! Really? #comedy

kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis
@kimzolciak You earned ur notoriety bragging that you live a lifestyle someone else paid for. I’m not your Big Mama! #Beclear

kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis
@lovelylady20122 NO. They did NOT buy my house!

 kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis@lovelylady20122 she is being sued and put out! Thanks for the legal advice! Gotta love #groupies

The odd thing has been Kim’s lack of response. On the next episode of Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, we get to see the police show up? Why?

In the meantime, someone burned the garage on the property down. YIKES!

And the house is still on the market   KENDRA’S HOUSE

The Davis’ won’t be able to get them out right away, but they will eventually get them out.  What will Kim say then?

The of Atlanta are currently filming Season 5.

  20 Responses to “Kendra Davis Fights Back In the Kim Zolciak “House” War”


    i am appalled at the way kim treats her mom, her dad and her seem to keep their feet on the moms neck all the time. why is this? what type of relationship did she have with parents as a child. to have her mom escorted from the property for using the bathroom is atrocious! kroy was no better. egging her on, how much noise could she make…the babys asleep jn another room of this enormous home. i never cared for kim and her antics, but i was done when she refused to pay kandi burroughs. God bless kandi may she continue to be successful. kim will get her comeupance!


    According to public records, the house, in November 2011, was worth a million less than what it is selling for. It would be nice if people learned how to do research before they open their piehole.


    This is what happens when people idolize crap like professional football…..Creating fame and fortune for
    an inane “talent” that is mostly genetic (how big, fast or strong you are). A million dollar+ wedding ….Really? Let’s celebrate important attributes in this f*cked up country, if there are any left. We only have our selves to blame.


    LOL @ wig wearing devil! As for any Kim believers out there all I have to say is this-Kim LIED for YEARS and said her daughters have the same father. Then on the reunion someone busted her out and Kim’s response was “MY KIDS WERE RAISED BY THE SAME MAN!” And then she tried to talk mess about someone else. If she lied about that, she’ll lie about buying a house and not paying the decorator as well! Oh, she lied and said she had cancer and that’s why she wears wigs too. I read that Kroy’s contract is only 1million-and that she didn’t buy him that Porsche for his borthday. Lies lies lies are all she is capable of. A blind man could see her daughters do NOT have the same dad, and I don’t know why she lied about that anyway. She was sleeping with someone else’s husband, what ‘s the big deal about having 2, now 3 different baby daddies? Oh,that’s it right there, silly me, she keeps racking up baby daddies! Wonder what Kendra thinks about her garage burning down? Wouldn’t that be grounds for eviction right there?


    She should say Kendra kiss that Tardy for Wedding check back cause if I have another show u won’t be on it and why Kendra tripping she owes $11000 to family she got into a car accident with and they been waiting 11 yrs for the money as of March 2012 she had still not paid


      What you mean why she trippin? thats her house! so what if she owes fam sue money…. the two is not the same


    Kendra go after her nasty skank azz, it is time for her to be taken down and take that Opie from Montana with her. Freeze all her assets with lawsuits. I still cannot believe Kandi Buress remains friendly with her. You have it on film, that douche from montana was going to buy her a $400,000. yeah right just a trade with the one she got from Big Poppa, and BTW funny how the ring she got from Kroy is exactly like the ring she got from Big Poppa.


    Maybe if Kroy didn’t waste $400,000 on yet-another gift for Kim, then they could have afforded to buy their own house.

    They seriously need to hire a true financial advisor or they will end up broke.


      i think we are being played as viewers….kroy says to someone in the early Kim Loves Kroy, “you are being replaced in the wedding party…….” This is obviously Jen, said on the night of the gocart racing. Then we speed forward to an email and phone call where this parting is amicable. I never liked Kim. Think she is a bimbo who must give a hell of a bj, and that is what she is teaching her daughters. Fine. They will survive. But shame on Bravo for letting all the other little girls in the world “learn” that lesson too. Kim is the type of person who would rather pay her attorney, who told her not to pay her friend Kandi. Lousy character. And now, after having the house decorated to HER demanding specifications EVERY TIME, she is not going to pay Kendra. And the fire! I thought Kim owned the house at that point. Now to find out that is not true! Kim obviously ONLY treasures what is hers, and uses everyone else. And that seems to include her parents.


    I thought Bravo was renting the house for Kim and Kroy? If that is the case, why would there be a problem with the rent being paid?? Anyone know?


      Why would Bravo rent the house? Everybodu thinks that Bravo pays for this, that and every little thing this ladies want, Bravo is very cheap, they probably pay her salary and then she has to pay for her rent. Why would Bravo pay for a lease/rent of the house for a whole year? If that was the case how come Bravo did’t pay for Sherre to built her chatteu, she had to live in an apartment.


        I am pretty sure I read on this blog that Bravo rented the house for Kim and Kroy. Is that correct, Sharon?


      It’s not the rent, it seems to be other fees


        I get it now, that’s why she didn’t pay for “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing.” She doesn’t pay her bills….USER. I really don’t like ppl like that……makes me wonder about TROY? Does she truly loves him or his money? All these years NO kids now all of a sudden here comes 2. I knew it was a reason why I didn’t like her……….ugh
        Don’t worry she will get it back, b/c she still has to reap for going w/ a married man. TRAMP!


    Poor Kendra, she should have watched the show, after seeing what Kim did to Kandi, I am sure she would not have allowed this POS in her house, no matter how much exposure she needed for the house. Now not only is she spending money in eviction lawyers, she hasn’t been pay for her decorating fees, on top Kim is destroying her house (fire in the garage, wouldn’t put it past Kim to have done it on purpose just to piss Kendra off).
    Kendra, you got yourself the tennant from hell and now is going to cost you all kinds of money to get her out of your property. Shame on Kim, this is the second time she screws someone in front of our eyes, can you imagine all her shady deals when the cameras are not rolling?


    We know Kim has no shame, but isn’t Kroy embarrassed by all this?

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