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May 312012

Dina Manzo: Doing Well (and Doing Good)

I doubt the veracity of this story published by Radar online.


The of this story, Tom Murro, works for Kim Granatell, a known enemy of , who will not let return to the under any circumstances, according to an email I received from Tom:

 Andy Cohen was nicer than usual, but still not feeling the love for my buddy Kim G, saying she just seems too crazy.

Dina Manzo founded as a way to help families of children with cancer cope with shelter, transportation needs and other needs as the hospitalized child goes through therapy.

Disclaimer: I met Dina Manzo at a Project Ladybug charity event, and was very impressed with her dedication and the work of the organization.I have a built-in bias.

is an excerpt from :

There is never a shortage of drama with The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has exclusively learned that there is a brand new feud brewing betweenTeresa Giudice and her best friend and former co-star Dina Manzo!

Even though Dina left the show in 2010 she and Teresa have stayed close, but Teresa’s recent actions have started raising flags about the status of their friendship.

“Dina founded a charity called Project Ladybug that helps children with cancer and when Teresa was on Celebrity Apprentice she was hoping that the charity she would choose to promote would be hers, but she picked another one, and Dina was very disappointed that Teresa didn’t pick hers,” Housewives friend Tom Murro exclusively told

“Teresa led Dina to believe that she was going to use her charity on the show, and Dina was blindsided when hers wasn’t chosen,” Tom said. 

Teresa had a long run on Donald Trump’s hit reality show, which Arsenio Hall ultimately won, but instead of playing for her best friend’s charity she chose NephCure, an organization that tries to help find a cure for the kids and adults with kidney disease. She spoke about her choice in an interview, saying: “I really wanted one that wasn’t already well-known, that didn’t have millions of dollars.”

File this under the bullshit category, IMO.

  5 Responses to “Feud Between Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice? Not So Fast”


    No, I think there are some elements of truth in this story; parts that are highly plausible anyway.

    I do beleive that Teresa would have told Dina she would use her charity, and then didnt, and didnt inform Dina of that fact. We have seen this kind of behavior from Teresa many times- telling people what they want to hear, changing her story, not really coming clean with people. And I especially can see Teresa making such a promise in order to get/stay in Dina’s good graces. Especially in light of her war with the other Manzos.

    But assuming this scenario is true, I doubt Dina would go ballistic over this. Would she be a bit upset and hurt? Yes. But as others here have said, Ladybug is already a big charity and isn’t broken by lack of support by Teresa on CA. And I am sure that DIna knows how Teresa is and wouldnt have been completely suprised by such behavior.

    The part of this story that is COMPLETELY unbelievable? That part about AC not allowing Kim G on b/c he finds her too crazy. WTF?!?!? Does this rep guy watch the same shows I do? There is more cuckoo craziness on these franchises that in all the insane asylums in this country. That is the worst excuse I have ever heard.

    I think it is b/c Kim G is crazy AND unlikeable. You have to be able to maintain that delicate balance, and she doesnt. And those who fall off that balance are eventually shown the door.

    Are you listening, Nene, Vicki?


    Tom you are A PR PIECE OF SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are you a laugh but I have heard Melissa Is a favorite of yours as well !


    I call bullshit! Dina wouldn’t get mad over something like this; must be a slow news day.


    For real, Dina has made her charity visible on her own. She did not NEED Teresa to help her at all. Dina clearly shines on her own, just as Tre will with Neph Cure. Anyone who is friends with Kim G is a slime any way and apparently has no new stories to tell…*LOL*

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