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May 232012

Not to mention con artists who belong on Dateline NBC, or at least a Lifetime Movie.

That’s what we were treated to on this weeks’ episode of the .  At least it wasn’t dark and twisted, like a certain other RH franchise I could name.

Brooks Ayers is the perfect con artist; he chose his prey well. Poor , her lack of self-awareness won’t let her acknowledge the truth, and her neediness puts blinders on everything. More revisionist history: Vicki left Mike Wolfsmith, took the Michael and Briana and moved to California with , after cleaning out the joint bank account. Years later, she dumps Donn for Brooks (is there a pattern here?) tries to clean out the bank accounts, which is why Donn hired a forensic attorney to go over the accounts and assets, since he knows what Vicki is capable of. That’s the truth of it, but Vicki cannot handle the truth, so there.  On thing we can say about our Vicki, she never changes.

I couldn’t hear what Slade Smiley was saying to for staring at his hairline in the first scene. A hair-system known as a lacefront wig!  The second time we see him, he’s had it groomed.  Hollywood types like John Travolta wear them, and of course Slade thinks he’s Hollywood. No wonder he can’t pay his back child support, owed since forever to ex-girlfriend for the care of Grayson Smiley, his terminally ill child with brain cancer. One of my readers suggested that Slade is playing the odds on Grayson’s time left, I don’t want to say that.

Smiley recently had his support payments reduced to $770.00 per month, we’ll see if he’s paying that. Is anyone else tired of these two famewhores and their fake storyline?

I don’t know if sales are through the roof, but here is a link to Alexis Couture.

She seems to have gone farther than ShebySheree. IMO.

Best line of the night, said with such seriousness: Costa Rica is in Mexico.  Actually, if  did know where Costa Rica is, that would have been the shocker!  Costa Rica is in Mexico trended on twitter last night, by the way.

Tamra Barney looks like she may become a serious businesswoman with her fitness club. She sees herself when she was with when she sees Alexis, that’s the reason for the hostility. Now that she is among us independent women, she has total contempt for the Stepford Wife she was, quite recently. Stepford Wife with a mouth, that is.

is a breath of fresh air on this franchise.  She actually has taste in clothing ( hint to Gretchen, pink as an accessory color, getting kind of “long in tooth” , no pun intended, for the Barbie Doll look).  Heather has class, really loves her husband, and is, well, big city. The civil servants at the DMV killed me…Heather trying to engage them, they just want to know how close it is to “quitting time at Tara”, will the paycheck be short, and what’s in the next union contract.  Too Funny!

The of Orange County airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.

  7 Responses to “Geography Lessons, Lace Front Wigs and Civil Servants on the Real Housewives of County”


    One thing that I don’t understand, why doesn’t Slade and Gretchen ever hold some kind of charity event for Grayson…. Especially since they could use the Housewives status to help promote….. You always see them trying to sell their wares of purses, clothing on Ebay, make-up, etc… but nothing for GRAYSON… Makes you think??????

    I just wish someone, somewhere would ask them this question….


    Gretchen needs to cut bait w/ Slade. If her criteria for getting married and having kids is financial security, he will NEVER have it.

    And if Gretchen has any sense or decency (yeah, I know), had Slade showed up with a ring, she should have gone ballistic and dumped him right then and there. She is talking about how he cannot pay his child support, yet he is shelling out for a fancy engagement ring (even if it had a fake center stone)? btw, kudos to Heather for handling all that with the grace that she did.

    Slade truly has NO shame. He knows that all the public knows he isnt properly taking care of his kids. And yet he is willing to go on the show in a segment showing him shopping for fancy engagement rings!?! Is that really the best way to repair your image, spend more money NOT on your kids? Sick. Seriously, while she still has her looks, Gretchen needs to get out.

    And I cannot even comment on her not wanting to pay the child support. I can imagine she doesnt want the money to go to the mother, but I am sure there are other ways. Pay some hospital bills, for instance. But trying to compare that to teaching a child responsibility – sick. And also YET another indication she should get rid of Slade! You really want to marry 40+ old child to whom you feel you have to teach fiscal responsibility?

    You are completely correct that Brooks completely knows how to work Vicki. And she is his victim precisely b/c she thinks she is too smart and savvy to a victim of a con man. I don’t think Briana is too worried about her inheritance, but I bet Michael is! LOL! As part of the divorce, Donn should insist Vicki put money in trust for Micheal and briana.


      Oh, and in fairness to Alexis, she DID know that CR was south…LOL!

      And you are SO correct that Tamara hates her b/c she sees her old self. Just like she hated Gretchen b/c she was no longer the young beauty. She seems to be over that, so can get on better with Gretchen…if only for the show.


    So Gretchen has the funds to pay Slade’s child support but when it comes to the $$ the court ordered her to pay Jay Photoglou (sp?) she can’t !!
    He should subpoena that segment and show it to the court.


    If Gretchen loves Slade as much as she claims a measly $770 a month is nothing. I’ve always wondered how much they get paid per episode. Gretchen also has endorsement deals & let us not forget her snazzy handbag line & Not sure how profitable those ventures have been but I highly doubt she’ll be in the poor house if she marries him..unless of course he owes millions to creditors. I’ve always looked at her as an opportunist & listening to her whine about Slade’s money issues just reinforces this. Tick-tock…she’d better make a decision!


    Truthfully i’m surprised Slade’s son is still alive. He’s the longest surviving brain tumor patient i’ve ever heard of ( and yes i’m a cynic).

    Slade’s certainly lost ALL his looks so I’m hoping he makes up for it in the sack otherwise, there’s no reason to keep him around.


    Gretchen’s talking piece cracked me up! “I could pay Slade’s back child support if I wanted to but sometimes a person has to….” I cant remember how it exactly went but really? Shows how disgusting Gretchen if she really can pay the back child support but wont. She wont help a child with cancer? I dont know if I could sleep at night knowing I had that kind of cash and my supposedly love of my lifes son was dying.

    Either way, she looks like the biggest a**hole in the world.

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