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May 162012

briana and ryan culberson wedding photo

Can you still get a ring if you buy a box of Crackerjacks? Slade Smiley shopping for a ring. Ha-ha!   What was his budget anyway? Five bucks? Slade and ’s “fake it ‘til you make it” storyline has seen better days.  Slade’s plan was to put a fake stone in to make it look like he spent a ton of money and then sneak in a real stone later. Was he even planning to tell Gretchen or just do a switch later when she’s sleeping? And can you imagine the proposal? “I know you have issues with my lack of financial responsibility so I got you this fake ring that looks like a really expensive, really tacky ring that will impress the neighbors, but is actually from Target because I had only $15.00. But don’t worry! As soon as I get some money I’ll put down a deposit on a real diamond and put us in debt again. Lets get married!” The look on the jewelers face after Slade’s lame-ass joke about a robbery….PRICELESS.

Gretchen talks to about marriage, and does a little revisionist history….she left Chris Rossi for Jeff Beitzel’s money and ’s piece on the side, but who counting? Gretchen lies with such regularity that it’s hard to keep up.

Did Slade’s vasectomy reversal take?

Jo de la Rosa, glad you ran as fast as you could! By the way, she’s talking about starting a blog…..should be some interesting reading if she writes about any of this!

gives (herself) a Puppy Princess party. Alexis was in her finest form. Did anyone else catch her explanation of the party theme? It was along the line of; she picked princesses because her girls like princesses and puppies because  her girls like puppies. The mothers and kids attending were obvious props, hope they got paid to sit through Alexis’ coumadin/morphine/demerol story!  Man those other moms looked like they wanted to kill her. Who on earth gives out live puppies as party favors?  How did Alexis imagine that going and where did the dogs come from anyway?  Was it a pet store? Were the puppies for sale? So much for the details.

Does Alexis really wonder why everyone thinks she’s shallow?

Speaking of puppies, how many puppies were killed to make that thing Vicki was wearing? OMG! Did she look crazed or what? Not to mention the Snooki hair-do. But Briana WORKED Vicki! We’ve always wondered how Briana tolerated her all these years, now we know Briana can handle her. Briana, who is now 4 months pregnant may be the only person in Vicki’s narcissistic, delusional world that tells her the truth!

Best line of the night about BF Brooks Ayers: “Floating around, on your dime, driving your car, he’s an opportunist” That sums it up rather succinctly, IMO.

As for Ryan Culberson, here’s his wedding photo, circa 2005, in North Carolina.

Melia Daniel, Ryan Culberson 2005 (second page)

The airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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    What kind of animal group allows their animals to be “rented” out like that?!?! I cannot believe they arent being investigated! Most places it is harder to adopt a puppy than a baby. I am no PETA type extremist, but I was horrified that an animal group went along with all that.

    Loved the fight between Vicki and Brianna. And you could tell that Vicki was getting more upset b/c she was holding back her full fury b/c it was Brianna. Anyone else, it would have been that Bunco party x10.

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