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May 152012

Joe Giudice mug shot picture from his fake driver's license arrest

It’s a terrible thing to say, but even will be better off without him.

Poor Teresa, no matter what he says or does, she still loves him. Or she just doesn’t know anything else. Remember, her parents live with them, and help maintain that household. Her parents are basically raising those children, and look what a good job they did with and Teresa….but I digress.

The treatment Teresa receives from Juicy? She learned this subservience at her mother’s knee.

Bravo filmed from June, 2011 to October 2011, hoping to film and catch the fallout from Joe and Teresa’s bankruptcy fraud trial, originally scheduled for July, 2011, moved to October, and then Joe and Teresa withdrew the to avoid prison.


So much for that storyline. so now we see Teresa doing everything she can to raise $11 Million with Joe going through ‘roid rage and calling her relatives and Melissa names. He doesn’t even try to be “politically correct” anymore, we are seeing the true, undiluted Joe Giudice.  After all, he doesn’t belong in prison with “those” people:


But “horsey-face” is nothing compared to the name he usually calls her: the “n” word.

Memory Jog:  When we first heard of Melissa and Joe Gorga, we heard that Joe was Teresa’s brother and that his wife was black.  Indeed, that was the problem between the parents and Joe Go, and thus, Teresa and Juicy. This is the subtext of everything we are seeing and hearing.

But Teresa defends everything Joe says and does. from her Bravo blog:

Finally, I want to talk about my Joe. I love him for who he is. He’s the same guy now as when I first met him when we were kids. He’s old-school Italian, he says what he thinks, he’s tough, but has an amazing heart. He’s a great dad. He’s my best friend. He’s amazing.
Of course, he’s not perfect. He doesn’t always say the right thing. But I married him for him. I didn’t marry a Simon. He doesn’t wear bowties and drink tea with his pinkie up. He also didn’t choose to be a Housewife. I did. And he let me. But he’s happy for it to be my thing. He doesn’t want to be a “House Husband” — that’s why you won’t see him sit down for interviews. He lives his life, he tolerates the cameras in our house, and he lets it fly sometimes. I’m sure many of your men would be the same. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for Joe because this whole experience hasn’t been really positive for him. He’s a private guy who likes to go about his business. But since the show, it’s hard for him to go anywhere without having to stop and take pictures and then worry that those pictures might be sold to a tabloid for a fake story. He just doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for B.S.

Teresa is so delusional, but that’s how she is able to survive. Don’t count her out, she probably will pay back those creditors. She begins her book tour this week, with appearances on the Today Show and , then she’s off to tour the country. In the meantime, Joe turned down a plea bargain, so we’ll see where that goes:


In the “I have no mind of my own” category, did you catch that is also not speaking to Dina Manzo?  What a twit! Everybody knows it’s only because Caroline isn’t speaking to Dina. In the meantime, Dina is doing fine without this drama in her life:


More on Dina later…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights on Bravo.

  11 Responses to “When Joe Giudice Goes to Prison….”


    send the bum to jail 10 years stip and the bitch can rot


    Jacqueline does everything Caroline says. Plus she is always drunk. Maybe at the reunion they should talk about the legal problems that Al Sr is having, and the perfect Manzo brothers. Also the legal issues Joe and Melissa have and the real reason they have to move. Of course, there is a lot that could be said about Joe Gorga but his family paid his way out.
    Teresa has issued.. But she has to say everything is fine when she talks to any of these people. If she didn’t they would sell it to the media and deny it. So maybe she isn’t in denial as much as these people are not the ones she can be truthful with.
    As far as Gia, this 10 yr old child is going thru hell. Yet a drunk Jac and bully Caroline are going to correct her. Caroline pointing her fingers and Jac mocking her then telling her to get out of her house. Ashle could make it if she quit acting like Jac to make Jac like her. The same with Lauren. None of Jac and Caroline’s grown children have jobs. Manzo boys are trying to say BLK is their job but they are being sued. Chris tweeted a very vulgar word about Teresa. A lot of people attacked him on twitter for it. Then Caroline jumbs in, changes the meaning of the word and protected Chris. Her children do not respect anyone. Especially her.


    Super Uglies Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice are not normal people…… they don’t have what it take to make it as human beings……. She is happy that that short at idiot married her…..


    I literally CRINGED at every word Joe (Jew-di-chay) spoke on this episode! I dont give two rats A$$es how much you might not “like” who you are unfortunately related to, you still have to love them regardless and to say the things about your sister-in-law like Joe said, was totally uncalled for and so disrespectful. I dont get along with my husbands family at all and I cant stand one of my SIL’s I think she is a total B! but I would NEVER say those things about her and her family EVER! I don’t care what anybody says Teresa was so embarrassed by what her husband said, even though she defends him. you can tell by just looking at her facial expressions that she was mortified and embarrassed in this episode.

    anyway someone stated in another comment that they think Melissa is part black and I couldnt agree more. She truly looks very little like her sisters and I support that her Dad probably did have an affair and her mother raised her as her own. just my opinion.


    Oh I believe 100% that Joe Giudice called Melissa a N****r on more than one occasion. And to this day I still believe that she’s part black (hell she doesn’t look anywhere close to her other sisters) I think that her dad got some chick pregnant and raised the child as his own. I’ll tell you right now, when she says “old school Italian” she means everything associated with that. Meaning that the wife stays at home, the husband screws around and he hates dark people especially blacks. Don’t get me wrong I truly think that Melissa and Joe Gorga are going to get their comeuppance, but Joe Giudice is going to prison pure and simple.

    And to be honest with you that would be the best think for Teresa in my opinion. She married a thug and now she’s seeing how the rest of the world isn’t llike her small community where it is okay to be that way. If she wants to be even more famous and make more money, she’s going to have to dump that thug of a man before he does something or is accused of something that destroys her brand. She says that Melissa is no good for Joe her brother and I agree (but from what I heard about little Joe he’s no angel either), but her husband is no good for her either not at this stage of her career.


    “I didn’t marry a Simon”. Wha?? Is Tre talking about Simon van Kempen?


    Joe Guidice has the build of a Cornish game hen–don’t know why Teresa finds him so attractive. I’m not a Teresa fan, but in a way I feel sorry for her. I think she tries to do the best she can with the life she and “Juicy” have created, though it must be hard now that everything is pretty much on her shoulders. Joe can’t seem to make any of his businesses work and is a big, jealous flop these days. All the seems to do is putter around the house, cooking for those monstrous girls of theirs and pretending to work out. Teresa is the one who should leave Joe Guidice for a richer man, not Melissa.



    You can only say that Juicy is going away…



    Jac has already proven she makes up her own mind about people for better or for worse so get over your “sheep theory.” She’s not following CM. She might have her own issues with DM – especially since she supports Mrs. delusion (Theresa).

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