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May 072012

Caroline Manzo May Overplay Her Hand Against Teresa Giudice

June 13, 2012 UPDATE

It has been confirmed that Lauren Manzo had lapband surgery in September 2011.  The interesting about this confession  announcement is that fact that she has lost only 30 lbs!  Don’t do a Carnie Wilson on us, Lauren!


Interesting episode last night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Manzos certainly are a family in search of a storyline and Lauren is the victim of the family need.

First of all, Lauren is a lovely girl..look at that face! Ever notice that they seldom show the lower half of her body? Where am I going with this?

Remember two seasons ago when Al Manzo had lapband surgery and lost about one hundred pounds ?

Shorty thereafter, they had the season 2 reunion,and Caroline showed up much thinner than she was during season one. Andy Cohen commented on her weight loss, and she answered “portion control”. I called bs on it then, and I still call it bs. Suspecting Caroline had the surgery, she had that same enlarged head look that others have after this procedure..

Suddenly, in season three, Lauren’s weight was an issue. So, Caroline throws her under the bus, constantly comparing her to her brothers, the heir and the spare, no matter how Lauren feels about it, really eviscerating the girl at the season three reunion.

But what is the backstory? Could this be Caroline’s method for inducing Bravo TV to pay for Lauren’s weight loss surgery? Has she had the surgery, with the results yo be revealed later in the season?

If so, then the Dr. Perricone weight loss clinic visit was scripted, just as it seemed. Is r. Perricone a skin care specialist? And what a disservice to people gullible enough to believe these storylines?

I suppose Dr.Perricone will make bank.

In the meantime, Lauren worked her makeup magic for one day……then quit? After that segment, she caught mucho flak on twitter. To make matters worse, Jacqueline Laurita tweets that Lauren now OWNS the Chateau……huh? I can’t find any evidence of that…if you do, let me know.

5/9 Heard from Greg Bennett, he says Lauren rents the space Chateau was in, renamed it Cafface. Thanks for clearing that up, Greg.

Interesting the Manzo Family is as dysfunctional as the Giudices and Gorgas.

That’s show biz….

  22 Responses to “Taking the Fat Out of Caroline Manzo’s Storyline-UPDATE”


    Hey you guys Lauren announced on twitter a few months ago that SHE DID have the lapband surgery and has lost 30lbs and everyone assumes Caroline had it 2 years ago because she is asked alot and never admuts or deneys she had it. Many specuale she had it with those awesome state health benefits Albert illegally had while lying about his residence at the Brownstone and Gov Crisiti calling him out and firing him from the waterboard for lying!! And yes, both Caroline and Lauren were not morbidly obese and would not legitimately qualify for this surgery – but – let’s face it, good physicians and surgeons lie everyday to get insurance to cover procedures.


    This thread needed an update. It has been confirmed absolutely that lauren had lap band surgery. She was on on Bethenny’s talk show and admitted to it.


    Anyone heard about the opening ofCafface? I saw pictures several months ago of thespace almost finished”……………..then nothing, except caroline’s stretch pants, etc on her blog. What gives?


    I dont know, there is a lot of ragging on Caroline here, but Lauren’s weight has been an ongoing storyline the whole run of this HW franchise.

    I was laughing, though, when she made the comment about her “handsome” sons. Ah, no. Albie is definitely better looking than his brother, but the men’s division of Ford isnt picking him up any time soon.

    The Perricone thing is weird, but he does have a whole diet meant to retard aging.


    I felt SO very badly for Lauren during this episode. Lauren, if you happen to read this, you’re beautiful! Shame on your family for putting this out there. What? – Ashley’s gone out of state so now its Lauren’s turn to have her issues put out there for a storyline? Lauren, you’re beautiful and you don’t need to be a size 2. All you need to do is get in the gym for 30 minutes of cardio, 4-6 times a week, do a bodysculpting class at a gym 2-3 times a week with light weights, and replace simple carbs (white bread, white pasta) with whole grain complex carbs and cut way, way back or almost eliminate cheeses and eliminate any processed foods from your diet. I know you hate working out but after you start seeing some results, it’ll get addictive, I promise. I’m sorry, but Caroline is NOT a Victoria’s Secret model, for her to talk so blatantly about Lauren’s weight is sad. I’ve not liked “Nasty Caroline” that’s been with us since the end of last season very much but that to me, just was so ugly and now I’m really, really not a fan. That should be private between mother and daugther. That’s a trust issue. Yes, a mother can and should tell a daughter when she needs to work on her health, but not on national television. A young woman’s insecurities like that are just too fragile to be used as storyline fodder. Things like this are one of the many ways a girl can spiral down into an eating disorder. I can say all this as certified wellness professional and a mother of a young girl who will likely also have a genetic predisposition to hold weight. I lead by example. In our family, daily excercise is just as routine as brushing ones teeth or showering and we incorporate it with fun activities. Pizza and ice cream are once or twice a month special treats. We are eating eggs we just scrambled, not pop tarts right now. Hopefully when my daughter is Lauren’s age, she won’t be clueless as to how to properly take care of her body and be fumbling in the dark for answers all the while dodging barbs and digs from siblings or for goodness sakes, her MOTHER, and in the public eye.


      “All you need to do is get in the gym for 30 minutes of cardio, 4-6 times a week, do a body sculpting class at a gym 2-3 times a week with light weights, and replace simple carbs (white bread, white pasta) with whole grain complex carbs and cut way, way back or almost eliminate cheeses and any processed food food from your diet.”

      Seriously? That’s it? Hunh. Sounds so simple, I can’t imagine why we’re all not doing that.

      How about this? Go to Weight Watchers and aim to lose 10 pounds, feel wonderful after that success, and then take it the next step. That sounds like a much more realistic plan than working out 7 billion times a week and starving yourself.


        Working out 7 times a week (daily) is a billion times a week? I don’t think I mentioned starving yourself. You can eat a lot, just the good stuff, lean meats and tons of vegetables. Its a lifestyle change. It really is that simple. Some people can reach their goal in 6 weeks, some in 18 months or more. Consistency is key. You can’t “diet” for a while; it, along with your results won’t last.


        Weight Watchers??? Why? In order to lose weight you have to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE. Who wants to eat weight watchers for the rest of their lives because if you don’t you WILL gain the weight back. DIETS do NOT work!! Caroline has alot of nerve putting her daughter down when she couldn’t even lose her’s on her own she had lap band so she is no one to preach to anyone about weight loss. MegMar is correct on what she said, I became I diabetic 4 years ago and had to change my lifestyle and it has worked, i’m down 80 lbs and have kept it off. Save the money you would spend on weight watchers every week and change your lifestyle, lose the weight and use the weight watcher money to buy yourself a new wardrobe to go with you new lifestyle!


    Not a big Caroline fan (used to be, but she’s such a know it all), but I don’t think she had weight loss surgery. She was never overweight enough to qualify for the surgery – unless some whacko doctor agreed to do it.


    Perricone’s known for his anti wrinkle serums, NOT weight loss. Can we say product placed endorsement? And there’s no way Lauren’s has had the surgery but they’re just hiding it. Trust me, once she has had it she’ll lose the linebacker shoulders & heavy chest & it will be VERY NOTICEABLE….in a good way.

    Let’s not forget Albert Manzo has passed on the ‘TINY MANZO’ fat gene to his kids….he who ended up 300lbs, dead, nekkid and bullet riddled in a car trunk.

    Suffice to say all the Manzo kids will be fighting their pre-destined genetic code all their lives. I know i do.


    ok I need to speak up on some stuff here….My husband is a Nurse and deals with recoveries from lap band and gastric by-pass suregeries and explained to me that if Caroline had, had the “supposed” lap band surgery, she wouldnt have put so much weight back on like she has. seriously! LOOK at her and compare, she has put about 10-15 lbs.. back on and fast!…we choose to believe the story about the dr. and the weight loss clinic, because it makes more sense. Caroline has been very out spoken about the fact that she HATES to workout, but yet she probably lost the weight with the diet Lauren is currently on. It would absolutely explain Caroline putting some of the weight back on, because there is no way to diet and keep the weight off unless you work out as well. Lauren said its the next thing to Anorexia and thats EXACTLY how Caroline looked like what she had done….moving on Jacqueline never said she owned “Chateu”…the quote was that she is co-owner of the current make-up salon she works in, you need to check on that!…also Caroline posted of photo of Lauren yesterday on FB and she is absolutely losing the weight with this anorexia-liquid diet she is on and she looks FAB…


      whoopsi…I meant to say that Jacqueline never said that LAUREN owned Chateu, but that Lauren co-owns a make-up salon, she currently works in.


      She’ll lose the weight, and then when she starts to eat normally again, it’ll all come back. Oh well, that’ll be next season’s story line.


      i know plenty of people who have had lap band, gastric by-pass, etc and they have ALL put weight back on. Her daughter called her out on the show last night saying Caroline had lap band and Caroline didn’t say a work because she knows its the TRUTH. DIETS don’t WORK.


    Clearly, Lauren is preparing for lap-band surgery. (In fact, I think she already had it done about 6 months ago – a recent photo of her on Twitter shows that she has already lost a substantial amount of weight). Prior to getting lap-band surgery (or a gastric bypass), the patient must go on a liquid diet for 3-4 weeks, to shrink the liver, so that the surgeon has more room to work. I think RHNJ is showing Lauren undergoing that pre-surgery liquid diet. I wonder if Lauren will be honest about getting bariatric surgery (like her father), or whether she will lie and say that all her weight loss was from “portion control” (like her mother). Considering all this talk about Lauren’s weight, I think that RHNJ might feature Lauren’s weight loss surgery – it’s something new that has not yet been featured on any of the Real Housewives show.


      People do better keeping their weight off with the Lap Band compared to gastric by-passes RNY or DS. i know a few peeps who had By-passes and within 4-5 years they’ve regained it all…..just look at Carnie Wilson who’s going for her SECOND surgery.


        All these surgeries are nothing but the “easy way out”. If you got overweight sitting on your couch eating ring dings, then you brought it on yourself, so lose it yourself. End of story. So tired of hearing about all these excuses for overweight people, if i can do it, trust me anyone can…change your lifestyle, don’t go on a diet because they don’t work! Who wants to diet the rest of their lives…really? Think about it!!


    Lauren doesn’t look that heavy (in head shots we get to see.) She is pretty and better looking than bros. Chris is not cute,wierd ears and just not handsome. Albie cute, no more, nothing special. Parents do not have real beauty so normal average kids. Lauren needs to get a backbone and seems to think being thin will make her rich. It seemed like that is her real interest. She said it several times this week.
    I am sure Dr. Perrecone the Dermatologist, just coincidently had fresh blueberries and raspberries in his office last week. The diet story is such a setup.


      Yeah i was insulted re Perricone. First of all his face products are wayyyy over priced and i will never buy them….you can get quality, less expensive serums, etc via Sephora or (i’m not a shill). Secondly, does BRAVO think we’re so stupid as to believe anyone would go to Perricone for weight loss? That was absolute product placement for the benefit of the Manzos and Perricone. Fail.

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