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Apr 292012

adolpho arreola after , and joe giudice beat him in punta cana……allegedly

A full 15 months after the incident in Punta Cana, which can’t be shown by Bravo for legal reasons and the various releases that were signed, the R are continuing to pretend that the feud with is about her cookbook, Fabulicious   Holy in need of a storyline!

To be fair, the timeline on this episode is late June, 2011.

So here we go again with “Cookbook-gate”, as Melissa Gorga, and pretend to be so angry about the things Teresa says about them in her book.  By the way, Teresa never directly “throws shade” at Chris Manzo with his strip car wash that Caroline thought was so enterprising back in Season 1, she just says she doesn’t want her daughters to do that for a living….but I digress.

Does anyone wonder why Dina Manzo doesn’t speak to Caroline?

According to reports, Teresa sprayed Adolpho Arreola’s mother(?) with champagne the infamous evening in Punta Cana, and Joe Giudice, Chris Manzo and Albie Manzo beat the crap out of him, including breaking his wrist.


While the rest of the cast flew home, Joe, Chris and Albie were held by the police for a few days. This is what started Caroline’s rampage against Teresa, a never-ending mockery of Teresa, including Caroline’s visit to the Jimmy Fallon show last week, though baited by Fallon, all she could talk about was Teresa.

The Video

Then, for our viewing enjoyment, we see Jacqueline Laurita kick daughter Ashley out of the house. She is being sent to Las Vegas to live with Jacqueline’s brother.

The timeline on this is rather off. In June, 2011, Ashley lived in Texas with her father and step-mother, before they were accused of Arson.


Soon after, Ashley moved to Los Angeles, were she continues to reside.


When will they move on from Cookbook-gate is hard to say.  Wen you have no storyline and your “kids are bring as hell, all we can do is

Watch What Happens

By the way, Teresa Giudice was supposed to be ’s guest tonight on Watch What Happens, Live, but she’s in Texas. So they called in a substitute……..

How many cookbooks has Teresa sold since Cookbook-gate began ?  Food for thought.

  8 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Cookbook-Gate Continues”


    I’m confused about the Punta Cana, that morning they ate breakfast and left Joe Giudice and Caroline’s sons where with them when walking out of the hotel room (remember the comment Albert said, a day with all you people would make hell a vacation). I think they must have been stopped at the plan and told to stay while the investigation is still going on. And then didn’t they cut out the whole costume party scene from last season (where joe was stripping and caroline’s hair was spiked etc. etc.. I think the Manzo boys and Joe are in a pickle, and Bravo is afraid of showing what happened because they may be liable and in fact are liable.


      Exactly, Buck! I think they were stopped at the plane also. The Manzo boys, Joe Giudice and Bravo are being sued. This was in the last week of January, they are shown in the nightclub, but the scenes showing the fight were cut.


    LOL at Juiceless Joe telling the other men about Little Joe being sued….Pot say hello to Kettle!

    Oh and Teresa, I hope you look at this episode and see how that stump you call a husband is taking care of your children…I wouldn’t let him take care of an animal, let alone little children!


      Oh! I SO agree! I feel SO bad for Gia! She is clearly taken on a mommy role. She looked like she was working so hard; I wanted to cry. If not for Gia, no one would be taking care of the them. She is a little girl, she shouldnt ahve to be doing all that! She had to put the little one to bed. sick!


    I am no fan of teresa or her rotten husband, and I think what she said about Melissa (the leaving Joe for a richer man) is awful. That said, I am SO sick of hearing about that golddigger comment at this point…and we are only a couple eps in. Enough already! from both sides! I cannot listen to anymore talk about that or the cookbook!

    And while we are on the subject of tiresome, well subjects – Ashley. ugh! I cannot stand anymore of her whining nor that of her mother about her behavior. Kick her out and let her be on her own! I knew that she wasnt going to make that flight. I dont want to her anything about her as she is now (then…but i doubt she has changed).


    NAHHHHHH!!!! Caroline’s problem is all about her sons being arrested because of Tre…she does not have many fooled. She is just the type to blame others for the things her children do wrong…that’s why they are the way that they are. As she would tell Jacqueline or even Tre, stop blaming others for what your ADULT sons did and take control of them. Kathy and Melissa are only riding the Caroline train because they can’t jump off without looking like fools. They thought if they jumped on the Manzo train it was riding them to Starsville. Oooops!!! Now what! I am sure that Tre can tell them that the ride to Starsville is way better when you do it alone!


    Don Caro and the reest of the cast were bashing Teresa long before the cookbook came out and the trip to Punta Cana. That is just an excuse for her jealousy.

    I ordered all 3 of Teresa’s cookbook after the Don Caro wouldnot shut up about them. Jac talked about wanting to do a family cookbook and that Teresa stole her business idea. But there is no stopping someone else from writing a family cookbook except if a publisher will not pick it up.


      a-freaking-men! I did the same thing too! LOL…love her cookbooks, her recipes are simple and delicious!…also can we all point out again that Teresa at least isn’t playing the woe-is-me card either! For goodness sakes people she has like 11 million dollars in debts. and she is working her arse off to pay those debts back and keep her family a float. ANY of those other woman, would sit back on their ARSE and make their husbands deal with it and play the “woe-is-me” card. Even if they got themselves in that debt. at least their trying to pay it off and at least their not being FAKE and hiding behind closed doors, they put all their personal financial crap on camera, when Teresa and her hubby could have easily bowed out and hid under a rug some where….end of rant

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