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Apr 292012

, “friend” of the , is having a little trouble with the State of Georgia, to the tune of $5,000, less than her security cameras cost per month.

Hampton, the ‘ho’ of the show last season, who has been arrested 7 times and whose slashing victim committed suicide several years after the incident, attempted to call and Kandi Burruss out on money issues, instigating the remark from Kandi that she could “take care of every m*f*er in the room”, with her reported $35 M. net worth.. Where is Marlo’s sugar daddy when she needs him. Is she being replaced with a younger version who’s better at whips and chains?

Better tighten up your game, girl.  Perhaps “rich bitch” will give her the money…….not.


  10 Responses to “Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton Needs That Loan”


    Girl Marlo’s broke ass need that loan from Kandi! Kandi has long money! Marlo is not even in the same category as that Kandi Money! Marlo can only eat when one those men give her a dollar or two when they feel like it! Maybe Marlo should try singing instead of fucking… Maybe should would have more money!!!!
    :-) :-)


    All Candy do is spend her net worth on young men that take her for ride, at least Marlo is making sure her bills are paid, instead of paying cougar bills, Team Talls all day


    Marlo’s laughing because Kandi’s one failed album away from a nervous beakdown. With that nasally voice of hers.
    Team Talls!


      Please marlo aint nothing but a dumb hoe. Khandi is the real rich bitch and marli need to get a life always trying to count people money thats why she aunt got none if her own and khandi can sing her ass off.


    Thats the problem with being an escort and mistress Kim and Marlow started seeing that the phone calls weren’t being returned anymore and/or they money wasn’t as much as they thought etc. etc.. So kim had to get someone that was young and dumb and had potential (and it ain’t Kroy) and she picked Kroy. Marlow thought she could keep doing this until she’s 50 is so wrong. Because in that world what man wants to have a mistress that essentially his wife when he can get a 20 something.


    BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Kandi is laughing all the way to the “bank!!!” LOL

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