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Apr 272012

UPDATE April 27, 2012

During the premiere episode of Don’t Be Tardy to the Wedding, we could see the building conflict between Kim and her mother, Karen. We can view this as the “drama an tension” part of the story. A bit fake, since Karen has appeared with Kim Zolciak on every season of The of Atlanta, and there was never a hint of a rift between them.

When I first wrote this article, I treated it as rumor, but several of Karen’s friends have commented (see comments below) and it appears to be true.


I am treating this as rumor, simply because of the relationships involved.

What do I mean? The author of this article is the girlfriend of a certain ex-husband of one of the . Kim is friendly with the ex-wife, who was in the wedding party. There may be a built-in bias.

Kim Zolciak allegedly had the Atlanta Police escort her mother Karen from her wedding to NFL baller   Friday, held at the home they are renting from Kendra Davis.


While there was plenty of security on the grounds, there’s no word yet on why Kim felt the need to call the cops on her own mother!

Guests of the newlywed were in shock & awe as Kim’s Mom, Karen, was escorted out of her own daughter’s reception!

The event went on as planned, and you’ll get to see all the drama-free wedding procedures when it airs, but guests are still whispering about the disrespectful nature of Kim’s actions.

Kim’s wedding was filmed by Bravo for her upcoming spin-off show.






  27 Responses to “Did Kim Zolciak Have Her Mother Removed From Her Wedding? UPDATE”


    I am Karen’s best friend and a reliable source and ——-blah, blah, blah. Anyone
    can come here or any other blog claiming to be this or this and that and a reliable unnamed source; haters are the most prolific on spreading rumors, so take it all with a grain of skepticism until proven one way or the other. Haters need to get a real life.


    i am a friend of karen as well and it is true she kicked her OWN mother out and what happened is not what kim is showing on the show…the show is making karen look stupid. The real reason and whats being aired is 2 different things…the event on tv NEVER happened! Kim and karen havnt talked since the wedding. Kim is a bitch and only did this for rating. Kim will get lots of karma coming her way. She is teaching her girls to be gold diggers. How sad.


      I agree kim is an evil witch and kroy is evil for yelling at his mother-in-law …
      whats comes around goes around..
      I will not watch this show it will just make me angry..
      her mom always seem to be a sweet heart.. kim blow everything up
      she lie and hurt her mom on t.v./
      kroy will not let kim talk to his mom like that.


      we dont know the real truth, and her mother was trashn the couple along with the other relative


    Ladies dont believe it its TV and its Drama for ratings Also Rumors that cops tossed out NeNe and Big Papa…

    I wish them all the best but this country has bigger problems then who was tossed out at Kim & Kroys wedding..
    Tv is the distraction that causes our government to do the things it does. Pretty soon we will be under Marshall Law and not allowed to do anything if we dont stop it now!!!

    Watch the ( this will teach you what why and who


    Why do all these “friends of Karen” think we actually care that much? Brass tacks, Kim is shallow and vapid – and those are my complements for her. That speaks to her upbringing.


    Are you sure it is her mom, and not the girl who is supposed to be her Matron of Honor? In some of the clips, there is mention made of someone really messing up the flowers, and there is another problem with the MOH. All “Real” events, I am sure


    Maybe she was intoxicated and wouldn’t sober up


    ok, i see all these comments from “friends” of the mother. But will we even necessarily see any of this on the show – either show?


    It is true. I am a friend of her mothers. When you see what happens you will be disgusted with kim.


    … yea, I’m not believing this one


    All the reports I read (including Life & Style I think) said the wedding took place at their home, not the St. Regis, so I think this is definitely a rumor.

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