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Apr 262012

caroline at the season 3 reunion

What is it about the that inspires such ire? Since the debut of Sunday, twitter and blogs have blown up with nastiness, lies, and downright hatred. Not just between the cast, but everyone else, also.

It seems may be trying to call a truce with , but of course Caroline”the Don” Manzo will not allow it. The beastly sisters, Kim Piriella an Lysa Simpson, Melissa Gorga’s older sisters, have lost their Fan Club on twitter, and all this is just in 3 days!

In the “go get that money, honey” category, Teresa and her girls are on the cover of Life and Style again, this time a story about her apologizing to her cast mates. Like I stated in my most recent post about these women, who’s gonna pay Teresa’s bills?


may call ’s and Jacqueline Laurita’s bluff. This is not the same as getting rid of Danielle Staub, with her thugs and guns, not to mention a “different way of looking at life” let’s say. Teresa, whether you like it or not, is the star of this show. The others, including her sister-in-law and brother, can’t talk about anything else. Without Teresa they are nothing.

In related news, @marcosistersfan has had a serious falling out with the Marcos sisters, Kim Piriella, Lysa Simpson and Melissa Gorga, and is no longer a fan. Seems some guy working for Melissa was tweeting some really nasty things about Teresa on Melissa’s behalf……a day in the life.

Also, a blogger known for making it up as she goes along writes in an interview that may or may not be fictional with Jacqueline Laurita that the neighborhood changed when the Giudices moved in, a sort of pseudo racist  ‘there goes the neighborhood” type of thing. The problem? The Laurita’s and the Giudice’s live in different towns, Teresa in Towaco, Jacqueline in Franklin Lakes.

It is what it is, folks.

From R:

The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey promises to bring the drama, but it looks like it may be the last as some cast members are threatening to quit because of a long-time feud with Teresa Giudice.

The Celebrity Apprentice star recently told she would give up all her fame for her family and friends, but her friendships are exploding left and right — yet the 39-year-old has just signed on for a fifth season of Bravo’s hit Housewives show.

Jacqueline is so sick of all the lies and the backstabbing that [she] wants out,” an insider told Reality Weekly.

Caroline wants out too. She thought being on a reality show would be fun, but it’s just been drama, lies, deception and scandal.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered their fourth season on April 22, with Teresa already signed on for season five the magazine reports — but at a cost. “There is now a lot of of fighting going on about money — who deserves the most and who doesn’t,” the source said.

Melissa wants more money because she feels like she doesn’t get paid enough to deal with all the damage that’s been done to her personal life.”

But Teresa isn’t entirely happy being on the show either, telling Reality Weekly, “There are some good things that happened, but also a lot of things that make me sad.”

Don’t believe for a moment that Caroline or any of them want out, they just want Teresa out. Bravo TV is smarter than that.


  19 Responses to “Caroline Manzo May Overplay Her Hand Against Teresa Giudice”


    Caroline thought she could do to Teresa what she did to Danielle but its blowing up in the old witches face. I dont like anyone on the show other than Teresa. Bravo could get rid of all of them except Teresa and bring in some new people, as far as I am concerned.


    Caroline is just a nasty old hag! I am her age and would never handle things the way she does. It is true that her problem with Teresa is way over blown just for her to have air time. What a pity. Caroline continues to keep her nose in everyone else’s business and she needs to stop and focus on her own kids because they really need help. Just today Lauren bad talked the people at Staples. Is that what you teach your children Caroline? How to be disrespectful to others? Oh I forgot she is a child of privilege right Caroline?


      Haha…you said it perfectly! The almighty Caroline is losing her “Listen to me!! I know what’s best for everybody!” role. I’m glad Theresa is coming back on top, beacuse she really does have a sweet heart and means well.


    I’m curious as to why we never see Teresa’s 3rd daughter, Gabriella…we couldn’t even tell if she was in the car on the way to the shore…


      Teresa has stated that Gabriella is shy and not a fan of the camera..probably why we don’t see her as much!! Hope that helps :)


    My biggest problem is that Bravo is so concerned about cast mates breaking the 4th wall and talking about the making of the show, it makes all the cast members look like raving lunatics.

    Caroline is mad about a fight in a punta cana bar that Teresa started that ended up with Caros sons being sued. Jac is pissed about Teresa trying to spike her guns in appearance fees. Mel and joeyg are pissed at Teresa because she tried to hardball Bravo last year, holding out till just a few days before the Christening before signing, trying to get mel and joeyg, and the wakiles bumped from the cast. Then shows up all sweet (and fake) at the christening, causing the argument there..

    Teresa is furiously treading water, trying to earn everything she can so her house of cards doesnt fall down on her, selling bogus stories that she then has to tell her kids are lies. Joe Guidice is not happy so he is sticking it to her, not even hiding his cheating but because of her “happy family” she has to eat it and pretend it isnt happening… I think this show would make more sense and be just as entertaining if Bravo let these poor people talk about the REAL issues..


      AGREE x 1000!! Very well put!
      The only reason I still watch this show is that I can find out what’s REALLY going on through these blogs and these women going at each other on twitter. That’s where the real drama is. It’s like watching actors on a fictional soap and being able to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes, which is far more interesting that what’s on screen.


    I am not a big Teresa fan but I admire her tenacity. I used to like Caroline(still do), but not near as much after watching season 3 reunion. Here is what I think – seasons 1&2, Caroline had alot of people that liked her – thought she gave good advice, had a good head on her shoulders, etc, etc…I think she realized that and kind of thought that no matter what she did or said, people were still going to think she was the wise one. BUT, when she turned on Teresa, people turned on her. I think she likes to always be the one in charge and if she feels like she has lost that title – I don’t see her wanting to continue on the show.

    One thing that really bothered me about Teresa is the episode where Gia broke down when she was singing the song she wrote. I feel like NO MATTER WHAT- after seeing that, the fighting with the family should have stopped there. Gia was clearly hurting terribly and I have worried so much about her well being since then…


    twitter is getting entertaining, i am blocked by all of em BUT teresa, u go teresa 😀


    I don’t mind Caroline…I’m actually a pretty big Manzo fan but I do think she runs her mouth too much in everyone’s ear…She needs to mind her own beeswax – Should be interesting to watch what happens this season on AND off camera…


    Caroline is a bully. I don’t understand her appeal.


    Caroline….Caroline been on the show and has not made a dime….But Tre viewed as a swine is drinking ALL the wine.


    Caroline was on “Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon” last night and she spent her entire six minute segment bashing Teresa. I guess it’s not like she has anything else to talk about.


      exactly Seth Christopher!! i couldn’t even watch longer than 45seconds before i realized that was caroline’s plan (ill-conceived and ugly as it was)

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