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Apr 212012

Why oh why did Bravo TV bring the most dysfunctional  franchise back to our screens so early, bumping the Real Housewives of New York City back to June 4? The simple answer: ratings. May is an advertiser sweeps month. The more complex answer: let’s get this crapfest out of the way so we can dump this bunch of losers.


In Life and Style Magazine this week, they talk about what’s going on with the new season. The article is short on fact and long on fiction, I’ll attempt to insert a little truth here.

Life and Style:

Since the tense season-three reunion show in September, only sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, has seen Teresa – just once at her niece’s birthday in January. Fame is to blame, Caroline Manzo, the matriarch of the cast, tells Life & Style. “Fame is like a drug,” she tells Life & Style about Teresa, who went from being a stay-at-home mom to a New York Times best-selling author. “If you don’t have your feet planted solidly on the ground, it can really take you for a trip.”

Fact: is so jealous of she can’t see straight. No matter how she tries to disguise it as common sense and motherly advice, the core of Caroline says she and her loser children were supposed to reap the benefits from the franchise, not Teresa. The icing on the cake?

Life and Style:

Relationships were so strained between former best friends Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita, that Jacqueline skipped the reunion show. Speaking out for the first time since then, Jacqueline tells Life & Style exclusively that Teresa changed once she viewed Jacqueline as a threat. “Teresa has an unhealthy need to be the best,”

FACT: as a threat? That’s a good one. Jacqueline has the emotional maturity of your average 5 year old, her hands are full just kissing Caroline’s ass and competing with her 21 year old daughter, Ashley Holmes. By the way, don’t try going to TheLookStore, Jacqueline’s venture, your anti-virus security will warn you. When was the need to be the best unhealthy? Teresa has to work, she is in severe financial distress, and they all thought that was wonderful when the target was Danielle Staub.

                        JUICY JOE TAKES THE FIFTH

Life and Style:

As for Teresa’s own flesh and blood, cousin Kathy Wakile tries her best to keep the peace and tells Life & Style that she’s treated Teresa with “kid gloves” to avoid setting her off. But Melissa found herself under attack after Teresa told her brother (Melissa’s husband, Joe) that Melissa would leave him for a richer man. “It hurt so bad,” Melissa tells Life & Style. “There’s just no reason to ever say something like that.”

FACT: is a ‘stealth-bomber’ and Melissa Gorga did everything she could to discredit Teresa and get on the show, including contacting Danielle Staub and telling her ALL of Teresa’s business. (Danielle, at the Season 2 , didn’t pull the stuff about the birth of the nephew out of the air)


Life and Style:

But Teresa says her former friends Caroline and Jacqueline are the ones who wronged her by teaming up with her relatives, Kathy and Melissa, despite their issues. “In a perfect world, I’d be closer with my family,” Teresa tells Life & Style. “Or, at the very least, my friends would help me repair those relationships rather than attempt to cause additional problems between us.”

Fact: Teresa, with her three cookbooks, her cocktail, her personal appearances, and most of all, her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, where, unlike , she won for her charity, NephCure, and is hanging in there, now in the final seven contestants, is rolling on. Teresa Giudice owns Sunday nights.

By the way, Teresa, Caroline Manzo was never your friend.  Caroline Manzo has a street gang mentality, no friends, only followers. Ask her sister, Dina Manzo.

The crapfest known as the   will premiere Sunday, April 22, 2012. on Bravo TV

Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC , concurrently

  24 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 4 Fact Check”


    This article is the best written so far!!! I love articles that state the truth…”Manzo the Matriarch” can’t even own that she is the reason for the fallout between her and her sister…even that she can’t own!!! If your blood…NOBODY CAN RIP FAMILY APART, NOT UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT.So for there, she must go after Teresa and her family relationships…Its called revenge, and this is what Passive aggressive women do…especially Matriarch’s…you must follow them, with no questions answered…if so, you get kicked out of the kingdom!!! Case closed!!! Get rid of Manzo and her gang….you will get rid of the problems. Besides, isn’t Manzo a little too old for this???


    This article is so ridiculously written to favor the CRAZY teresa… Apparently U guys didn’t watch the same show I watched with a the psycho teresa


      teresa is not crazy….her bitchy sister-in-law and cousin are the ones that are crazy. caroline and jacqueline they need someone to pick on because they are so insecure about themselves. teresa works hard for her family and for her damn you should shut your mouth and give her some credict. melissa is just some bitch that is jealous of teresa as well as her other castmates on the show.


    Theresa, you will run out of your mother-in-law’s recipes soon then what-cha gonna do?


    Who is the jerk who was paid off by Teresa to write this garbage “article”???? A 2nd grader could’ve written a better blog! No wonder why Teresa is posting this on her FB page – it’s all pro-Teresa. NEWS FLASH – Jacqueline is a favorite of many. Teresa Joodice (or Joodeechay – which one is it today?????) is irritating and so does not “OWN” Sunday night! She is an uneducated biatch who is FULL OF HERSELF!!! And for her ‘cookbooks’, well – first you should be able to COOK, recipes that are YOUR creations, with ‘ingrediences’ like ‘cummin’. What a doorknob. I love Caroline and her family. I even like Melissa and Kathy. Teresa is a selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered wench. We don’t want to see her or her dumb husband or her spoiled brats girls. Don’t pretend to sell this as truth or reality. It’s a biased blog by some total RANDO.


    Caroline has really come out looking like the jerk on this one. She is so bitter because she hasn’t done anything except write a crappy cookbook that didn’t get picked up and try to ‘promote Black Water’ with her entire family and Jaquelin’s entire family. It’s really pathetic, and that part on the preview where she says ‘I am like a ticking time bomb, tick… tick…tick omg I want to throw something at my TV, seriously- if I could give her some advice it would be do a promotion for some crapshoot diet pill and loose some weight to show how ‘amazing’ it works. I can’t stand the nastiness from her and her posi anymore. And Melissa Gorga STOP singing, it’s been done before and you aren’t very good at it all- at least Kim Zolciak has the personality to sell her songs. You Melissa are as boring Alex on NYC- and if we remember correctly she got the boot. We can all only hope you get the same. And as for Kathy, you may be a good mom, and your kids are adorable but your eyes look better inside of there sockets, and your nasty comments about my two college degrees on Twitter was a sad excuse for pathetic. Sorry, I was raised to get an education not pop out babies for a living. If your husband ever leaves your ass how will you make money? I doubt many people will pay you for an apperance at there business!


    WOW….I guess Caroline has SO MUCH fame for her to understand her CRAPPY concepts of fame. Hey Caroline when yoyu have FAME, you are CONSTANTLY BUSY, you may have to be in different states within ONE WEEK…you know things YOU DON’T understand. Who the HECK is intimitated by Jac any way? I think it’s the other way around. She is always putting her self down and i think she hates her damn body…trick please. I find it hard to believe that Teresa stole ANYTHING from Jac. Caroline is jealous because her book DID not get picked up. Let me tell ya, WHEN YOU HAVE IT, YOU HAVE IT. Teresa can cook, she has a BIG personality, crancky/nutty husband, four loud children, she has the package RIGHT and of she can ride it for those 15 minutes RIDE IT…Obviously Melissa and Kathy are taking advantage by riding the coatails…take Teresa out of the equation what do you get about Melissa, Kathy, Jac and Caroline….NOTHING. Teresa saw an oppotunity and she ran with it…I would do the same and beat the crap out of Melissa and Kathy(literally, i don’t mind violence, specially towards traitor) BTW…Teresa said that she doesn’t know why she is on the poster for Melissa and Kathy’s party, because SHE WON’T BE THERE…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


    me luvs me some teresa <3


    I will not be watching RHONJ on Sunday. Don Caro is a joke. She changes her story to suit her. Teresa has only been one to dress flashy and what attention. She hasn’t changed. She is more popular then the rest of the cast because buckled down and took advantage of the oppurtunities. With each success that Teresa had she received more offers to promote products and shows.
    Even Private Dancer and Kathy have done more in 1 season the Don Caro kiss by ring Manzo and JacCrazy in 3 seasons.

    Teresa I hope you continue to “do you” and not even let their names fly from your mouth.


    #TeamTeresa All the way.



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