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Apr 042012

2003 Tour De France in My Photos by Slade Smiley

Slade claims this pic is from the 2003 Tour de France

UPDATE APRIL 6, 2012: To say Slade Smiley is a liar is to make all other liars look good. After so many searches came to find the truth that this website temporarily crashed, people who actually know something about the Tour de France, bicycles, uniforms and teams came in to prove that Slade Smiley is…guess what? Still a liar!

Read the most recent comments.

Original Article

Yes, Slade Smiley really was a championship bike racer in Anchorage Alaska as a teenager. I haven’t found evidence that he was ever in the Tour de France, or for that matter that he was ever considered for the Olympics. But the fact that anything that came out of his mouth was true is a revelation!

Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Apparently he’s been lying about his age all over the internet as well.  More recent posts state 1973, when, in fact, he was born in 1968. Come on Slade, your older son Gavin is at least 20 by now. This is the child he had with Rose Smiley, whom he was once married to, not to be confused with Grayson Smiley,11, the child he doesn’t support.

Slade Smiley Attacked!

In other thoughts on last night’s episode:

  • Good on Terry and for participating in the mud race.
  • As Tamra Barney evolves, she, like , is becoming more likable. Simon Barney was an albatross around her neck. She should be thanking Bravo TV every day for giving her the economic freedom to leave him.
  • Vicki, Vicki Vicki. Everybody knows that the pathology report is given to the surgeon while the patient is still under anesthesia on the table. It’s wonderful that Briana is well, her drama comes up later in the season.
  • Did pretend to sprain her ankle so she has an excuse for doing poorly on her PussyCat Dolls appearance?  Like the voice is gone from screaming at Vicki?
  • Brooks Ayers is kind of controlling, isn’t he?  Karma, Vicki
  • Last night, Bravo TV tweeted: Who knew had so much in her head? When your employer mocks you, whoa!

Even though no one on this franchise is particularly likable, at least it’s not dark and twisted like the and the .


ANOTHER UPDATE: Friend @leighmarker send me this:

Slade Smiley circa 1987,3472669

For some “old” news on Slade Smiley, go to Your Mama. Too funny!

Slade’s Foreclosure

  31 Responses to “Headline News! Slade Smiley Tells The Truth On RHOC-UPDATE”


    Who gives a shit

    One comment “Why hasnt Tamarra come see me…whhhhaaaaa I am so self absorbed

    Or I am not a mudder I am a Dr. Everytime someone has a chance tell everyone how great they are they spit it out steady.

    Briana’s has got to be the sweetest nicest person on the show. She is going through something major in her life and NO ONE is there just to hold her. Listen to her. Be there for her.. Cmon Vicki her illness is NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.

    Briana you need some time away, no cameras, Comee visit in South Florida, we have a great warm family..I Promise You that you will have a nice relaxing private time to gather your thoughts.. Shit bring Don.

    and so on and so on… shiiiiiiieat get a life,…. Fuck the only one sane is Tamarras ol man and Don.. Don was a stand up guy.. Fuck I gotta hand it to him for not blowin his brain out


    Eric is correct. The photo on Slade Smiley’s MySpace page says 2003. That is a Colnago bike with diamond-shaped tubing he is riding. Colnago did not manufacture that tubing in the 1990’s. The kit he is wearing is for Carmichael Training Systems- Chris-Carmichael’s (Lance Armstrong’s coach) company. It is not a registered team for the Tour de France. On last night’s episode, he stated he rode in the 1993 Tour de France. The only US team in the 1993 tour was Motorola. I can guarantee he was not one of the support riders that year. If he was, there are several former Motorola riders who would like to see him again. Slade Smiley is a liar. His biggest cycling claim to fame was winning the Alaska State Criterium Championships (Category III). There are five categories in Cycling. Cat IV are beginners, Cat I are experts. Professional riders are one step above Cat I.


      You are correct. There is a huge difference between Cat. III (one step from the beginning level – Cat IV) and a European pro! Winning a Cat III race in Alaska (hardly the mecca of competitive cycling) is not much to brag about.


    Theres a little confusion about the year he alleges to have competed in the Tour. I say lets forensically examine the picture… agree?

    The face seems recent. In this Myspace picture, he clearly says 2003, and, looking at his face, Id agree it is 2003, unless he looked really old at 18 years old.

    While researching, I found it much harder to get info on 1993 rather than 2003, so one would assume, if he was going to lie, it would be better to change his year to 1993.

    Next, lets examine the bike. This is clearly not a professional racing bike from 2003. This is an aluminum frame. By 2003, everybody had carbon fiber. I look at the cabling, some is inside the frame, some is outside (clearly not Tour caliber).

    The hand breaks are old, this would look like a 1993 component, although reviewing the helmet, I can say with 100% certainty, this was NOT 1993.

    If this was 1993, he would have been about 18. That age is important. First, thats very YOUNG for a Tour rider, second, he clearly isnt 18 years old in this picture.

    Finally, if this was 2003, one would ask himself, “how does a world class athlete have time to train for the Tour and work at a full time job at a Title company?”. It doesnt jive, a Tour rider has to be part of a team, even the worst teams will not allow a part time rider to join them in France… not gonna happen.

    1 more Final… Why is there no Tour stickers, or numbers? Theres nothing. This is a very amateur attempt at pretending to be someone youre not.

    Slade, come clean bro.


      If he was born in 68, that would make him 24 or 25 in 1993

      In any event, I was so focused on the 93 v 03 thing, I didnt even occur to me that he was just flat out lying. I cannot believe that wasnt my first assumption with Slade!

      I didnt even look at the picture. IS that supposed to be him in TDF? I just assumed it was a still of him on the bike, not necessarily at the TDF, or any race for that matter.

      I cannot believe how many people will lie about stuff that is so easily verifiable. Boggles the mind.


    on the latest RHOOC he says he did it in ’93… he is either confused or full of BS, im unsure…


      He definitely said 93 on the episode. In any case, it was 20 years ago. And he clearly was one of the team members that wasnt there to win, but the run interference and clear the way for the real racer ( a la for Lance Armstrong type).

      But if I were him, I would be living in those glory days as well.


      He’s big LIAR and is full of it. And there aren’t any riders who pre-ride the course. They would be caught and be blown out the back of the peloton in less than an hour. I doubt Slade could stay with any tour rider for even 5 minutes. He must have known that lie would be discovered! What a schmuck! And btw if he’s riding the TDF in the photo, where is everyone else? That’s just a pic of him riding his bike.


    Unless Smiley was with another team other than US Postal, then he’s a liar. Besides, team US Postal has a different jersey than what he’s wearing. I call BS!!!


    “…When you employer mocks you, whoa!”

    I wouldn’t make too much of that since I would suspect sour grapes on Bravo’s part as a result of Jim Bellino’s blog which they are unable to censor should he offer a slant to the show that doesn’t tow the company line.


    You are very wrong regarding the pathology at the time of surgery thing. Only some of the time is it possible to make a diagnosis at the time of surgery on what is known as the frozen section. The rest of the time (at least 75%) it takes up to a week after surgery to get the final pathology report. I should know as I am a pathologist.


    Teresa Guidice evolving into someone more likeable? We part ways on this one. If anything, to me she’s become even more reprehensible.


    I hate to say it but he isn’t lying see link ttp://,3472669

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