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Mar 112012


After a two-day hiatus, I go to twitter and see this from Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi

I normally don’t do this, but there is just so much bull honkey going on in this article that I have to address…

It seems one of her cast mates has leaked this article to the New York Post. Surprising, not because of the content, but because these Orange County Divas usually take all their personal dirt to the .

Good investigative reporter that I am ( don’t say it!) I go to the OC Register, and find this headline Eddie and Tamra Reportedly Engaged, a story reported here several days ago.


Based on the timing of the article in the New York Post, I may go with Gretchen on this one, unless Slade leaked it behind her back for the publicity.

Why believe Gretchen, who has lied so much in the past?  While we are watching Season 7 unfold, this is the post season for them., meaning they are anxiously awaiting new contracts, if there is to be a season 8.

Who’s the comes to mind…she ended the season awfully angry, according to what she said about the brutal finale episode.  ?  Even Simon Barney comes to mind, but he and Tamra usually play out their drama on Facebook.

Here’s the story

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi desperately tried to get Bravo to pay for an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Slade Smiley — plus a lavish trip — after her rival Tamra Barney was proposed to by Eddie Judge.

Bikini-wearing, blond Gretchen and self proclaimed “hottest housewife” Tamra’s relationship has descended into a bitter feud over multiple seasons on the Bravo reality show, despite recent efforts to make peace.

A source told us, “The housewives are always trying to one up each other, and the engagements are just another example of that. Gretchen was trying to hustle for an engagement storyline after hearing her rival had a ring.

According to one source, “They called Bravo producers and asked if they would pay for the engagement ring and travel arrangements for a proposal in an exotic location. Bravo said no.”

Smiley, an ex-mortgage broker, has gone through well-publicized financial troubles. The “house-husband” has even been called a deadbeat father on the show by the other housewives for allegedly not paying child support for two sons he has with an exgirlfriend — a claim that Smiley denies.

Slade ‘s children, Gavin and Grayson, are by two baby mamas, Gavin is no longer a minor. Grayson, 11, is battling brain cancer.  Slade has had the child support order, owing some $138,000, whittled down to $775.00 a month.


Gretchen, meanwhile, launched a cosmetics line and produced handbags, but has faced her own legal battles.

Last April, Gretchen’s former business partner,RonAnn Meyers  sued her for $100,000, alleging breach of contract and fraud. Slade is now working for Gretchen.


While neither Tamra nor Bravo will confirm that she is engaged, sources tell us that Eddie Judge recently proposed — and he paid for her engagement ring. Bravo, we’re told, had to reshoot some scenes to edit in the news.

This is doubtful. Season 7 is done. But Bravo has been known to re-edit, as we know.

Do you believe Gretchen?

The airs Tuesday nights on Bravo TV.

  8 Responses to “Gretchen Rossi Denies New York Post Story”


    A little off-topic, but what is the consensus on Gretchen’s relationship with Jeff? If it was fake for the cameras and Gretchen was in it just for the money, wouldn’t Jeff’s family have come forward to protest publicly?


    hahaha! Maybe Bravo would ahve said yes to Slade if he wasnt such a scumbucket and universally hated.

    If Gretchen is so concerned about her spot on the next season, she should seriously consider breaking up with Slade as her next storyline. As many people who hate Slade, I think many would tune in for that.


    Oh and while taking a bath, I had a great “AHA!!!” moment. Why would an ORANGE COUNTY housewife leak a story to the NEW YORK post? Well duh, because they didn’t, that leak came straight out of BRAVO corporate headquarters. Miss Andy be laughing his a$$ off. I am so smart and witty, I slay myself.


      Hello Lisa!!
      Good to know yo’re still kickin’ it in the OC! Yes, I believe the leak came from Bravo also, or is some of the nasty dribblings from TweetMaxine’s mouth.

      Thanks, been missing your comments, everywhere. Good to know some things never change.


      I’ve got more, but like a good story, this is going to take time to unfold. So, let’s start from the beginning. Tamra and Eddie got engaged last month in an exotic location with a ring that Eddie PAID FOR HIMSELF. A fan who was vacationing in the same exotic locale spotted the two and tweeted about it. Slade found out and there was NO WAY that Tamra and Eddie were going to walk of with the prize of scoring the first RHOC spinoff show, so he asked BRAVO to pay for a ring and a exotic location to pop the question to Gretchy. Meanwhile, it is suspected that Slade leaked the news of Tamra’s engagement to the press, throwing a huge monkey wrench into BRAVO’s publicity timeline, so now someone at BRAVO is spanking Slade’s a$$ hard by exposing his attempt to put out a fake storyline. Some things never change. Good luck in court Jay. Jay will settle for nothing less than a PUBLIC apology from Gretchen.


    Here is the full FB response regarding the NY Post article:

    I normally don’t do this, but there is just so much bull honkey going on in this article that I have to address some of the ridiculous statements. Who comes up with this non-sense anyways?

    A. I never asked Bravo to pay for an engagement ring or exotic trip
    B. I didn’t know Slade was considering asking me to marry him until I saw him ask his Mom on the show (the same time the world saw it)
    C. I didn’t even know you could try and steal away a story line from another cast memeber, that is just ridiculous.
    D. The lawsuit against Slade and I has been dropped and dismissed
    E. Slade most certainly does not work for me and never has. He has only helped me with my business, as any good partner would. He has his own job working for a company in advertising and marketing.

    It is true that the lawsuit brought by makeup artist RonAnn appears to have been dropped, but Jay’s lawsuit is still alive and kicking. In fact, several housewives were served yesterday . . . who can testify about the FAKE storyline Slade set up for Gretchen in order to get her cast on RHOC . . . and silly Gretchen went along with it then and continues to go along with Slade’s cockamamie and legally questionable suggestions today. “He’s old, he’s sick, he’s DYING”!!! yeah, Slade’s twisted tagline for Gretchy’s Season 4 story. You can thank me later Sharon. Snarf.


    Well it is true that GRETCHEN did not ask BRAVO for a ring and a trip. SLADE did, and it is very possible that he was brokering another deal behind Gretchen’s back to get their own “Gretchen & Slade get married” spinoff show. (ala Pussycat Dolls) To BRAVO’s credit, they turned Slade down flat, telling him to go propose to Gretchen on his own dime. I have newfound respect for BRAVO if they’re actually going to put the reality back into reality television. Also it is very possible that someone on the BRAVO staff leaked the story to give us all a good story to snark on. The gossip’s been pretty dull this season.


    Do I believe Gretchen that she did not ask Bravo to fund an engagement ring and exotic location for the proposal? No, I do not believe her denials. With the hiding of the slimy salary and everything else Bravo has done for this pathetic excuse of a man (and his various lovers) why would this be an out of line request? The real news would be that Bravo refused.

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