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Feb 242012


But instead she was shrill.

Sorry folks, I couldn’t help it. I was out to dinner last night when my phone blew up with tweets.  I knew something was going on with , but frankly, I’m tired of reporting on her antics and shenanigans. But didn’t I once refer to her as a “blogger’s dream”?

Anyway, here’s how it went down. The Jewish Federation of Dallas invited , her sister Lisa Wexler and the OMG mother Gloria Kamen to be the entertainment at their Women’s Event at Night.  On the invitation, they describe Jill as the “breakout star” of the ”.  Clearly Jewish women in Dallas never watched the show or read blogs (naughty girls).

Instead of entertaining the women, Lisa Wexler, a Connecticut attorney, went on the attack against stay at home mothers and women who hadn’t been in the workforce in 5 years, labeling them ‘irrelevant”.

The women were so insulted many walked out of the venue.  What was Jill doing? Trying to sell that book of theirs that everyone else has forgotten.

The Jewish Community was so upset, they issued an apology email to the membership:

Thank you so much for attending the Women’s Event at Night. We were thrilled with the turnout, and especially proud that 150 new donors were present. We were equally as proud of the success of our Younger Set’s Women-to-Women mitzvah project and the generous outpouring of support and the number of donations of much needed necessities that will benefit hundreds of women in our community through Jewish Family Service.Alina Spaulding was tremendous and presented a compelling case for giving. She wonderfully illustrates the purpose of the Federation and represents the very best of who we are and what we represent as women, a Jewish community, and Jewish peoplehood.We also realize that our entertainment after dinner was a true and complete disappointment. Their presentation was not what we had planned with them and certainly did not meet our expectations of a funny and poignant take on Jewish motherhood. We can assure you that we attempt to bring in only speakers who will deliver an entertaining and relevant message with respect to our audience.

We hope that the message you took away from the evening was Alina’s: “It is because of you, and what you do, that I am here today. All that I have, and all that my family has, all that we have been able to accomplish and will accomplish in our futures is because of you and what you did for us, and what you continue to do by giving, and asking others to give.”

We appreciate and thank you for all you do for so many and your continued support.

For the complete story, including the invitation, go to TV TIME 101

Moral of the story: Do not mess with stay at home moms!

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  16 Responses to “Jill the Shill Should Have Chilled”


    This story goes back to may, 2010 at the NYC Limelight Market. It was the opening of an indoor elaborate “market” type atmosphere at 20th street and where chic shops and kiosks set up at 20th st. and 6th ave.
    I was only 18 at the time and a full time student at Columbia university. That day I was assigned to a kiosk that sold pet items and food. This red headed woman runs up and says “what do you have that I can take home.” I said we had many items from pet snacks to doggie coats for winter. She then said “I’ll take a few bags of the doggy biscuits. When I told her it would be $15.49 she replied, Oh honey I’m Jill Zarin from the NYC Housewives popular show, I dont’t pay for anything,” I got instantly nervous! Is she right? If I say that’s not our policy will I get fired? Was she a somebody? I was so intimidated by this older woman, who already had about 8 bags on her arm, that I was forced and compelled to give her a bag of dog biscuits for free. Thankfully I didn’t lose my job after this. When I later asked who she was, a few people there said it was Jill Zarin and her husband, who just stood a few feet behind her, Bobby Zarin.
    It was a very nervous moment in my life and her attitude of entitlement was very uncalled for.


    I am a waiter at a restaurant that Jill frequents in Manhattan. Whenever she comes in, we all draw straws and whoever gets the shortest straw loses and has to serve her table and her bad attitude.


    Yes she is the same. Jill also loves to go to events and grabs everything in sight for free, leaving little for everyone else. A very sad person indeed.


    Is this the same Jill Zarin that posted very vile and negative comments on Amazon under the fake name Susan Saunders? btw…Saunders was Jill’s last name before she married for money.


    This is the same Jill Zarin that wanted a restaurant in nyc to comp her dinner for 8 people because it was her birthday a few months ago. The restaurant said no. She just doesn’t get it.


    Hey Jill, your 15 minutes are up! Go away and stay away!


    Maybe Jill needs to tell her sister to ZIP IT!! Her sister is as big a nobody as Jill is…..way to sink the ship Wexler! haha


    Only Jeel Barrin!! What a heel!


    Only Jeel Barrin!! What a heel!


    Why would she do that? What an idiot! Women don’t need other women attacking them!

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