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Feb 212012


Melissa Gorga of the has a great sense of humor. I discovered this as some of my twitter friends and I were talking about the songs. Someone brought up Melissa’s “On Display”, and I protested because then the song was in my head.

A few hours later, I get a message from Melissa:


On display on display on display!!! Sorry I had to do it… Lol!

She got me!! I had to laugh. That was exactly the way to handle it,.

Many times, when cast members in the Real Housewives franchise don’t like what bloggers and people on twitter have to say about them, they block you on twitter. Like that matters, you can continue to see their tweets. It doesn’t endear them to you, and some bloggers become angry and bitter.  It’s a two-way street….some people say some pretty awful things to them.

Not me. I just write. The truth. Some can’t handle it….Proudly blocked by:

See what I mean?  unblocked me and became a follower after I wrote this”:


Good for you, Melissa! “Cause you’re on display, on display, on display…….

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    Midway thru season 2, I tweeted that Melissa was improving, IMO, because her hate rants had lessened considerably. I was already blocked by her. I suggested that she stop allowing her family and friends do the dirty work because it still reflected poorly on her! I added, if we could just get to know Melissa, sans her anger at Teresa, she would gain so much more!
    Within an hour, I was attacked by The Sisters. I was told I had it twisted, I was a hater and I obviously had no clue how families are supposed to behave. I replied that I absolutely understand loyalty and reinterated my point that all their hate, was keeping us, the viewers, from being able to see the good and funny in Melissa. Their reply? You WISH! and you’re now BLOCKED by all of us!
    My point was never understood and they continued the exact behavior I was talking about in my initial Tweet!
    I’m in agreement. The blocking, mean, hate talk/tweets does nothing positive for any of them.
    I’m excited to see Melissa make fun! I’m thrilled she didn’t take it personally and she gave in a light happy way. Go Melissa!


    Juicy Joe doesn’t have a twitter account so I am not sure who blocked you. Teresa has commented several times about it.
    Sorry but I am not a fan of the former Lookers employee. I find it strange that she had to tweet you right her tweet about Teresa on CA and you coming out saying that you were now a fan of Teresa. I will give one thing to the former Lookers employee she is smart and knows how to make herself appear to be all sweet and nice. Until she starts telling the truth about all the DS emails, phone calls, the tape sent to Bravo to get on the show and all the damage that she and her husband Mr PW Joey Marco have done I will never give her a break. Don’t get me wrong. Teresa is not a saint but she doesn’t tweet or retweet nasty remarks about her family and she had publicly said she was sorry many times even saying she was sorry for thing she didn’t do.


    I agree that she was thin skinned with Jay Mohrt. Maybe she learned from that and is taking more in stride. I hope so. Teresa definitely needs to learn to do so.


    Sorry…i think Melisa Gorga is just gettin better advice from a PR standpoint. She is forever fake and insincere in all tht she does. SHe made an azz out of herself when she tried to go toe to toe with comedian Jay Mahr. Her and her famewhore sisters then went after a blogger and started a battle royal with her for a blog that this woman wrote. Then she lies and tries to cover up on twitter regarding another blogger. At this point FAke Melissa wants to do an image cleanse….she consistantly tweets sweet nothings to reality tea and she has started playin nice to many bloggers. She knows that this will be the key to winning fans in the up coming season. Let’s face reality…..bloggers can make or break you lol.


    you have it absolutely right, I remember making a joke about Brandi Glanville before the season started, and instead of getting mad, she tweeted back that the joke was funny.. It changed my perception of her.

    Look at last year, when everyone was hating Camille, she turned it around this year. Honestly if comments are bothering celebs, they are better not to get online till they get some perspective..

    Mel actually started following me after I defended her for not giving Ilana an interview.. Mel was never my favorite on the NJ cast, but I find myself feeling sorry for her, because no matter what she does, its going to get attacked by Teresas fans.. She shows up for Gias birthday party and yet thats not enough…

    I like Mel and Teresa about equally I think they both have created problems and both have been hurt by each other…

    Blathering here, just wanted to agree with a funny comment rather than getting butthurt turneth away wrath..

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