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UPDATE FEBRUARY 8, 2014:  Kara and Kyle married today in Coto de Caza.  The wedding may be filmed for season 9 of the Real Housewives of Orange County


One of the most popular search terms on Absurd2Sublime is  Kara Keough . She certainly captured our attention during the first four seasons of the .  The daughter of Matt and Jeana Keough, we met her as a brash, level-headed honest 16 year old in 2006, she has grown into a mature, self possessed and still honest young woman, very mature for her 22 years.

She agreed to an exclusive with me while vacationing with boyfriend Kyle Bosworth of the Jacksonville Jaguars in Hawaii. The couple met at their alma mater, UCLA.

A2S: Was it a tough decision moving to Jacksonville, Florida after spending your life as a Southern California girl?

Kara: Moving to Florida was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. For me, it was a decision that I’m still very proud of. I love Orange County, but I think I got what I could from the place and needed to learn more about the people and world outside of my bubble. My mom (Jeana Keough) acted like she thought I’d come running home screaming after a few weeks… But in my opinion, that was her way of dealing with me moving across the country… Thinking it was only a long vacation.

A2S:  Is it true you and Kyle are house hunting? Are there marriage plans in the future for you two?

Kara:  We’ve kept our eyes open for profitable markets and investment opportunities in Florida, California, and Texas. But neither of us is entirely sure where we’ll call home when football is over for Kyle.
As for marriage, I think he and I would both be very lucky if we were blessed forever with the amazing relationship we have today. But only time will tell.

A2S:  How are Shane and Colton?

Kara:Shane and Colton both work for my mom’s boyfriend’s company out of Newport Beach, Pacific Avalon Yacht Charters. Shane works in sales and Colton works onboard to make sure all the weddings and events go smoothly. Very suitable to both of their personalities.



                                        Kyle Bosworth and Kara Keough


A2S:. Is your father all right? (Former Oakland A’s star Matt Keough)

My dad still suffers, and will always suffer, from irreparable brain damage. Unfortunately, after experiencing a subdural hematoma, some people struggle with their ability to cope. And for my dad, our lives definitely throw challenges his way that sometimes for him, are too much for his intelligent, yet damaged, brain to deal with alone. Alcoholism is a scary disease. And even if you’re “recovering,” the monster never goes away.

A2S: What did you learn from being on reality television? Do you like the direction the Real Housewives of Orange County has taken, with all the conflict between the

Kara: Reality television taught me to be self-reflective and to try to create a filter for myself. I have ADD, and my impulsive language and comments were seriously put to the test for years… And for me, that’s a good thing. I learned how to control my verbal diarrhea and my Irish temper. Although, had I been at the party where wine was thrown into my mom’s eyes and she was shoved and made a villain of, no amount of reality television prep school could have kept me calm, cool, and quiet.

(Kara is referring to the finale episode on Season 6 and the major conflict between her mother and Tamra Barney)

A2S:. Do you think everything that played out with your family on national television made you grow up faster?

Kara: Even before the show, I had a tendency to skip 5-7 years ahead of my age on the maturity scale. Supposedly there’s studies that help describe why daughters of addicts do this, but I haven’t read them. I wouldn’t say the show made me grow up, but everything that happened throughout the course of the show definitely did.

A2S: Do you miss the limelight?

Kara: I do. I was born into a family of people who were accustomed to attention… I am, after all, the product of a professional athlete and an actress/model. I would, in all honesty, love to be on camera again. I’ve spent time in front of one since I was 4 years old and I miss it.  (Kara played the role of the little girl in the 1995 hit movie “Outbreak”, starring Dustin Hoffmann, which seems to play on cable every day)
I also think the life I have the pleasure of living right now is so cool and people would definitely find it as hilarious as I do. My boyfriend, (the nephew of the infamous Brian Bosworth), is a linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars. His identical twin dates my best friend, and also plays football professionally. We live in a crazy house with some of Kyle’s teammates and it feels like the Keough house with the rotating hotel door. It’s interesting to see a bunch of young twenty-something kids figure out how to be adults away from their family and friends, myself included. My current struggles are typical of fresh-out-of-college-graduates, with career- hunting and adjusting to domestic independence (cooking, buying toilet paper, having extended stays by your partner’s family), but also different because, well, every week I get to get together with a bunch of gorgeous, funny, and clever women as we watch our men play a game for their job. How cool is that? But every year, we have to stress and worry about whether our guys are safe- safely on the active roster, safe from injury, and safe from the “Turk” who could cut or trade them at ANY minute throughout the year. Kinda scary, but, as I told my mom today as she begged me to move back home until season starts again, I wouldn’t trade my life right now for anything.

Thank you, Kara.

Season 7 of the R of Orange County premieres February 7.

  29 Responses to “Kara Keough 2012: Expanding Horizons”


    I am fortunate to get to meet Kyle as he trains at my gym during off season. With that, I also got to meet Kara. I have to be honest, my jaw dropped when I first saw her. I had no idea that she had moved to Jacksonville at first. They are both good and genuine people.


    Hi Sharon, loved the interview. Nice to see something more “in-depth” than most. Great work!

    Kara…come back to tv! We love ya!


    Kara, great interview.


    “Very suitable to both their personalities.” lmao! Kara is So diplomatic! I read between the lines and see, “You all know my brothers are stupid doofuses (and that is the best that could be said for Shane) with no talent but baseball. They are lucky that they have this gig and they are not intellectually equipped for anything else.”

    it seems that successfully learned some lessons about the perils of verbal diarrhea from his ucle. I hadnt really heard of him before this, which means he isnt a moron football player mouthing off and causing trouble (a la his uncle).

    Good for both of them, they seem like really great young adults.


    She is so refreshing!! Bravo needs to consider her for a show — seriously! After a season of Taylor and all that dark negativity, Bravo needs someone like this sweetie. Talk about ratings….bet she could pull off a winner! So nice to see a young girl from the OC to be so cheerful, smart, and interesting. Good for her!


    I think she should get her own show! Especially since Bethenny’s Bravo show will be ending. Kara has the same honesty and quick wit. It sounds like her life right now would be interesting! Very cool exclusive interview! Way to go getting it and thanks to Kara for it, too!


    Too bad Matt Keough never enjoyed his family.


      Matt had a traumatic brain injury. It makes for an impossibly rough time for all.


      Matt’s brain injury didn’t ruin his ability to have a good family life. Alcoholism ruined his relationship with his family. Kara is a super kid! Wish she was on TV! She’s so quick witted! Never at a lose for words. Good words!


    Kara has grown up to be a great girl, especially for her age. Her parents did something right.


    Yes, a great interview and reminded me about something else Keough. I watched Moneyball this week, and in the closing credits I saw that one of the characters in the film was meant to be Matt Keough.


    Loved this interview! Thanks.

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