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Jan 162012


kim and ken greet lisa on arrival at SUR (sorry about the poor quality)

When 54 year old Ramona Singer thought she was pregnant in the finale episode of the  , it was funny. With , not so much.

More spoilers

I have more empathy for former child star Kim Richards than most, but, in watching this episode, I realize the Kim we have come to know is totally gone. She is infinitely worse off mentally than she was in Hawaii, as impossible as that seems. No wonder Bravo covered its collective ass by sending her to rehab before these episodes, especially this one, aired.

During this episode, it is revealed that sister Kyle Richards has had no contact with her since Hawaii, June 29, and this episode was filmed sometime between the end of July and September.

Her behavior is like an out of body experience of some sort, she has become a drug-filled zombie. She is unable to get ready for what was obviously supposed to be the finale episode, despite having a hotel room close to the event and ’s prodding.  She is unable to keep her hands still, her sentences are mostly nonsensical.

When they arrive at SUR, Adrienne Maloof is the first to notice that something is terribly wrong. They go off to the bathroom and Kim complains about Ken, but by now you realize Kim is so delusional that nothing she says can be taken as the truth.

They leave the bathroom and Adrienne immediately goes to find Kyle, saying she should see about her sister. Kyle questions Kim closely, to no avail, Kim is totally unable to make sense. That’s when Kim says she’s three months late. Kim is too out of it to understand that this is probably the first sign of menopause. At 48,  extremely underweight, on drugs, a slightly early menopause is a 100% possibility.

As Dr. Sophy and Taylor arrive, Kim locks herself into the bathroom again, verbally abusing Ken as he tries to get her out. He talks to Mauricio Umansky’s mother, Dr. Estella, who is finally able to get her out.

It’s all so sorry and sad. She’s out of rehab, reportedly at the Betty Ford Center, as of last week. Half-sister Kathy Hilton is parading her around in an attempt to fool Bravo into thinking she’s alright.

Other highlights from this episode



  10 Responses to “Spoiler Alert! Kim Richards’ Breakdown Episode 19”


    She is pregnant. That’s why she went to rehab. Did you see the promo of her talking to Andy on tonight s WWHL. KIM is Preggers.


    And I may be totally wrong, but that sure looked like Dana at the very end with Kim and Estella?


    Good Lord – when you have 4 kids by 3 daddies, why in h*ll would you not figure out what is causing it and take some BIRTH CONTROL!! Kim can’t take care of herself, much less more kids! I believe y’all must be correct that she was trying for 18 more years of child support. Disgusting!


    I thought I saw RuPaul coming in the door during the promos!! 😉 can’t wait to watch this train derail completely!


    i think it is meth like brandi accused her of. she seems like a tweaker more so than a drinker, although she does drink too much also.


    Yes 48 is when the missed periods started, not just for myself but many of my girlfriends. Good try Kim but you missed another 18 years of child support$$$. Never let it be said the Richards Sisters don’t know how to exploit men and their money.
    Mamma Big Kathy would be so proud….

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