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Jan 062012


Teresa Giudice on location for 'Celebrity Apprentice' - Nov 11, 2011

Whether anyone likes it or not, is the true “breakout star” of the .

Her life reads like a soap opera, actually, better than a soap opera, since she joined Dina Manzo, Danielle Staub, and in 2008 with the first season.

Then, she was the ditzy sidekick of Jacqueline and Dina, with over the top tacky taste, three daughters and a hulk of a husband she referred to as Juicy Joe.

A table flip, another daughter, three New York Times bestselling cookbooks, a signature cocktail and a stint on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice later, Teresa is a very different woman from the one e first met.

Word on the street is Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita will be gone after airs. Those of you that can’t see having the guts to get rid of Mama Manzo; remember we felt the same way about ( and look what happened to her!) Not to mention Teresa is one of Bravo’s top moneymakers.




Bringing in Teresa’s relatives was a bad idea for the franchise, they, along with the Manzo’s and all the Manzo hangers on, did everything they could to destroy Teresa. They continue to do so even today, with Melissa Gorga’s sisters working overtime on twitter to disparage Teresa any way they can.

Caroline Manzo is not only angry about the Punta Cana incident, but the Celebrity Apprentice gig was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her. She tried to get on Celebrity Apprentice herself, or get golden child Albie (can you imagine?) on, ended up making herself look foolish.


Yes, I know I’ve been one of Teresa’s harshest critics, but I admire spunk and stamina. My respect for her started when she decided to try to pay back the 8 million dollars she owes to her creditors.

In the meantime, the Manzo’s, the Laurita’s have dirty laundry by the bucket load, all surfacing. Can anyone say karma?


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    Okay all you Teresa lovers – love on – but stop bullsh–ing about dropping her bankruptcy – this was not a move of duty or graciousness on her part – she dropped her bankruptcy to keep her A$$ out of jail and so did Joe. It strickly a legal move to cover their a$$es. This woman and her husband are the type of people who would have kept to their bankruptcy goals had they not been all over BRAVO splashing wads of money they claim they didn’t have.


      Exactly. She didn’t stop the bankruptcy because she felt the need to pay back any money. She knew they would be totally busted in all their lies and there would be prison time involved..for both of them. You watch, it isn’t over…bankruptcy is in their future, as soon as she gets their ducks in a row. Guaranteed.


      I know the T haters would like to believe she dropped her bankruptcy petition to get out of jail. Maybe that’s partially true. But do you really think the bankruptcy courts would have let her drop all her obligations while she brought in the bacon by the bucketload???? I don’t think so.

      A scam artist who wanted to get away with getting all their debts cancelled would have stopped working, minimized their income, and let the courts cancel their obligations. Did Teresa do that? No. She has been hussling to maximize her earnings any which way she can, all while her petition was in the courts. Then she dropped her petition altogether saying she plans to pay off all her obligations.

      So let’s say all the naysayers are right and she refiles for bankruptcy. Guess what happens? ALL this income she has been generating from working her ass off (RHONJ, book tours, new cookbooks, Celebrity Apprentice, makeup, cocktails, etc) will all go towards the remaining obligations. Why would she work so hard if she is going to refile again and have it all go to her existing obligations? Or maybe, just maybe, she’s working her butt off so she could get out of this hole as fast as she can and then start rebuilding her assets.

      The facts are the facts. You may not like T, call her an opportunist if you want, but I think we can all agree she is working extremely hard. And we all know she still has outstanding debt. So whether she files again or actually pays off her debt, all this income she’s making now will go against her debt, one way or another. So like her or not, she IS working to pay off her debt.


    Thanks for the article! Love Teresa! strong woman! Must be hard having your sister in law and pussywhipped brother riding your coattails


    I felt bad for her at last seasons reunion. Caroline is so good with words, meanwhile poor Teresa can barely put a sentence together. I truly believe she’s in the right, but she’s just so bad at defending herself that it makes her look wrong. It’s very telling that even Dina is on Teresa’s side. Dina’s always been very level headed and I think she sees the situation for what it truly is. Hopefully “The Celebrity Apprentice” will show Teresa in a positive light again and this will be a year of redemption for her.


      to show the spirit of Teresa, after blocking me for two years, she unblocked and followed. She unblocked several people. None of the others would ever do that, IMO


    Please say it isn’t so! Not that I will miss them, just not all at once. Teresa’s ego is going to cause her head to explode!


    What you’re suggesting would be unprecedented.
    While Bravo did a major clean up with RHONY they retained 3 from the current cast. Since I wouldn’t miss the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas or Wakiles it sounds like a great shake-up but it’s just so extreme it doesn’t sound plausible.
    We can live in hope, though.


    I wish they were on long enough for them to be harassed about all their troubles with money and the law they should have to have their whole lifes be picked apart like they did to Teresa and her family I’d love to see them all fall apart.


    That is the thing i like about Teresa, and i’m not even a fan. I tell myself would i be able to do this and on TV nonetheless. She just keeps on pressing on, and i like that. She should call Taylor and talk to her. Taylor needs to stop portraying that she is a victim. STOP being victims, rise up against fools and make something of yourself, and that is why i like Teresa this year. Bravo tried to play her, her own family betrayed her, her friends quit her, but she manages to keep on going and focus on her goals. Many women (tamra Barney) would have left their husband when the ships are down, but this chick took the captain hat and steered her own. Shout out to ALL the working women out there, whether it’s in the home or workplace…KICK ASS


      Need a “like” button for JD’s post. I have not been a Teresa fan since season 1, but you gotta hand it to her – as my grandpa used to say here in the south “that girl ain’t got no quit in her”.


      Right On, Amerlia, Any woman working as hard as Teresa is deserves respect. Look at all the Real Housewives who consider themselves “too prettty to wor” like Sheree Whitfield and Tamra Barney. In the same situation, would they step up?

      I truly believe Teresa didn’t know what Joe was doing with their finances. She was different when we met her years ago. Yes, she dropped the bankruptcy to keep from going to jail, so what? She’s been a self and family supporting superwoman ever since.


    Celebrity Ap[prentice is hard work, Can you imagine Caroline Manzo working?


    oh gawd i hope this is true!!!!!!!


    Albie on Celebrity Apprentice? My side hurts from laughing so hard!!!
    It makes sense that Bravo would keep Teresa. She is the top money maker for the NJ franchise. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy anything the other cast members peddled.

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