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Jan 052012


UPDATE 6/25/2012

As Season 7 of the of Orange County comes to an end,  we are left to wonder why , the “Friend of the Housewives” was basically edited out.

We heard references to scenes that were shot of her and the senior citizen “” she’s having an affair with, but we never saw him.

And, until “Cake-gate”, a desperate attempt to get some screen time, we barely saw her.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, and stumbled across this:

For All Trekkies:


14hTerry Dubrow M.D.,Terry Dubrow M.D.,@DrDubrow

Winchester mystery house has contacted me without provocation.They state @SarahRHOCis not related directly or otherwise to Oliver Winchester



18hTerry Dubrow M.D.,Terry Dubrow M.D.,@DrDubrow

Can u summarize?“@nitebloominjaz: @HeatherDubrow @DrDubrow I requested info on Sarah from Winchester trust. He answered in email. If you’d

It seems that someone contacted the Winchester House Museum in San Jose and they contacted Dr. Dubrow.  The people running the home confirm that there is no connection between Sarah Winchester of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and Oliver Winchester who gave the company his name.  His son William Winchester married a Sarah, but she died in 1922 and her only daughter/child died as a baby.

On twitter, Sarah’s account has been fighting with Heather for days and now Sarah claims her phone was stolen and the person who stole it hacked her account to fight with Heather and defend Sarah.  It’s a little hard to believe, but so is her claim to be a Winchester heiress.

The information regarding Sarah and her lack of a relationship to the Winchester rifle dynasty  is also in one of the comments below


The are introducing a new “friend of the show” for Season 7, Sarah Winchester.

When I wrote about her in , I implied she may be related to the Winchester Rifle family the same way is related to the Henry Fords….not at all.

I admit after covering the Real Housewives franchise, with all the schemers, scammers, liars and lawsuits, I’m jaded.  I’ve learned to expect a lie before honesty.

Anyway, I received the following from someone named Winchester who wanted to set the record straight:


The OC housewives friend “Sarah Winchester” is Directly related to Oliver Winchester. That is her Great, Great, Great Grandfather, I believe. There is no blood relation to the other Sarah Winchester that you are referring too that built The Mystery House. She had married into the family which was Oliver’s second wife after his first wife had died. Once he passed Sarah started building on to the house which is to this day very well known not just in our community but all around the world as one of our historic landmarks of the Winchester Firearms family. The Sarah from the Housewives show that you are referring to is in fact a direct blood descendent of the Winchester family by 3 generations through Oliver Winchester, not his wife. The family would like to officially clear that up so there is no confusion. The TV show’s Sarah Winchester is a wonderful girl and she will always have our love and support. Good luck with the show my Dear. We send her our best.

Two things we do know, she’s a beautiful brunette, which will not sit well with “the hottest housewife in Orange County” Tamra Barney, or with Queen Bee , who doesn’t like new people invading her territory.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 premieres February 7, 2012 on Bravo TV.

Another scammer……oh well.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Part 2 will air Tuesday night on Bravo.

  22 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Who Is Sarah Winchester? UPDATE UPDATE”


    anyone else find it funny that Sarah Winchester (the dead one) was supposedly Oliver Winchester’s 2nd wife? She actually married Oliver’s only son, William, you know, Oliver’s only child that would carry on the Winchester name. Better yet, William and Sarah had one child who passed away very young. So how did the current sarah winchester end up with that last name?


    She’s a known gold-digger. Her last boyfriend was a rich 65 year old . Now shes hooking up with the fat perv who owns yardhouse. He’s in his late 50’s but looks way older and dates girls in their twenties who look like they could be his granddaughter.


    Sarah has a son so she wAs married before


    There was rumors in my family, a posible family line from Thomas Jesserson and Supreme Court Justice John Marshal. We never gave it a second thought. When I did my family tree, I found out, we are related to both of them. Marshal was a distant cousin to Jefferson, the DNA gene is still there. So, you never know, somewhere in her tree, she might be related.


    So in reading the email that A2S received and all the comments posted here, it sounds to me as if they email from the”family” is in fact either Winchester herself or one of her PR flacks.

    I dont know why people lie regarding things that are SO easy to check out, espeicially in the day and age of the internet. Look at teh Salahis – they never, ever quit their lies – ever! no matter what evidence surfaced,e.g., Micaele’s total BS about having MS. btw – havent heard about that since she ran off with the over-the-hill rockstar.

    I think Bravo deliberately cast this woman, knowing that waht she claims is false. B/c the lies, and all the info debunking her, is just that much more press for the show.


    You know, in re-reading the disclaimer from “the family,” it is funny that you also take for granted that the information correcting you and that she indeed is related to Oliver through his first marriage is just taken for granted as true!
    When you say you are related to a public figure, there is so much information out there about that person, so it is so easy to check.

    First she says she is Oliver’s great great great granddaughter “I believe.” Well, if you are truely “the family” wouldn’t you know for sure?
    Then she says she is related to Oliver’s first wife, not his second wife Sarah who built the house after he died. Both factually inaccurate.

    Then she says the house in “our community” is part of the Winchester Firearms family. Well, the house was only in the Winchester family while owned by Sarah. It is owned by an investment group not associated with the firearms company. It even says that in the information provided by the Winchester Mystery House website, which by the way provides a family tree!!

    Sarah Winchester moved out West after her husband died, all the other Winchester’s community would be on the East coast not the West coast. Her sister who was a Pardee, not Winchester, moved out here and whenever a relative wanted to “visit” her out here, she knew it was for money and never formally received them, but had a staff member greet them at the door with a check. They were not invited in.

    There is a book about her: Captive of the Labyrinth: Sarah L. Winchester, Heiress to the Rifle Fortune, that suggests that her never ending building was more to keep relatives from the East visiting as she was always “under construction and not able to receive visitors.”

    In reading it here: you will see that she was actually a very smart and saavy business woman who turned her inheritance into a large investment on her own.


    I think she is scamming all these people in the OC who think she is an heir. For some reason she is benefiting by telling them her name is Sarah Winchester … like in the rifles. Maybe she says “If you loan me $XX, I will be able to repay you once all the legal issues are resolved for my inheritance.” Or “I am looking for a house in the area, so I will only need to stay with you a short while.” All somehow related to the money is coming after some legal snafu.


      No matter what the truth is, it will come out. This is, after all, reality television!


      The thing is, I think you should remove the texzt attributed to GL Winchester who speaks for the family because it is full of inaccuracies that can be found anywhere on the Internet in searching the founder Oliver Fisher Winchester!
      This same quote is posted on all the blogs word for word whenever someone questioned her being an heir.
      It is not possible for her to be an heir in anyway and be named Winchester.


      After seeing a preview clip, I think I kinda get it now. Seems that Heather Bubrow is warned by Miss Sarah’s boyfriend not to let her in. Let her in to what? And why? Maybe she is found out to be a scammer or what do they call them … grifter?


    Not based on Wikipedia, but many sources, her statement that she is related to Oliver is not possible and still have the name Winchester. Oliver had one wife and it was not Sarah. That info is going around whenever anyone questions her. Oliver the founder of the company had one wife, who died 18 years after him. When he died in 1880, his only son William took over the company. His wife was Sarah. When he died, Sarah inherited 50% of the company. As the only son, William would be the only line to have the Winchester name – they had only one child who died as an infant – thus ending the Winchester name associated with anyone in the company. His sister’s husband Oliver Bennett was the last relative to head the company before it was bought out by the Olin Company to avoid going bankrupt. The Winchester House is owned by an investment group called Winchester Investments, but there are no relatives involved in that group. When Sarah Winchester died, she did not leave her house to anyone, so it was sold to a private investor not realted to her. It was not kept in the Winchester family as that poster implies. Any person related to the founder Oliver would be through his father Samuel who had three wives, but they would not be associated with the company or running the company. There are no heirs (meaning a person who would inherit) to the company named Winchester. She could somehow be “related” to the founder, but would not be in a position to monetarily benefit as an “heir.”


    According to Wikipedia, the Sarah Winchester that built the Winchester Mystery House was married to Oliver Winchester’s son William Wirt Winchester. Oliver Winchester only had one wife and died in 1880. Sarah Winchester didn’t begin building the Winchester Mystery House until 1884. Whomever sent you the above message, did not do any fact checking.


      @SDMom…. Just an FYI, Wikipedia is not always accurate and in fact anyone can alter/edit any information on this site….. But however some of it can be fact, so who knows in this case unless there is another site that may back it up….


    I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this woman in a few episodes as a party guest or “friend of” as various events. She was a party guest in an episode where Alexis picked a bizarre fight with another female guest, insisting she was “hitting on” Jim (so NOT!). She may have been on the OC finale from last season when Tamra threw a drink at Jeana. I notice Bravo uses the same people for various TV shows. What happened to Fernanda? I guess her being a lesbian didn’t turn out to be as interesting as Bravo may have hoped. Anyway, they always try to bring in some outsider who never really becomes a “real” housewife to come in and stir the pot. Either way, I’m looking forwward to it.

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