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Dec 292011

The spend more time in courtrooms than  filming the show.

and her never ending courtroom drama with , Slade Smiley and his battle over child support with Michelle Arroyo over his very sick child Grayson Smiley , Jim Bellino suing Chase Bank because they had the nerve to seek foreclosure, ’s divorce, Tamra Barney’s divorce…… never ends.

, the newest housewife, has a plastic surgeon husband is currently engaged in two lawsuits  Dr. Terry Dubrow is a Newport Beach plastic surgeon.

I’m not trying to be snarky, but did he do Heather’s facelift? It’s terrible. She would be recognizable as the former actress Heather Paige Kent if she didn’t look frozen.

Heather Paige Kent

Just sayin

from buddytv:

News travels fast in the land of the Real Housewives. Just one week after Bravo announced Heather Dubrow as the newest addition to the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County, rumors of her husband’s legal baggage is popping up all over the Internet. reports that Heather’s plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, is currently involved in at least two lawsuits filed by former clients.
In 2010, the first former patient filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dubrow and the Newport Bluffs Surgery Center. The lawsuit sited general damages after the patient suffered from complications from an unspecified procedure.
The court documents read: “Defendants failed to disclose material risks of the procedure to the plaintiff and thereby failed to fully describe the procedures that were proposed and/or exceeded the scope of the disclosure and thereby failed to obtain informed consent from the plaintiff for said course of care, treatment and/or surgery. Had plaintiff been adequately informed of all the risks of the procedure, plaintiff would not have consented to said procedure.”
The plaintiff’s husband reported that his wife “has been unable to perform the duties of a spouse and the work and services usually performed in the care, maintenance and management of the family home…she will be unable to perform such work, services and duties in the future.”
In the second case, court documents reveal that another former patient filed a personal injury lawsuit against Dr. Dubrow and the Newport Heights Medical Center. The lawsuit was filed in March, 2011, and she is seeking $25,000.00 in damages accusing Dr. Dubrow of medical malpractice and general negligence.
The Dubrows have been married for over 12 years, and Dr. Dubrow is no stranger to reality TV, having previously been on The Swan and Bridalplasty. However, he’ll soon discover that joining the Real Housewives team means a lot more exposure for him and his family — good or bad.

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  10 Responses to “Newest Orange County Housewife, Newest Lawsuit”


    I would never let him work on me , no freaking way ,,,,LQQk at him , he’s butt ugly and he doesn’t know what he’s doing , he’s only after that MIGHTY DOLLAR , HE’S A JEW WHO’S DESPERATE FOR $$$$ LIKE HIS OLD LADY ….ANYBODY WHO’S DESPERATE TO GET ON “REALITY SHOW ” MUST NEED TO LOOK FOR A REAL JOB …MOOCHES
    In California it’s all KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES , you can see how these SNOBS ACT …. they’re NOT down to earth , that’s for sure ….I live in an awesome home and don’t act like im better than the next person . My home just as big and we work hard for what we’ve , and we don’t use people for $$$$$$…


    Heather Dubrow appears to be (maybe?) 95% real but, the 5% definately shows in her face. Did you see her face (specifically the way her mouth looked when she was telling the other hws about Sarah eating the bow off her cake)? I would have been completely shamed had my face been shown on tv like that. Otherwise, she is very beautiful and has tons of class… I would love to look that good with just a little less botox, sorry Heather, I love you though, you and Gretchen are my favs

    Sorry to alll you haters of Dr. Terry Dubrow, but, I would love for him to do a Total 100% Complete Transformation on me. After watching The Swan the first time it aired I wanted to be on the show. He did AMAZING work on the contestants. To bad that show did not last and I never got the chance to addition for tthe show:(:(


    He appears pretty nice on the show, but don’t let him fool you! It’s a joke that he called Alexis “fake”… this guy is so phony it’s sad! He did a breast augmentation on me a few years ago, they were uneven and different sizes and shapes! I complained about the outcome and he initially told me that one was “encapsulated” and that it was a natural response of the body to the foreign object in the body. I listened and followed his instructions of “squeezing / massaging my breasts” daily and making weekly trips down to Newport from LA for him to do the same for almost a year. Then he agreed to fix the one breast that he claimed was encapsulated. He finally agreed since I was so persistent that they were not acceptable to me. After he attempted to “fix” his hacked surgery the breasts were worse; now one nipple pointed down, they were still not symmetrical and not the same size! I listened to him say to wait for the breast to heal now for months again, when finally I had enough… I realized that he was not a competent surgeon and almost worse, he is not a genuine human being. He could care less about my well being! He actually started to have his nurses come in and tell me how they were looking sooo much better and trying to get me to agree. I told them all they looked like s**t and I was not at all happy. He finally told me that I must be a “negative” person and tried to act like I would never be satisfied, even w a perfect body (so now he’s acting like I have body dysmorphia and I’m blind!). He is not a good surgeon, not a good person and he should not be allowed to continually practice medicine negligently. It is too late for me to sue him, which is why I think he did the whole year of “squeezing” my boobs sham… but if there are other people out there in internet land who would like to file a class action law suit the time limit is mute (to my knowledge). I did attempt to write a letter requesting my money $8,000 plus the $6,000 I eventually had to spend to fix his second hacked surgery… He of course never did!


    Heather is rather ugly woman and her face does look frozen and that nose looks like a pig nose… She is jealous and a pretentious woman who thinks she is all that and more… She is boring!


      I have to agree. Btw, have you ever looked at her personal website? She’s the most vain, pompous woman I’ve ever seen! Slo-mo video of her, Terry and the kids sashaying around, in their former home–the one they sold last December. I have also read that they sold another house at a $800,000 loss a month or so later and are now (gasp) renting (she was so superior towards the Bellino’s for doing so). Kinda stupid since the real estate market in Cali has picked up considerably. Something tells me they don’t have as much money as they pretend to.


        yes seen her facebook , etcc……she has an attitude problem …..SNOB
        Theirs many people who has more than they do , and they don’t advertise it to the world …..


    I love you as the new addition. Can’t wait to see more.

    The lawsuits are part of business & should be kept separate from the show. That is why doctors have malpractice insurance.


    2 law suits.yes tamra alexis really wants to be like heather.alexis,has something none of you have the lord.she is my fav and the least phony.peggy and tamra so mean .tamra it is her turn to leave.the video where they talk about could they air that.who cares if he dated 100 women.let him and alexis to would love to break them up.get a life .bev


    lmao! We havent even met this HW and already we are hearing about lawsuits!? LOL!

    But seroisly, *possibly* in his defense, a lot of doctors are sued for malpractice nowadays. So it might not really be anything. And his wife’s face cannot be a jusdge, b/c it seems everybody who is palstic surgery happy looks like that. She llooks like all the other plastic surgery HWs.

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