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Dec 052011

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On this episode, we get to see another one of those T meltdowns. At least have their drama in beautiful settings, this time at a beach house belonging to a friend of ’s in Malibu.

We also get a glimpse at the d-listers from the past, last week Faye Resnick, this week Linda Thompson, the ex-wife of Bruce Jenner, who of course is married to Chris Kardashian….but I digress.

This time, Taylor is angry with C from the “we don’t say that he beats you” tea party at Lisa Vanderpump’s.  Taylor is afraid her oversized loose lips will sink her ship, if word gets back to the now deceased that’s she’s been talking about their marriage behind his back. Camille’s friend Dedra Witt, tries to run interference, but Taylor seems to disassociate during her crying rant. Whew!

Will make an appearance this episode? News broke today (real-time) that she is back in rehab.  Since the reunion episode has not been filmed, will she attend?

Had enough ? She’s ’s guest tonight on Watch What Happens, Live. We’ll see if he asks her any real questions, like the  lawsuit, the book deal with Simon and Schuster, and is she really broke?


  8 Responses to “Taylor Armstrong: Loose Lips Sink Ships”


    OMG!!! Please get rid of this thing! You know she battered her husband. You can tell because Russell is in the dark about all the shit she saying about him!! And when Kyle was in the car with them this thing starts getting angry with Kyle? She is the one that is QUICK to ANGER! How many times have we seen her get PHYSICALLY ANGRY at the girls on the show? OMG!! She was the cause of his death!! You can feel by her mannerism that She is the one that NAGGED I MEAN NAGGED AT RUSSELL!!


      I so agree with you .I feel that she was the angry abuser and that she pushed that man to the brink with her $55,000.00 birthday bashes for her daughter who is clearly so mixed up and unhappy that she didn’t even enjoy them and all of the talking about him behind his back .If it is so bad …you just leave you don’t make everyone crazy around you .




    Don’t judge others unless you have walked in their shoes…you never know, something devastating could happen to you and then people may dog you…just be kind and cool not only to others but also yourself.


      shana shoulda used that same regard to russell, don’t you think?
      you get what you give sometimes, and she provided nothing but
      fraud, fables of ‘abuse’, and perpetual mendacity.
      those are the ‘shoes’ she walks in.


    It’s not my place to judge whether someone has been physically abused. What does bother me is that Taylor has made her first public appearance on Andy’s show after her book deal was announced. She had not even blogged on the Bravo web site before this. Also, if she is that concerned about her daughter’s well being, get out of the public eye. Don’t continue on a show knowing that Kennedy may see or hear things that she should be protected from. Where is Taylor’s family? Maybe she needs to surround herself with people who lead a much more private lifestyle.


    plz is Taylor for real!!!! Is Taylor Armstrong a joke???? How is she the spokes person for “women against domestic violence”, but yet this is her reality. She’s a liar. She needs personal help. If her daughter is in danger it is from Taylor. She should be taken away from a mother like that. Why would Taylor continue filming if she is so afraid for her daughter Mothers do anything for their children. I think she is lying. Someone should call her out. Kyle should research these stories better before her kids are around Taylor too much.


    They need to put TRAILORTRASH in rehab – she is a liability! ANDY COHEN – PLEASE FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all about her and nobody else lately and I am sick of it – don’t care anymore if I miss an episode!

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