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Nov 272011

jtm 058466 1 Is Teresa Giudice Now An Absentee Mom Because Of Her Fame? (Photos)

teresa and joe giudice on the set of celebrity apprentice november 3

’s haters never stop.  As it has become clear that Teresa was very successful on Celebrity Apprentice, and the rumor that she may have won is spreading (we won’t know until the finale episode), nasty little reports jumping on anything about her come out. This one has cast mates  Melissa Gorga, or written all over it: If you recall, Caroline wanted either her or golden child to be chosen as contestants. Donald Trump apparently did not want to put his viewers to sleep.


There is a new report out that claims Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice isn’t the super mom everyone believes her to be. According to Reality Tea, the mother-of-four is turning into an absentee mom because of her fame.

A RHONJ insider tells the website that Teresa, who always brags about not having a nanny, is not the hands on mom we think she is.

The source says, “I know Teresa’s babysitter well. She watches all four children ALL the time. She drives them everywhere, takes them to birthday parties, and just about everything else,” says our insider. “Teresa is very uninvolved in her children’s lives. She has been for a while. Her main focus is how to build her empire so she can remain “on top.”

Sad. refused to talk about her co-stars on the last week.   Teresa and Joe Giudice withdrew their earlier this year after they were accused of . Joe may still go to jail for fraudulently obtaining a drivers license last year.

If it’s not fraudulent, Joe apparently doesn’t know how to do it. Just like the Lauritas, Gorgas and Manzos.   that leaves Teresa as the one to earn a legitimate paycheck. 

Let Joe stay home with those girls;  oh, right, he’s too busy out with his girlfriends, which seem to be numerous (go figure).

What an unfair assessment of the situation Teresa’s in.  If she were a man, this would not be a conversation.


Rumor has it New Jersey may return to the airwaves on Bravo TV in February , bumping the Real Housewives of Miami back a couple of months.  Makes sense, , whose “Watch What Happens,Live” will air 5 nights a week beginning in January, may not want the buzz surrounding to subside.




  8 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Is A Working Girl, New Jersey Returning in February?”


    Right now this brings in more than working at Macy’s would. C’mon. I wish her well. Good for Teresa.


    Big surprise, she is more and more a trashier Kate Gosselin, And I do not buy she does this all for her family – to feed them and pay off the debt. She could get a real job for that (and will have to at some point). She likes the fame and will do whatever to keep it, just like Kate. And clearly she still spends money like there is no tomorrow. Of course, this is all waaaaay easier and better paying than any real job she would be able to get (particularly in this economy). Flipping burgers wont pay any bills, especially the clothing bills!

    She did really keep in in check on WW. I was surprised by that.

    The fact she is still on it speaks more to her ability to deny any responsibility ever and to argue (and brawl) everything. Above all, Donald wants people on that show who will fight. fight with others during the tasks and fight in the boardroom.


    I hope Teresa did do really well. She works hard and loves her girls. There may be some haters. But, she’s also got a lot of ppl that enjoy her. She’s got great cookbooks, works really hard, is a good mom, and deserves more credit than she often gets.



    What is WRONG with their father? Obviously, he was the MAIN provider before the whole financial debacle. SO what if they marry men like their father. I don’t mind Joe Giudice, YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. The girls seems to love him, and he seems to love his children.


    Teresa is working hard to get out of debt and take care of her family. Like the previous poster said if this was a man everybody would be saying what a great dad and husband he is for taking care of his family. I was a divorced mother of two sons that worked full time and went to college part time to take care of my sons. There are millions of women doing the same thing Teresa is doing to put food on the table. If Teresa was sitting around collecting money from the government then I would have a problem. How can anyone criticize someone for working. Teresa and Joe have family that can pitch in and help out with the girls. I believe this is some more BS from Don Caro and Jakie.


    I agree with you. If it was the husband doing whatever is legally possible to make some money, people would be praising him. There are a lot of things Teresa can be knocked for but I admire the way she’s stepped up to the plate and done what she could to earn a check. Her girls have a father, grandparents and a lot of other family who could step up and help, if they choose to. Don’t you think they will be proud of what their mother has done once they’re old enough to understand the circumstances? I think they will.


      I agree with you, Bobbi, one day those girls will be proud of their mother. Hopefully, they will also break tradition and find better men than their father.

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