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Nov 252011

Remember back to a more innocent day and time when the debuted in 2007?  The original cast, except Jo de la Rosa and Slade Smiley, had older children whose lives were more interesting than their parents.

The stable one of the bunch, ’s daughter ,  24, eloped to Las Vegas yesterday with a Marine from North Carolina named Culberson.

Whether this is planned for Season 7, now in production, or not is unknown. Vicki probably blew a gasket, I’m sure she wanted to give Briana a wedding to rival ’s Pinkstravagant wedding on .

Briana, a nurse, had a complete thyroidectomy last month.

OC Energy Drink Girls

What are the other “Real Kids” doing?  Kara Keough is living in Jacksonville Florida with baller Kyle Bosworth, they met at UCLA and moved to Florida after they graduated.

Another Real Kid who has married is Josh Waring, the wayward son of Lauri Waring, reports have it he’s still doing drugs and is in trouble.

The rest of the so-called “Brady Bunch”? Hard to say. , 26, continues to live with George Peterson and Lauri. Slayte Peterson, George’s son, was with his mother, until about a year ago, now he’s with George. Bria, whose mother reported missing last year, was sent off to some sort of boarding school in Idaho, now it appears that Danyka may have been sent away also. McKenzie Peterson was over 18 during Season 3, we saw her on air (remember George’s reaction when she got the tattoo in Florida?) She continues to live with them also.

Sophie Waring, now a teenager, is still with George and Lauri.

Other “Real Kids”?  Shane Keough is back in his mother’s , as is Michael Wolfsmith ,continuing to live with Vicki.

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  7 Responses to ““Real Kid” of the OC Gets Married”




    Ashley moved out about 5 mo ago with a room mate. In her own words on Twitter she is The Director of Marketing, working for, you guessed it….. George! The girl can’t seem to accomplish anything on her own, at least nothing that lasts. She tweeted a photo of a man in tightie whities last week that was taken from a magazine where Ashley is pinching his “man bump” “tiny” according to her tweet, and to that Lauri….MOTHER OF THE CENTURY replied something like, “Wait for a handful”….George tweeted a pic of Lauri’s bare backside. Is that the type of behavior parents display on a social network for their minor kids to see and Josh and Slayte to see?! MILF comes to mind! What the Hell is up with that?

    Josh joined Twitter on March 1, 2012 under @josh_waring He tweeted his mom made him join. From what I gathered from his tweets and solo profile photo, he may not be with his wife.

    I know kids have choices and Josh made some really poor choices but for his mom to parade him on TV at such a vulnerable young age, that is unfathomable and IMO, she failed to protect her son!

    I wish Josh all the best! His drug of choice, and given his career that requires him to be involved in the nightlife party scene, along with the utter madness back at the Peterson’s, it will take every ounce of wilpower for Josh to stay sober – maybe he can be a role model to Ashley, and a few other Brady’s as well as the parents.


    The only thing good that came out of this show was Brianna and Kara! Too bad they don’t give parenting advice to the past and a few present fame-seeking absentee parents. Relieved to hear Brianna OK, but she still has to deal with her ridiculous hypocritical mother!


    congrats to Briana! i hope she is very happy. I am sure she eloped to avoid having to deal with Vicki planning her wedding. Smart move, Bri! I hope that basic training and combat has toughened him up enough to deal with the new MIL. I feel for him!

    in any case, i hope Vicki’s reaction is on the next season.


      also, who is stupid enough to marry Josh? An illegal needing papers? Fellow addict? Nothing about that boy says husband material. He doesn’t even have access to george’s cash!


        Fellow addict who thinks she could save him. While they were married and he was in prison for a while I spent some time with his wife. She is delusional to think he will change. He verbally and physically abuses her and treats her like property, yet she still thinks he will change. It’s really sad.


    Ashley Zarlin is 26 and still living at home?! Why? Yuck. Have some pride. Leave the nest.

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