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Nov 082011


Kyle Richards of touched upon her sister Kim’s medications in her Bravo blog:

I am happy they showed Kim discussing with Paul ()  the medication’s she has been taking. I think that clears things up for some people. I didn’t know exactly what she was taking, but I knew that the doctors had put her on something and I saw a difference in here — and not always for the best. That is why I got so upset with Brandi for making that comment about Kim and crystal meth. I knew because she said that on camera millions of people would see that. I know from experience, once something is said on camera, true or false, it follows you forever. My sister Kim has struggled enough with her issues. I didn’t want that to set her back. She is a strong girl but fragile at the same time. I told Kim after her visit with Paul that she had to talk to her doctor’s and get that sorted out. Paul didn’t feel she was on the right medication for her anxiety and didn’t think it was the right combination of meds.


Let’s hope Kim discussed this with a physician and is now on the correct combination of meds.

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    Didn’t Kyle out her sister as an alcoholic.
    I feel Kim is clearly different when she is with these women. When she was with Kyle telling her about Ken, she was clear, no silliness and coherent. I think to to increase her confidence around these women she takes ‘something’ to take the edge of, giving her confidence.I would need a substance to be around these women.


    i think the bouncing off the walls and staying up have to do with the anxiety she suffers from…especially if her doctor hasnt found the right combination of meds for her..






    People need to be very careful with judging and reading other blogs claiming the know what medications are used for. Doctors use medications differently than how a medication is always marketed to the general public. Hence, the reason they go to medical school. In addition, one of those medications has a history with the way the brain synapses fire and it takes time for a doctor to get the dose correct and at times they suggest riding it out until your body adjusts. I thought it was great that Paul stressed that Kim should not mix with alcohol but I got the impression that Kim had already been warned, if she chooses to listen that is a different story. I just want to warn readers about trusting bloggers who claim they know or look up what a drug is prescribed for, only a doctor knows this information for their patient.


      No judging, or claiming to know. As a non-medicated individual, it seems to be quite a bit of medications.


      Thank You Lucy! its sad that people dont realize what these medications really do and are prescribed for and its good that shes going to a dr and seeking help… no one REALLY knows what Kim feels or is going through.. she shares that with her doctor. I really respected Paul for doing his job as a Dr.


    I’m sorry but I’m just not buying the medications listed last night can cause you to talk incessantly, bounce off walls and stay up for days! I think they would LIKE for us to buy into this but there is way more going on than we are not seeing, or will ever see. IMHO, they are just making the situation worse with the coverups!


      Kiki, I was in a relationship for several years with a man who was bi-polar. Bi-polar symptoms can be as varied as the patients who have the disorder. My BF had psychotic mania episodes, for example. But often his mania was not THAT bad even tho he would stay up for days and talk a mile a minute. I know it can be a struggle to find the right med mix that allows a person to live a productive life. While one is trying to find that right mix, he or she may act strangely or out of character….even drunk. I haven’t seen him in over fifteen years and I hope he has his illness under control. I know that living with him and helping him manage his illness taught me patience and understanding. I also learned to keep my mouth shut when I see something I know nothing about. I hate having to remove my feet from it after I say something totally inappropriate or cruel.


      Give Kim and Kyle a break. I have depression and anxiety. There are times I am up for 2-3 days without sleeping and I become what appears drunk or on drugs. If you don’t know anything about depression and anxiety study up on these diseases than lets hear what you have to say. We do not enjoy being like this. Once our doctor’s find the correct medications we do well. Sometimes it is trial to see what will work for us.This process takes time finding what will work.

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