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Oct 282011


Teresa Giudice is a very busy woman, Season 4 of the just completed filming, and she’s currently in New York filming episodes for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

She did, however, take the time to deny the rumor, widely believed, that she’s under contract with certain tabloids, since she appears on covers at least monthly with one story or another.

“I don’t play crazy Twitter games & threaten people, but I have to defend myself on this one: I don’t have a ‘contract’ with any magazine. I saw the In Touch mag this week. I’M on the cover WITH Jac & Caroline for our “secrets.” Don’t like the story. Had nothing to do with it.

is upset about the stripper story, thinking Teresa and Danielle Staub put it out there. Most of us have heard it for years, doesn’t matter if it’s true or false , if true, Jacqueline should just own up to it.   Can’t put the worms back in the can.  ’s the first time I read it, notice the date:

Anonymous said…
How about the fact that 2 of the housewive are ex strippers/hookers? Or that another is ok with her husband sleeping around? I guess thats class..I guess people are totally jealous of you guys!
“Family Member”–please dont speak, you obv. dont know your “families” past’s.
August 27, 2008 2:29 PM

Danielle Staub says she never told anyone.  Teresa, however, is angry enough, and disloyal enough, to put it out there.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Lauren Manzo is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  Since the aired, the nuts on twitter, of which there are many, have been attacking her, calling her fat, among other things. Instead of ignoring, she is answering the nuts.

It’s unfortunate her own mother set her up for this. is a piece of work, throwing Lauren under the bus all season and at the .   If Prince Albie gained 500 lbs., she’s say he’s a growing boy. Poor Lauren.  She’s not fat, and has a beautiful face. Too bad her self-esteem is so low.

More coming from this emotional bunch.





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    Caroline and her daughter both were just having an obvious real conversation when Lauren was unhappy with the way she looked and expressed it to her mom. Caroline wouldn’t treat her daughter like she was grossly overweight. Lauren is very pretty; doesn’t give her own self enough credit…Caroline has done a commendable job trying to keep her family stable through this circus of a show. Manzos-stand up family. But I do agree real housewives could easily become a falling axe through any family with the strongest of ties!


    Would other’s agree thatCaroline seem’s to have a more natural mom relationship with the boy’s. Inotice the scenes that take place between caroline and lauren seem to be a struggle.


    the manzel family is so jealous of tre.


    Caroline forgot awfully fast she used to BE Lauren, weight-wise. When she said something this season about always having been small, I almost swallowed my tongue! I mean, she even addressed her own weight loss, saying she’d done it through Portion Control, which I’m not entirely sure I believe.


    Lauren Manzo tweeted that she was present when Caroline discussed Lauren’s weight. Lauren said that her mother said some very kind things about her, but that she was edited to sound as if she disapproved of the way she looked. I’m not a huge Caroline fan, but I also don’t think she’d call out her daughter like that on national TV. Might she do it privately, perhaps, but to air it out like that, no way. That would show cracks in their foundation. I like Lauren a lot. I think she’s real and to show her insecurities the way she has been takes guts.


    Sorry for the typos… Fat-fingering on my mobile


    I don’t remember her exact words but it was something about Lauren and her weight……like she wasn’t beautiful because of her weight. Caroline has surprised and irritated the he’ll out of me this season. What a difference a year makes. This show and the attention it gets has made these women behave badly. Not sure about anyone else but Caroline and Teresa look like they’ve both aged a lot since the beginning. I would have thought that Caroline would have walked away before it came to this. Also surprised that she let Teresa get her so frazzled at the reunion. Her baby boys found the platform. Let’s hope we don’t have more Kardashion nobodys on the horizon. As I’ve said before, if this show disrupted my life and more importantly my kids life, I’d walk. These women are embarrassing and I feel sorry for the kids that are being dragged through it.


    I doubt Danielle put out the stripper story about Jac, too. Danielle was aldi a stripper, so it isn’t like she’d be in the position to judge. Maybe Tre or simeone from Franklin Lakes reignited that rumor.
    As for Caroline, her treatment of Lauren is the pits. And she thinks she is mother of the year.

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