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Sep 102011

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Social media strips every pretense bare.  Bethenny Frankel’s fans are not only intelligent, they have her back.

Rob Shuter, who goes by the name Naughty Nice Rob, is one of those NYC snarky types with a snippet and a swipe there at everyone he doesn’t like.  He never cites his sources of information, preferring to say ‘informed sources’ and ‘an inside source” told him ‘exclusively’ whatever. 

One problem: Rob Shuter is very close to Jill Zarin. In fact, this screenshot, courtesy of is of Rob (right) at the Jill Zarin party, talking to , the episode when Bobby confronts Simon van Kempen about the hate blog.  Obviously an invited friend, taking in every word.

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Back then, Rob was writing for PopEater.

Fast forward : How Rob Shuter got the job at the prestigious Huffington Post, only Arianna Huffington knows.  So, he asks gullible me a few questions about SkinnyGirl Margaritas being pulled (or “yanked”, as he put it) from Whole Foods shelves.  Next thing I know, this three week old story is national news.

Fast forward to yesterday:

NaughtyNiceRobNaughty But Nice Rob

Strange! @Bethenny is in $2.3 million in debt! Got mortgage on her new apt. Where is her $120 million?

took out a mortgage on her new TriBeCa condominium, paying about 2 million down and financing the other 2 million.  Apparently Rob doesn’t understand mortgage interest and tax write-off’s, or he wouldn’t have stated something so ignorant. Or, was he depending on the stupidity of his audience?  Radaronline carried the story first, implying is broke.  But ever since the Whole Foods story, Rob has been watched by many people.


Twitterland lit up, some of the many comments:

@reblesocal @prettyplusmore @NaughtyNiceRob @Bethenny @jillzarin @radar_online obtained the documents, but it is public record

@NYCKP @prettyplusmore @NaughtyNiceRob @Bethenny not that there’s anything wrong with that, but know why rich people take out mortgages!


@NaughtyNiceRob @andersoncooper what is it wit u &people’s homes and mortgages these days Rob? Are u getting evicted or something @Bethenny

absurd2sublime @NYCKP @NaughtyNiceRob @Bethenny If you’re goanna scream “broke”, you better have your facts straight….Squeez them.


@prettyplusmore @NaughtyNiceRob @Bethenny Rob, broke people can’t afford to put down 2.7 million dollars on a house. Get your facts straight

Best tweet, this morning:


@NaughtyNiceRob @Bethenny Ridiculous. A mortgage isn’t considered bad debt. It’s an investment. You look foolish tweeting this crap!

The best part? He hasn’t written this story…yet.

Watch What Happens

  16 Responses to “Naughty But Not So Nice Rob Ignites Twitter War Over Bethenny Frankel’s Mortgage!”


    Knew of a hack who worked for many years as a celebrity gossip reporter for several UK papers. He was based in NYC.

    He spent a couple hours a couple days a week trolling chat boards and reading other people’s articles about the celebrities he “reported” on. He used chat board comments as “sources”, ie: A source said ‘blablabla about Sharon Osborne’. He copied work from other authors and simply reworded a few lines here and there.

    The guy turned in his pieces and usually made from $1000-2000 per piece.

    He’d been doing it for years, as had many of his fellow coworkers. He claimed in UK, that’s just how it was done.

    So disgusting.


    Have been away for a few weeks and was not aware of all these developments.

    Can’t say I’m surprised, as his reputation has never been good.


    HA! As soon as I saw his tweet, I immediately thought exactly what you stated – people take out mortgages for many reasons other than the fact they do not have the cash on hand. usually for a tax purpose. but i guess he is too much of a moron to know any of this. Sooooooooo pathetic!


    I wonder if Bethenny and Jason took a mortgage because Jason wants to make the payments himself instead of being a kept man. She might have wanted something more expensive and private so they had a deal where she placed the down payment and he makes the monthly mortgage payments.
    It’s just a guess. Lots of men are proud of their successful wives but still want to provide for their family themselves.


    I found an article from Radar Online in 2006. Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s father fired him. I will try to find out more information about Rob’s antics when he was a publicist. Did AOL do a background check?


    Love the long post spymaster!


    I agree. He loves Teresa and is always tweeting when she gets another cover of In Touch. She tried to act like it was a tabloid until people realized she’s being paid for the stories. He even tweeted that Teresa breaks magazine sales records when she’s on the cover and she tweets back to him but it’s never been confirmed. He knows exactly what he’s doing.


    *DISCLAIMER* This is second hand information: I heard that Jill Zarin planted the story about Bethenny’s mortgage on Radar Online. Her reps shopped this story around to a few media outlets but Radar Online is the media outlet to run this story so far. Jill heard from one of her friends in real estate that Bethenny had gotten a mortgage from Bank Of America and Jill ran with that information. Unfortunately, in New York, mortgage records are public information. Jill told Rob about the mortgage and even though he didn’t go with the story, he tweeted it to spread the word. Jill is upset because she wants to make up with Bethenny publicly(New season of Bethenny Every After) but Bethenny keeps blowing her off. Do you notice that Jill tries to make up with Bethenny whenever she has a new project to unveil? She is under the impression that if she makes up with Bethenny publicly, her image and her reputation will improve. Jill is also insecure about her own, or I should say, Bobby’s finances. They are still well off but not as well off as they used to be. That doesn’t stop Jill from spending and she will end up draining Bobby’s money dry.

    Now, on to Rob Shuter. Rob and Jill have a lot in common. They both plant stories in the media and they both think that they have been “dumped” by Bethenny. Rob and Bethenny were acquaintances back in the day but Rob lies and he tells people that they were close friends. He assumed that she would give him “exclusives” but she has been blowing him off. I don’t know why but Rob’s reputation precedes him, he can’t be trusted. He used to be a publicist and he had a reputation for planting stories in the tabloids. Last year, he planted a story about Bethenny in Page Six(NY Post). Bethenny co-hosted an event for GLAAD with Simon and Alex and Rob attended the event. Bethenny left early to appear on the Larry King Show. Rob was pissed because he assumed that he was going to hang out with Bethenny at the event. He planted a story to make it seem like she acted like a diva at the event. When Rob was Paris Hilton’s publicist, he planted a fake story in Page Six(NY Post) and Paris Hilton got sued. He’s been fired a couple of times for planting stories and I don’t know how he became a writer for AOL/Huffington Post. He is a terrible writer and he is also a famewhore. He has been known to call talk shows and beg them if he can be on their show. Jill and Rob are a tag team. They both feel slighted by Bethenny and they are out for blood. They think they are slick but they are stupid. I predict that Rob will write a couple of “nice” stories about Bethenny but they will be followed by some negative stories. He is going to try to throw his readers off because he has been called out. I am glad people are starting to see what Rob is up to.


      I have to make a slight correction to my VERY long winded post :) Rob Shuter was fired a couple of times when he worked as a publicist for planting stories in the media/gossip columns.


    Adding Jill Zarin to the above list …… These people look, well, ABSURD


    This tool also adores Teresa Giudice and Kate Gosselin. ‘Nuff said!

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