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Aug 242011




Would any of us mock a blind or paralyzed young person?  We need to get off of Ashley Holmes’ back.

We met her Season 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, when, because of the time lapse between production and the airing of the first episodes, she was only 17 years old.  I’m sure her mother Jacqueline Laurita did not know the implications of letting children, particularly teenagers, appear on Reality TV.  She probably never read a message board or blog during Seasons 1 and 2 of the Real Housewives of Orange County, when many of us witnesses how Jeana Keough and especially Lauri Waring’s children were put through the wringer for their behavior. Not to mention Lynne Curtin’s daughters, Alexa and Raquel.

During Season 1, Ashley seemed like your normal, lazy, resentful 17 year old.  But there were signs even then of a deeper problem.

Ashley, while not performing well in school, also had obvious self-esteem issues.  Was she not performing well because she wouldn’t, or couldn’t?  Many children are never diagnosed as special needs in school, especially those with mild forms. Even then, some parents refuse to believe it, and blame the school.  Remember, when Jacqueline and Chris first married, they lived in Caroline’s house, with all that implies.

As Jacqueline was trying to fit in with the Manzo/Laurita clan, hold on to her “pot of gold” and give birth to CJ,  what was happening with Ashley?  Good question.

Fast forward a few years, here they are on Reality TV.  Ashley has been involved in many incidents, some unseen, including the pulling of Danielle Staub’s hair during Season 3, for which she was charged with assault.  What did Mama Caroline Manzo say?  “She was defending her family”.  Always a mixed message for Ashley.

Then there’s this:  Jonathan Cheban Denies Ashley Holmes Rumor. He used her for publicity.

So, last week EOnline publishes this:


Sending Jacqueline into a tailspin:

JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita

I’m thinking I’d like 2 go back 2 being a normal family.I miss those days.I’d like us all to focus on positive things & positive people.

JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita

@eonline U have no idea what hurt you’ve caused.That article was vile!Ashlee has made a lot of positive

The first twitter message caused a rumor that Jacqueline had a six year contract (none of them on any franchise has anything more than a year-to-year contract) and would not return.  They have already begun production of Season 4,  at most, she could possibly leave mid-season.

Yes, it is Jacqueline’s fault.  Did she realize this would happen? No. She can also be faulted for allowing Ashley to come back this season, but Jacqueline was probably talked into by Bravo because she has no storyline without Ashley. 

Famewhoredom takes over every time.


Ashley left her father’s home in Texas yesterday to move to Los Angeles. Whether or not the money to move came from the insurance money Matt and Jodie Holmes got when they allegedly burned down their house June 6 is unknown.

ashleeholmesAshlee Holmes

FYI- I move to LA on the 23rd… find out more about tonight’s episode of #rhonj &more info about my move on my @BUZZNET page tomorrow xo

So she got her wish, she moved into a studio apartment yesterday.  She is apparently off the show for good, Bravo has this retrospective on the website.


During the week, Ashley has received vile tweets that I won’t recreate here.  In light of the suicide, some restraint would be a good thing.

Yes, I’m looking in the mirror.

  13 Responses to “Ashley Holmes Moves to California, Jacqueline Laurita’s Week”


    I think the truth about Ashlee is somewhere in between her being a spoiled brat, and justifying her behavior. Yes, she is immature and spoiled, but weren’t we all at her age? I was concerned with her lack of motivation at that internship, but she IS young. Not justifying it, just sayin’.


    Good Luck Ashley!!!! My heart goes out to you. You were right about your mother she does like to be in the middle of drama!!!! If she spent half the time she does bashing Teresa on you things would have been alot different you might have felt like your mom was there for you obviously she was not and never was!!!! Welcome to California we are the Sunshine State!!!


    ashley fyi ur unbeweavable you better stop disrespecting your parents please? I love u ashley holmes when ever i see u cry i just wanna hug u ashley


    BUT she is NOT a teenager.

    This spolied, selfish, ugly, ungrateful girl is a young woman and has been for a few years now.


    Sorry, she gets no sympathy from me. She is a rotten, spoiled brat. yes, teenagers are a pain; I fought with my mother everyday. But I was never like this. And I always had to pull my own weight. She should read what everyone says about her and make changes. But she is always with the excuses.


    what’s with the Ashley/Ashlee thing? I know this is a pointless question and I’ve probably already spent too much time thinking about that nitwit, but it’s annoying.


    annoied, Ashley is NOT a teenager. She is in her twenties and still acts like a middle schooler.


    you guys should lay off, were you all really sooo perfect you never, at some point, acted like her as teenagers ( not that im condoning her behavior). thats a really hard time for anyone and i cant imagine it was any easier with millions of people watching and judging. yes she should have done things different but she didnt why do you care so much any how?!?
    furthermore if you have to stoop so low as to call someone you dont even know a “fat assed whinny ass clown” your probably just as bad if not worse!


    Leave the girl alone. Haven’t we all learned from watching these terrible Housewives reality shows that nothing good comes from them. Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for tearing these families apart. Yes , I know all of them signed a contract and they are all adults and they should no better, but so many people want the experience to get their 15 minutes of Fame not knowing how much pain it is going to cause them and their family and friends. I for one feel like Bravo needs to cancel the whole Housewives shows and come up with something more Positive for people to learn from. Not for us to watch a train wreck of dysfunctional families…. JMO


    California doesn’t want that fat assed whiny ASS CLOWN either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY ASSLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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